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Stunts Biography - Dick Crockett


Series Number of
0 1 2 3
The Original Series 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 3.50
Total 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 3.50


Season Episode Disc No Title Role Review Rating
1 2 1.1 Where No Man Has Gone Before Kirk's stunt double The Enterprise is travelling near the edge of the Galaxy when it discovers an object floating in space. Beaming it aboard they find that it is an old-style ship recorder, something vessels would jettison in case of an emergency. Since it is damaged Spock surmises that the vessel it belonged to was destroyed. The recorder is triggered and begins transmitting its records.

The officers go to the bridge where Spock scans the message. The recorder was jettisoned by the SS Valiant some 200 years ago. Kirk informs the crew about the discovery and meets Dr. Dehner, a psychologist who is aboard to study the effects the stresses of shipboard life have on Starfleet personnel. Gary Mitchell tries to flirt with Dehner, and is strongly rebuffed - prompting him to refer to her as a "walking freezer unit".

Spock interprets the rest of the Valiant's message, reporting that the ship was thrown clear of the Galaxy by a magnetic storm. Although the record is damage he finds repeated references to ESP capability in Humans, including searches of the computer for information of the subject which he classifies as being almost frantic. Dehner claims that there are some Humans who can see the future or manipulate objects with their minds, though this is never very powerful in Humans. Spock continues with his report - he finds records of deaths aboard the Valiant, more ESP research, and then a self-destruct order by the captain.

Although concerned, Kirk decides to proceed with his mission to probe beyond the edge of the Galaxy and takes the ship ahead. They discover a massive energy barrier and are able to penetrate it, but the ship is badly damaged and both Mitchell and Dehner seem to suffer some physical distress as a result. When Mitchell opens his eyes, they have become silver in colour.

Kirk takes the ship back on impulse power, with the warp drive damaged beyond repair. Spock does some research and finds that both Mitchell and Dehner have been recorded to have a high ESP rating, with Mitchell the highest. Others killed during the encounter with the barrier suffered damage to a specific region of the brain.

Meanwhile Mitchell is reading in sickbay. He claims to feel fine - better than he ever has, in fact. But his manner seems odd, arrogant and almost threatening. After Kirk leaves he begins to read at an extraordinary rate, digesting whole pages in an instant. Spock is monitoring this, and he and Kirk assign security to keep an eye on Mitchell. In sickbay Dehner talks with Mitchell and he begins to demonstrate unusual abilities - causing his life signs to blank out at will, showing his as dead on the monitor. He also reveals that he has not only read by perfectly memorised countless books. Lieutenant Kelso arrives for a visit, reporting on the sad state of the engines. Mitchell warns him to check the starboard impulse engine packs, explaining that there is a problem which they have missed and which will cause the entire deck to explode if they don't correct it.

Kelso checks and reports to Kirk that Mitchell was indeed correct. The officers discuss the situation, with Scotty reporting that the controls in engineering started working on their own a short time ago - and each time it happened, Mitchell could be seen smiling on the monitor. Spock suggests that Mitchell's power is growing exponentially, and that he will inevitably come to see Humans as insignificant compared to himself. They decide to hear for a nearby automated outpost on the planet Delta Vega, hoping to cannibalise it to repair the warp drive and strand Mitchell there where he can do no harm.

They successfully repair the engines, but Mitchell kills Kelso by using his powers to strangle him, and escapes his confinement. He knocks out the others and finds that Dehner has also developed silver eyes - she is undergoing the same transformation, just more slowly since she had a lower ESP rating in the first place. The two escape the station together. When Kirk recovers he takes a phaser rifle and goes after them.

Mitchell and Dehner begin converting part of the desolate surface of Delta Vega into a garden-like environment. Mitchell is declares himself a God, with Humans suitable only to be his worshippers. He tries to kill Kirk when he finds the pair, but Dehner rebels against his arrogant attitude and attacks him with her powers. He survives the attack and strikes back, killing her, but his abilities are temporarily drained. Kirk fights with him, and finally uses the phaser to blast a large rock off a cliff side, killing Mitchell when it falls onto him.

Back on the Enterprise, Kirk grieves over the loss of his friend as the ship heads back on warp drive.

2 43 2.4 The Trouble With Tribbles Klingon stunt double The Enterprise is in the vicinity of Sherman's Planet, a world claimed by both the Federation and the Klingon Empire, when they pick up a Code One Emergency from the nearby Deep Space Station K-7. The code is reserved only for the most dire disasters, so Kirk takes the ship in expecting the worst. On arrival, though, he finds the station apparently peaceful and untroubled. The commander of the station, a Mr. Lurry, asks Kirk to come over to the station to talk. On arrival, a furious Kirk finds the Federation Under-Secretary for Agriculture, Nilz Baris, in Lurry's office with his assistant Arne Darvin.

