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Stunts Biography - Don Eitner


Series Number of
0 1 2 3
The Original Series 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 2.00
Total 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 2.00


Season Episode Disc No Title Role Review Rating
3 75 3.5 The Cloud Minders Kirk's stunt double In need of Zenite to stop a plague, Kirk travels to the planet Ardana, home of Strator - an entire city floating in the sky, the greatest example of sustained anti-gravity in the galaxy. When the material he needs is stolen by mine workers, Kirk finds himself plunged into a civil dispute. The elite who live in Stratos rule over a lower slave class which is confined to the mines; the miners are beginning to rebel against their living conditions, sabotaging the city in small ways in protest.

Kirk wants to intervene, hoping to resolve the crisis so that he can get hold of his supplies, but the planets ruler, Plasus, is adamant that he not interfere in local politics. When Kirk's officers discover that pollution in the mines is causing the workers to become increasingly violent, the ship manufactures masks to block the effect. However, the leader of the workers, Vanna, refuses to believe him and he is abducted and held hostage. Overcoming his captors, Kirk deliberately traps himself and Vanna in the mines so that she can witness the effects of the poison. She becomes a believer, and agrees to provide Kirk with the zenite he needs. Although Plasus is still not pleased with the situation he reluctantly agrees not to press charges against Kirk for his interference, and the starship departs.


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