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Stunts Biography - Bob Bass


Series Number of
0 1 2 3
The Original Series 3 1 0 0 1 0 1 2.67
Total 3 1 0 0 1 0 1 2.67


Season Episode Disc No Title Role Review Rating
1 29 1.7 The City on the Edge of Forever Scott's stunt double This episode opens with the Enterprise doing some scientific research around a planet which is emitting strange "ripples" in time. The ship is constantly buffeted and shaken by these ripples, but Spock insists that the data they are gathering is invaluable so they continue. Then there is an accident - a console burns out and electrocutes a crew member. Bones rushes to the bridge and decides that an injection of Cordrazine is needed, despite Kirk's layman's warning that it is "tricky stuff".

The injection works, but another ripple causes the good doctor to fall on his hypospray, giving himself a massive overdose of the drug. Bones immediately becomes hysterical and rushes from the bridge. He manages to make his way to the transporter room and beams down to the planet below, closely followed by a landing party led by Kirk.

Once on the planet the landing party discovers ruins of an ancient city - and in the centre of them stands a large, irregular ring structure. The crew fan out and are quickly successful in capturing Bones, who is raving with paranoia as a result of his overdose. Spock scans the ring and declares that it is the source of the time distortion. The ring speaks to the crew, announcing itself as "The Guardian of Forever". It claims to have been there for billions of years - greatly predating the ruins around it - and says it is a doorway that can take them to any time or place. Images appear in the middle of the ring, showing Earths past flowing by at the rate of decades every second.

McCoy breaks free of his guards and dashes through the ring. Instantly the Enterprise vanishes from orbit - all trace of the Federation has been wiped out except for the landing party who are protected by their proximity to the Guardian. Spock deduces that McCoy must have caused some change in the past which has prevented the formation of the Federation. The only way to restore history is to go through the Guardian after him. Kirk decides to go, ordering the others to make further attempts if he fails. Spock attempts to judge the exact moment to jump through, and the pair vanish.

Emerging on 1930's Earth, the pair steal some clothes to blend in with the locals - including a hat to cover Spock's ears. They find a local mission run by a woman named Edith Keeler where they can get some lodgings and work. Kirk is fascinated by Edith, who confidently predicts a future free of poverty in which man will travel the stars. While Spock spends his time attempting to build a computer capable of accessing his tricorder to view the images he recorded from the Guardian, Kirk and Edith fall in love.

Eventually, Bones appears in the city, still delusion. He collapses and is taken to the same mission, where Keeler cares for him. Gradually he recovers, although he is naturally reluctant to accept that he is really in the 1930's! Meanwhile Spock makes progress, and discovers the change McCoy introduced - in the original timeline Keeler was killed in a traffic accident. In the alternate timeline McCoy saved her, and she went on to become an important figure in American politics. Her avocation of peace delayed the entry of the USA into World War II, allowing the Nazis to develop the atom bomb first and so win the war. In order to restore time, Kirk must allow the woman he loves to die.

As Kirk escorts Keeler to the movies, she makes casual mention of Doctor McCoy. Kirk rushes back to the mission to be greeted by a delighted Bones. Edith, following him back, steps in front of a car. As McCoy dashes out to save her Kirk grabs hold of him and holds him back. Edith is hit and killed. Time is restored, and the three officers head back through their 'portal' to the future just moments after they left. The Enterprise is back in its normal place, and Kirk orders the landing party beamed up.

2 31 2.2 Catspaw Scotty's stunt double The Enterprise is investigating the planet Pyris VII, but the landing party - comprising Sulu, Scott and Crewman Jackson - is overdue for their routine check in. Jackson finally contacts the ship asking to be beamed aboard, but when he appears he collapses to the floor, dead. Amazingly, a voice from his mouth informs Kirk that the ship is cursed!

Kirk beams down with Spock and McCoy, leaving Assistant Chief Engineer DeSalle in command of the ship. They arrive in a fogbound environment, quite at odds with what their sensor readings indicated. Detecting lifeforms nearby the landing party investigates, only to be confronted with a ghostly apparition - three witches, warning them to leave or face disaster. Undaunted, the officers press on and discover a large castle. They enter and begin to explore, but a section of floor collapses beneath them, knocking them out.

They wake to find themselves chained in a dungeon. Scotty and Sulu appear, but they appear to by drugged or hypnotised, not recognising their fellow officers. They free the landing party and take them at gunpoint from the room to meet a robed man. He is, apparently, some kind of magician - complete with a wand and black cat. The man's name is Korob, and he appears intent on getting the Enterprise officers to leave as soon as possible. Korob claims that the events have been staged to test the Enterprise crew, but he clearly seems to be hiding the truth.

A woman, Sylvia, enters. She demonstrates her own power to Kirk, holding a small model of the Enterprise over a candle - and action which causes the real ship in orbit to grow unbearably hot! Although she spares the ship, Korob seals the model in a glass block, which paralyses the real ship within a strange forcefield.

Kirk and Spock are taken to the dungeon, whilst Sylvia questions McCoy. She argues with Korob about their plans - Sylvia states that she enjoys the sensations she is experiencing in her present form, as apparently their normal existence does not afford them such. Korob argues that they have a mission to complete, but Sylvia seems in favour of abandoning it.

Sylvia brings Kirk back to talk, and reveals that she has become enamoured of him. She is thinking of getting rid of Korob and keeping Kirk for herself. Kirk plays along for information, and learns that the "magic wand" is a transmuter, able to reform matter into different forms - this is how the pair create the various strange things Kirk has encountered. She realises the deception and has Kirk returned to the dungeon.

