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Large Quiz - Episodes

1. In which episode does Riker claim to serve on the Starship Lollipop?
The Battle
Lonely Among Us
Coming of Age
Heart of Glory
The Arsenal of Freedom

2. Which episode of TOS featured Kang?
Day of the Dove
The Cage
The Man Trap
Mudd's Women
The Enemy Within

3. What is the first TNG episode to feature Dr. Pulaski?
The Child
We'll Always Have Paris
The Neutral Zone

4. In which Voyager episode did the EMH daydream a naked Seven of Nine?
Someone to Watch Over Me
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
Latent Image
The Void
Thirty Days

5. In which episode does everybody on Voyager die, apart from Kim, Chakotay and the EMH?
Time Squared
Time And Again
Infinite Regress
Once Upon A Time

6. In which episode does Sisko discover the Orb of the Prophets?
Favor the Bold
Image in the Sand
Shadows and Symbols
After Image

7. In which episode do we meet the Aldeans?
The Battle
Lonely Among Us
Where No One Has Gone Before
When the Bough Breaks

8. In which episode do we learn that T'Pol has Pa'nar syndrome?
Cease Fire
Future Tense
The Crossing

9. Which is the first episode to feature the Klingon food Gagh?
A Matter of Honor
Remember Me

10. In which episode does Seven of Nine begin displaying multiple personalities?
Infinite Regress
Time And Again
Once Upon A Time

11. In which episode do the Founders remove Odo's shapeshifting ability?
Starship Down
To The Death
The Quickening
Body Parts
Broken Link

12. Which Voyager episode features Professor Gegen?
Death Wish
Distant Origin

13. In which episode does Q throw the Enterprise-D across space to system J25?
True Q
Q Who?
Deja Q
Hide and Q

14. Which episode first mentions Fermat's last theorem?
Unnatural Selection
The Measure of a Man
The Dauphin
The Royale

15. Which TOS episode featured a Meusan ambassador?
Is There in Truth no Beauty?
The Empath
The Tholian Web
Day of the Dove
Wink of an Eye

16. In which Enterprise episode is Daniels apparently killed, only to return in 'Shockwave'?
Fight or Flight
Breaking the Ice
Strange New world
Cold Front

17. In which Voyager episode do we meet B'Elanna's Human and Klingon halves?
Distant Origin
Death Wish

18. What is the second TNG episode to feature Dexter Remmick?
Data's Day
We'll Always Have Paris
The Neutral Zone

19. In which episode does Sisko help a group of Federation soldiers defend a captured communications station from the Jem'Hadar?
The Siege of AR-588
The Siege of AR-858
The Siege of AR-558
The Siege of AR-885
The Siege of AR-555

20. Which episode featured the quasar-like phenomenon Murusaki 312?
The Galileo Seven
Tomorrow is Yesterday
Time Squared
Time's Arrow
Past Tense


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 79,685 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970