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service history

Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2267

Year Event
1The USS Enterprise is researching Murusaki-312, a quasar-like phenomena, when the shuttlecraft Galileo is lost on the planet Taurus II. The shuttle is able to regain suborbital height long enough to the surviving crew be retrieved by the departing Enterprise.1
 People : Spock, Leonard H. McCoy
2James Kirk becomes the first Starship Captain ever to be court martialled when it appears that he has been negligent in the death of Ben Finney. Kirk is exonerated when it is discovered that Finney is in fact alive, having faked his own death to frame Kirk.2
 People : James T. Kirk
3Commander Spock hijacks the USS Enterprise and uses it to return Fleet Captain Pike to Talos.3 Despite the regulations against visiting Talos, Starfleet approves his actions because of the special circumstances involved.4
 People : James T. Kirk
5Whilst crossing a 'star desert' some nine hundred light years from Earth the Enterprise encounters Trelane, a being of immense power. Trelane is discovered to be an infant member of an advanced and powerful civilization, possibly the Q continuum.5
6First contact with the Gorn occurs when a Gorn ship destroys an Earth observation outpost on Cestus III. Kirk and the Gorn captain are subsequently forced to fight one another by an advanced species calling themselves the Metrons.6
 People : James T. Kirk
 Species : Gorn, Humans, Metrone
7Chekov graduates Starfleet Academy and is posted to the USS Enterprise.8
 People : Pavel A. Chekov
9The USS Enterprise visits the planet Beta III, where the Archon was destroyed in 2167. Kirk makes the Landru computer destroy itself by forcing it to accept that it is harmful to the society is was built to protect.9
 People : James T. Kirk
10The USS Enterprise discovers an ancient DY-100 class spacecraft with the preserved bodies of several dozen people on board. It is soon discovered that these are the Genetic Tyrants led by Khan, missing from Earth since 1996. Kirk is able to defeat them, but rather than press charges he leaves Khan to found a settlement on Ceti Alpha V.10
 People : James T. Kirk
11Spock undergoes Pon Farr; he is rejected by T'Pring and continues to serve in Starfleet.11
 People : Spock, T'Pau
12Uhura's memory is wiped clean by the Nomad probe; she is re-educated on board the Enterprise.12
 People : Nyota Uhura
13The USS Enterprise uncovers a Klingon plot to gain development rights to Shermans planet. Unknown to the crew, they receive covert assistance from the crew of the USS Defiant, thrown back in time from 2373.13
 People : James T. Kirk, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Dax, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo
Lieutenant Commander Spock is promoted to Commander.
 People : Spock
14Ceti Alpha VI explodes. The disaster shifts the orbit of Ceti Alpha V, causing environmental devastation. Khan's follows see their efforts to build a successful colony fail, and many of them will die over the years due to the harsh conditions and the remaining hostile life forms on the planet. Khan begins to nurture a deeply obsessive hatred of Kirk for his role in the tragedy.14
 People : James T. Kirk
15The Enterprise transports over a hundred delegates to the planet Babel for a conference regarding the admission of Coridan to the Federation. Included amongst them is Ambassador Sarek, leading to his first meeting with his son Spock in four years and the first time the two exchange words in 18 years. Despite an attempt to sabotage the conference, the Enterprise succeeds in reaching Babel safely.15
 People : Spock, Sarek
16The USS Enterprise arrives at Omicron Seti III. Almost overcome by the effects of the local plant life, the crew manage to break free and rescue the colonists.16
 People : James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard H. McCoy, Montgomery Scott, Hikaru Sulu, Nyota Uhura, Pavel A. Chekov, Christine Chapel, Janice Rand
17Romulan, Klingon and Federation governments establish a colony on Nimbus III, The Planet of Galactic Peace.17
 Species : Romulans, Humans, Klingons
18The Federation and Klingon Empire go to war. The USS Enterprise is assigned to secure the co-operation of the planet Organia, a primitive society which is located at a strategic point between the two powers. In fact the Organians are revealed to be enourmously powerful and sophisticated non-corporeal entities who stop the war and force an uneasy treaty between the Federation and the Klingons.18
 People : James T. Kirk, Spock
 Species : Klingons, Organians, Humans
Picture from 2267
Picture from 2267
Picture from 2267

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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