Baris admits that he ordered the emergency code because the station is currently holding a large stock of Quadrotriticale, a genetically engineered grain to be used on Sherman's Planet. He is worried that the Klingons will attempt to sabotage the grain, as this would seriously hamper the Federation's attempts to develop the planet - and under the terms of the Organian peace treaty, the planet will belong to whomever can best use it. Kirk is increasingly annoyed by the use of the emergency code for what he sees as such a trivial reason, but is forced to concede that Baris has the authority to issue it and to order Kirk to provide security. He reluctantly assigns two guards to the storage compartments and returns to the ship.

As the Enterprise orbits the station a Klingon cruiser arrives, prompting Kirk to go to battle stations. However the ship's commander beams over to the station and merely requests shore leave for his crew there; under the treaty Mr, Lurry must agree, but Kirk is deeply suspicious of the Klingon Captain, Koloth, and places limits on the number of crew who can come aboard at any given time. He also informs Koloth that he will assign a security guard to follow each and every Klingon on the station. Baris is extremely unhappy with this development, and wastes no time in venting his anger on an increasingly frustrated Kirk.

On K-7 Uhura and Chekov are enjoying some time in the station bar where an independent trader named Cyrano Jones is trying to sell his wares. These include a Tribble - a small creature which looks like a spherical ball of fur with no visible limbs or features. Tribbles emit a soft purring sound when stroked, and Uhura finds it adorable. Jones gives her one as a free sample and agrees a deal with the bar owner to supply some more.

Uhura's tribble quickly reproduces, giving birth to a whole litter of small Tribbles which she distributes them to the crew as gifts. The Tribbles in the bar also reproduce, making it impossible for Jones to sell more. He tries to sell them to the Klingons, but the Tribbles react to proximity to a Klingon with a distressed shrieking sound - and the Klingons seem to like Tribbles no better than the Tribbles like them.

The Klingons begin needling Enterprise personnel in the bar about what a terrible person Kirk is. Scotty, as the senior officer present, restrains Chekov from starting a fight - but when the Klingons begin to mock the Enterprise Scotty himself throws the first punch and a large bar brawl breaks out. Kirk logs the incident as a 'small disturbance' and confines Scotty to his quarters, which delights the Engineer as he will have time to read up on his technical journals.

Meanwhile the Tribbles are reproducing at a fantastic rate, every one of them giving birth to large litters of offspring every twelve hours. Soon thousands of them are overrunning the ship, and much to Kirk's annoyance there seems to be no way to stop them. When he tries to order a meal he finds that the Tribbles have gotten into all the ship's machinery, including the food system, and are consuming their supplies rapidly. Spock notes that the Quadrotriticale is being stored under similar conditions on K-7, which is also being overrun by the furry menace.

Kirk beams to K-7 and hurries to the storage compartments to check on the grain - only to find that the compartments are stuffed with almost two million Tribbles who have eaten all the grain in the process of reproducing. However, a scan reveals that many of the Tribbles are dead, and the rest are rapidly dying - victims of the grain, which had been poisoned.

A furious Baris blames Kirk for the fiasco, threatening to have his career in ruins. Koloth also demands an apology for the brawl, which he blames purely on Kirk's men. Koloth also demands the removal of the Tribbles which are crowding the room, as he suffers from the same dislike of them as other Klingons. As Kirk moves to take them away he passes Baris's aide, Arne Darvin - and the Tribbles shriek as soon as they get close to him. A quick examination by McCoy shows that Darvin is a Klingon, a spy working to sabotage the Sherman's Planet project - it was he who poisoned the grain with a virus which prevented the food being absorbed into the body.

With his own aide shown to be the cause of all the trouble Baris's threats against Kirk are rendered moot, and with the Klingons shown to be behind the sabotage Kirk is able to brush off Koloth's complaints and order him out of Federation space. A new shipment of grain is ordered for Sherman's Planet, which now should fall quite easily under Federation control. Kirk orders Cyrano Jones to clear up all the Tribbles on the station, a task Spock estimates will take him 17.9 years - his alternative being to be charged with disrupting a space station, a crime which carries a 20 year sentence.

A victorious Kirk returns to the Enterprise to find it wholly Tribble free. After some prevaricating, his officers admit to the method they used - they beamed the entire population of Tribbles into the engine room of the Klingon ship just before it went to warp. Where, as Scotty puts it, 'they'll be no Tribble at all'. Imagining the chaos that must be going on aboard the Klingon ship, the officers share a laugh as the episode ends.


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