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Series Number of
0 1 2 3
The Original Series 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 5.00
Total 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 5.00


Season Episode Disc No Title Role Review Rating
2 46 2.5 A Private Little War Nona's stunt double The Enterprise is visiting an idyllic planet to do some research there, as McCoy describes the biology there as "a medical treasure trove". Kirk, who performed the initial survey of the world 13 years previously, described it as a near perfect planet which should be left undisturbed so that the peaceful but primitive inhabitants could progress in their own way.

Unfortunately it seems that the natives are not so peaceful any more - Kirk sees a group of Villagers setting up to ambush some Hill People using flintlock firearms. Worse, the Hill People are led by Tyree, whom Kirk met and befriended on his previous visit. Unable to use his phaser to intervene directly, Kirk lobs a rock at the Villagers, prompting one to fire accidentally and thus warning the Hill People. The officers quickly retreat as the Vilalgers give chase, but just before they can beam out Spock is shot in the back.

Aboard the Enterprise McCoy works to stabilise Spock, but can give no guarantee as to his prognosis. Kirk decides to head back down to investigate the planet further, and McCoy decides to join him - leaving Spock in the care of Dr. M'Benga, a specialist in Vulcan medicine who interned in a Vulcan hospital ward.

The ship's sensors detect a Klingon ship in orbit of the planet. Realising that it hasn't spotted them yet Kirk orders the ship to stay out of sight if possible, even if it means leaving orbit. He and McCoy beam down in native disguise and start to search the area for signs of Hill People. Unfortunately they are attacked by a fierce local beast called a Mugato, and Kirk is bitten. The Mugato bite is poisonous, and Kirk quickly falls unconscious. McCoy calls for help, but the Enterprise has left to avoid detection.

Tyree and some Hill People arrive at the scene and take Kirk and McCoy to their village. Tyree's wife is Nona, a local "Kahn-ut-tu woman" who is knowledgeable in the effects of various plants and animals on the planet. She goes to the cave where McCoy is looking after Kirk, and sees the Doctor using his phaser to heat some rocks to provide warmth. Intrigued, she demands that Tyree tell her everything about Kirk or she won't be able to cure him of the Mugato bite.

Nona treats Kirk with a "Mahko root", a thing that appears half plant, half animal. She places it on the bite and cuts her own hand open to place it on the root, chanting an incantation. The bite is completely cured within moments, leaving Kirk awake and aware. Tyree glumly states that according to legend, the mingling of the blood through the Mahko root means that their souls have met in the spirit world, and Kirk will be unable to refuse Nona any request from now on. It becomes clear that Nona uses her skills to dominate and manipulate as much as to heal and help.

Once Kirk is up and about, Tyree explains that the Villager's "fire sticks" appeared about a year ago; as far as he knows the Villagers make them themselves. Kirk asks Tyree to help him sneak into the Village at night to investigate. Nona is hopeful that Kirk's arrival will allow the Hill People to start fighting back against the Villagers, though Tyree wants no part in violence and merely hopes that the Villagers will eventually return to their peaceful ways.

Once in the Village, Kirk and McCoy find a chrome steel drill and carbon-free iron, along with cold rolled gun barrels - none of which could have been produced in the primitive forge that the Villagers possess. Soon a Klingon appears with the Village leader, Apella. Kirk overhears the Klingon discussing new weapon advancements that he will soon give to the Villagers, and how one day Apella will become governor of the whole planet - as a subject world of the Klingon Empire. Kirk and McCoy escape, taking a flintlock with them.

Back on the Enterprise Spock has been in a healing trace. He wakes, asking Nurse Chapel to strike him repeatedly in order to help him fully back to consciousness. She reluctantly does, much to the consternation of the passing Scotty. M'Benga explains that this is actually standard practice for Vulcans, and Spock has now recovered from his wound.

On the planet Kirk is demonstrating the operation of the Flintlock rifle to the Hill People, much to McCoy's consternation. Kirk justifies his apparent violation of the Prime Directive by stating that the Klingons have already upset the natural balance here, and the only thing to do is to restore the balance by giving equal weapons to the Hill People so that they can defend themselves. Although horrified, McCoy can offer no viable alternative.

Kirk encounters Nona away from the Hill People's camp, and she seduces him by rubbing leaves from some local plants on his arm, inducing a sort of hypnotic daze. Tyree sees this and raises the flintlock, moments from killing for the firt time. But he instead throws the weapon down in disgust and storms off angrily. Suddenly another Mugato attacks the pair, but the addled Kirk manages to vaporizes it with his phaser. Nona knocks Kirk out and steals the weapon, making off to find some Villagers. She finds a small group and proclaims that she now has the ultimate weapon, far more powerful than their "fire sticks". The Villagers don't believe her, and when Nona is unable to work out how to fire the weapon she is quickly captured. Kirk, McCoy and Tyree arrive on the scene - but the Villagers think that this was a trap, and one of them stabs Nona in the stomach. The Hill People and Villagers charge one another, and an appalled McCoy watches as the Hill People defeat them - with Tyree beating one man to death with a rock, lost in rage.

Afterwards, Tyree orders the few escaped Villagers hunted down and killed, and takes a flintlock over to Kirk to ask for "more of these, Kirk - many more!" The Enterprise arrives back in orbit and signals Kirk. He reluctantly asks Scotty how long it would take to manufacture a hundred flintlocks for the natives. Kirk is beamed up and the ship heads out of orbit, the deadly cargo presumably delivered.


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