Korob, beginning to fear Sylvia's intentions, releases the Enterprise and Kirk and Spock. He expresses regret for how things have gone, wishing there could have been peaceful contact. As they attempt to flee, Kirk and Spock encounter Sylvia's black cat, only grown to enormous size. The cat kills Korob, and Kirk grabs his transmuter wand and escapes. Sylvia demands the transmuter wand, which is more powerful than her own device, but as Kirk begins to hand it over he instead smashes it. At once the castle and everything within it vanishes, leaving only Sylvia and Korob in their true form - two small, vaguely birdlike aliens who quickly die. With the menace defeated, the officers beam back to the ship.

2 42 2.2 I, Mudd Engineer stunt double Spock and McCoy encounter a recently arrived crewmember, Crewman Norman, in the Enterprise corridors. McCoy notes that something bothers him about the man. Not only is he avoiding a medical exam, but he seems unemotional and detached from the rest of the crew. Spock, taking this as a jibe against himself, dismisses the complaint.

Norman goes to the auxiliary control center, overpowering the personnel there and taking control of the ship to lock it onto a new course. He rapidly goes to the emergency manual monitor and engineering, effortlessly defeating multiple crewmembers and resetting the ship's systems to lock out any change in the course he has laid in. Finally he proceeds to the bridge where he points out that his alterations have connected the matter-antimatter pods to the main navigational bank with a trigger relay, meaning any attempt to change course will destroy the ship. He also opens a panel in his stomach, revealing that he is an android.

The ship spends four days at Warp 7 heading for an unexplored Class K planet. Norman remains dormant throughout, standing motionless on the bridge. On arrival he demands that Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura and Chekov to beam down, threatening to destroy the engines if they refuse. They beam to a facility on the surface where None other than Harry Mudd reveals himself to have been behind their kidnapping. Mudd declares that he is now Emperor Mudd the First, and that the crew of the Enterprise will remain on his planet for the rest of their lives and there is nothing they can do about it. Mudd is accompanied by multiple robots, many of them identical to one another. He reveals that after his last encounter with the Enterprise he managed to escape from prison and engaged in further petty crime, including reselling patents. He was caught on Deneb V and sentenced to death, but again managed to steal a ship and escape. After wandering for a while he chanced on this planet and explored it, finding the facility there along with androids running it. The facility is equipped with fantastically advanced technology, capable of building massive numbers of androids to any specification, along with almost anything else one could want. Mudd, of course, stocked the place almost entirely with hundreds of female androids.

Although it seemed like a paradise at first, Mudd soon grew bored with the planet. He decided to leave, but the androids are so determined to serve him that they refuse to allow him to leave the planet. Mudd eventually told the androids about the Enterprise and asked them to capture the crew so they would have other Humans to serve, and so allow him to leave. He tries to convince Kirk that it won't be so bad, demonstrating some of the pleasant aspects of the place - including an android replica of his own wife who nags him specifically so that he can have the pleasure of yelling at her to shut up. The androids reveal that they were built by a species from the Andromeda galaxy which is now long gone.

Spock conjectures that the androids do not operate independently, but must function via some kind of control control system which guides them all. He tries to quiz them on the subject but they politely decline to answer his queries.

The androids begin trying to tempt the officers to remain. They tell Uhura that an android body will last for some half a million years. Since a human brain can be installed in one, this would give the person almost perpetual youth and beauty. Chekov finds himself enjoying the prospect of being surrounded by beautiful female androids, whilst Scotty is intrigued by their incredibly advanced engineering technology. Meanwhile the androids have forcibly removed the crew from the Enterprise, putting an android crew aboard to run the ship. There seems to be no way to stop them.

Kirk is increasingly annoyed by the situation, and when an Alice series android promises him that they will do anything to make him happy he states that he cannot be happy without his ship. Alice seems confused by this and asks Norman to "coordinate" a response, before leaving.

Mudd prepares to depart, but the androids refuse to let him leave despite their earlier deal. They reveal that they plan to export vast numbers of androids to all Human worlds, giving them the same life of complete luxury as exists on their planet - along with the same lack of freedom.

Spock notes that there are hundreds of each model of android on the planet, with the exception of Norman. There is only a single Norman as far as anybody knows. This, combined with the way the Alice asked Norman to coordinate a response when she was confused, makes Spock speculate that Norman may be the control system he spoke of earlier. Since illogic seemed to confuse the Alice, they wonder if they might not be able to overload Norman's ability to command the androids if enough strange and inexplicable behaviour is presented to the androids.

Reasoning that the androids will expect an escape attempt the crew stage a mock one, with Uhura turning traitor and telling the Androids about it so that they can foil the plan. Now hoping to have them at their ease, the crew begin their real campaign. They each challenge the androids with surreal behaviour, spreading confusion and illogic amongst them. Spock informs two of the Alice series that although he loves one of them, he hates the other - stating that he responds to them so differently because they are identical to one another. The illogic of the statement causes both androids to shut down.

The crew begin to target Norman directly, making him more and more confused until Kirk finally informs him that Harry Mudd is a liar, and everything he says is a lie. Harry then informs Norman that he is indeed lying - prompting Norman to realise that if that is a lie then Mudd must be telling the truth, but that if he is telling the truth then he must be lying. Finally overwhelmed, Norman shuts down and all of the other androids shut down with him.

With the crew back aboard the ship and control restored, Kirk decides what to do with Mudd. He will be left on the planet, stranded with the androids to look after him. Mudd is pleased that his imprisonment will at least be pleasant - until he finds that Kirk has had at least 500 copies of his nagging wife constructed, all of them designed so that they will ignore any order to shut up. Harry is thus left to indefinite imprisonment under the eternal nagging of the woman he most hates.


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