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Timeline - Standard Timeline - 2154

Year Event
1The NX-01 is badly damaged by the Xindi whilst attempting to destroy the final version of the weapon at Azati Prime. Thanks to Daniels' intervention, Archer is able to convince Degra that Humanity may not be responsible for the destruction of the Xindi Homeworld in the future.1
2Hoshi is kidnapped by the Xindi Reptillians.3 Major Hayes is killed during a successful rescue attempt by the MACOs.2
4Captain Archer destroys the Xindi weapon as it approaches Earth.4
4NX-01 Enterprise destroys the sphere network maintaining the Delphic Expanse.4
4In the aftermath of the defeat of the Sphere Builders, the NX-01 is returned to Earth by the Xindi. As the ship arrives it is sent into the past5 by Daniels in order to combat the Na'kuhl's disruption of Earth's timeline. Daniels is killed in the process by unknown causes. Unknownst to the crew, Silik stows away on the ship when it travels to 1944.5
6The NX-01 returns from 1944 safely, having defeated the Na'kuhl and ended the Temporal Cold War. The destruction of the Na'kuhl time machine restores the timeline, resurrecting Daniels.6 Silik is killed in the past during the mission.7
8A group of genetically engineered Humans steal a Klingon bird of prey, murdering the crew in the process. The NX-01 is sent to capture the Augments. During the mission, several of the crew are captured by Orion slavers but subsequently rescued successfully.8
9The Augmented Humans assault Cold Station 12, stealing samples of various deadly diseases.9
10Captain Archer is able to destroy the stolen Bird of Prey, killing the Augments.10
11The Earth embassy on Vulcan is badly damaged by a terrorist bomb, killing doezens of people - including Admiral Forrest. Although the Syrrannites are initially blamed11, it is discovered that administrator V'Las is actually responsible for the crime as part of his campaign to discredit and destroy the Syrrannites in preparation for his planned war against the Andorians.12 Although the attack on Andoria does begin, V'Las is deposed and the attack halted.13
14Shran's ship, the Kumari, is destroyed, apparently by a Tellarite ship. Further investigation reveals that the attacker was in fact a Romulan drone ship designed to mimic other vessels.14 Captain Archer is able to gather a multi-species fleet to track down the drone ship.15 He is ultimately able to destroy it.16
17The Klingons begin to experiment with captured DNA from Human Augments. An accidental by-product of the experiment is a deadly disease which spreads rapidly to large numbers of Klingons.17 Phlox is able to cure the lethal phase of the disease, but can do nothing about the early stages - a sympton of which is the loss of the characteristic Klingon forehead ridges. Many millions of Klinons are expected to lose their ridges over the following months.18
19The Orions attempt to capture the NX-01 by infiltrating the ship with three females. The attempt fails. Commander Tucker returns to the ship as Chief Engineer.19
Picture from 2154
Picture from 2154
Picture from 2154
Picture from 2154

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

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