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Large Quiz - Episodes

1. Which TOS episode was set on Argelius?
Mudd's Women
Wolf in the Fold
The Cage
The Corbomite Manoeuvre
The Man Trap

2. What is the second TNG episode to feature Dexter Remmick?
Data's Day
We'll Always Have Paris
The Neutral Zone

3. In which episode does Sisko discover the Orb of the Prophets?
Favor the Bold
Image in the Sand
Shadows and Symbols
After Image

4. In what episode do we first meet the Ferengi?
The Battle
Lonely Among Us
Where No One Has Gone Before
The Last Outpost

5. Which DS9 episode featured the Wadi?
Playing God
Move Along Home

6. In which Voyager episode did the EMH daydream a naked Seven of Nine?
Someone to Watch Over Me
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
Latent Image
The Void
Thirty Days

7. In which episode do we meet the Scalosians?
Wink of an Eye
Blink of an Eye
Time's Arrow
Past Tense
Tomorrow Is Yesterday

8. In which episode was Voyager trapped in a subspace region with dozens of other ships?
The Void
Latent Image
Thirty Days
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
Someone to Watch Over Me

9. Which is the only DS9 episode to feature Q?
True Q
Q Who?
Deja Q
Hide and Q

10. Which is the first episode to feature Commander Maddox?
The Measure of a Man
Remember Me

11. In which Voyager episode did Seven of Nine go on her first date?
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
The Void
Someone to Watch Over Me
Thirty Days
Latent Image

12. Which episode was the first to feature Kirk's 'Space, the final frontier√∑' introduction?
The Cage
The Corbomite Manoeuvre
The Man Trap
Mudd's Women
The Enemy Within

13. In which TOS episode does water in the body begin acting like alcohol?
The Naked Time
The Cage
The Corbomite Manoeuvre
The Man Trap
Mudd's Women

14. In which episode do the Founders remove Odo's shapeshifting ability?
Starship Down
To The Death
The Quickening
Body Parts
Broken Link

15. In which episode did Reed propose the "Reed alert"?
Vanishing Point
Precious Cargo
The Catwalk

16. In which Voyager episode does the ship receive a distress call from within a singularity?
Time and Again
The Cloud
Ex Post Facto

17. In which episode does Archer help the crew of a Klingon ship stranded within a gas giant planet?
Desert Crossing
Shadows of P'Jem
Sleeping Dogs

18. Which episode mentions 'the Great bird of the galaxy'?
The Cage
The Corbomite Manoeuvre
The Man Trap
Mudd's Women
The Enemy Within

19. Which Voyager episode features Professor Gegen?
Death Wish
Distant Origin

20. What is the last episode to feature Kes as a regular member of the Voyager crew?
Scorpion, Part II
Day of Honor
The Gift


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 80,335 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970