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Fed. Ships Size Charts


Air Tram
Akira Class
Ambassador Class
Ambassador Class
Apollo Class
Argo Class
Argo Vehicle
Armstrong Class
Centaur Class
Challenger Class
Cheyenne Class
Class F Shuttle
Constellation Class
Constitution Class
Constitution Class
Constitution Class
Constitution Class
Daedalus Class
Danube Class
Danube Variant 1
Defence Drone
Defender Class
Defiant Class
Delta Flyer
Delta Flyer Escape Pod
Endgame Nova
Endgame Shuttle
Excelsior Class
Excelsior Variant 1
Executive Shuttle
Federation Class
Federation Raider
Federation Scout
Federation Trainer
Federation Transport
Federation Tug
Freedom Class
Gage Class
Galaxy Class
Galaxy Class
Galaxy Yacht
Griffin Class
Hermes Class
Holo Ship
Intrepid Aeroshuttle
Intrepid Armoured
Intrepid Class
Kelvin Class
Luna Class
Mayflower Class
Miranda Class
Miranda Refit
Miranda Variant 1
Miranda Variant 2
Nebula Class
Nebula Class
Nebula Class
New Orleans Class
Newton Class
Niagara Class
Norway Class
Nova Class
Oberth Class
Okona's Freighter
Olympic Class
Orbital Shuttle
Peregrine Class
Polaris Class
Prometheus Bottom
Prometheus Class
Prometheus Middle
Prometheus Top
Ptolemy Class
Ptolemy Class
Ptolemy Class
Raven Class
Refit Galaxy Class
Rigel Class
Saber Class
Saladin Class
Shelley Class
Sovereign Class
Sovereign Yacht
Soyuz Class
Springfield Class
Springfield SWAC
Steamrunner Class
Sydney Class
The Jellyfish
Travel Pod
Trident Class
Type 3 Shuttle
Type 6 Shuttle
Type 7 Shuttle
Type 8 Shuttle
Type 9 Shuttle
Type 10 Shuttle
Type 11 Shuttle
Type 15 Shuttle
Type 18 Shuttle
Warp Sled
Wells Class
Work Bee
Yeager Class

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