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Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2266

Year Event
1The USS Enterprise destroys a Romulan bird of Prey which has crossed the Neutral Zone and attacked several Federation outposts.1
2McCoy is assigned as chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise.3
3Sulu is transferred from sciences to helm officer.3
Uhura is assigned to the USS Enterprise as Communications Officer.4
5Chapel serves aboard the USS Enterprise on this date.5
6Rand serves on the USS Enterprise as the Captain's Yeoman. While there, she meets Charlie Evans and is the object of his first infatuation.6
3The USS Enterprise encounters the Fesarius, a vessel of the First Federation. Although they are initially wary of one another, friendly contact is eventually established between the two cultures.3
7The USS Enterprise visits M113 on a routine stop. Several crew members are killed by a creature native to the planet which has been living in the guise of Nancy Crater.7
8While researching a collapsing planet, the crew of the USS Enterprise are incapacitated by a new form of virus. Dr. McCoy is able to overcome the effects of the virus in time to save the ship. In breaking free of the planet, the ship is thrown back several minutes in time - the first known example of time travel by the Federation.8
6Charlie Evans is rescued from Thasus. After he proves unable to contain his powers, the Thasians return him to the planet.6
9Fleet Captain Pike is seriously injured by Delta Rays during an accident aboard a Class J Starship. Badly disfigured, he is confined to a wheelchair.9
5The USS Enterprise discovers what appears to be professor Roger Korby alive and well on Exo III. However, it proves to be an android created by ancient technology which Korby discovered on the planet.5
10Klingon operatives begin supplying crude firearms to the village people on Tyree's planet.10
Picture from 2266
Picture from 2266
Picture from 2266

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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