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Medium Quiz - Episodes

1. Which episode of TOS featured Kang?
Day of the Dove
The Cage
The Man Trap
Mudd's Women
The Enemy Within

2. In which episode does Riker meet the leader of a planet ruled by women?
Angel One
Lonely Among Us
Where No One Has Gone Before
The Last Outpost

3. In which Enterprise episode do the Xindi attack Earth?
First Flight
The Expanse
The Xindi

4. In which Enterprise episode is Daniels apparently killed, only to return in 'Shockwave'?
Fight or Flight
Breaking the Ice
Strange New world
Cold Front

5. In which episode does Voyager encounter the second Caretaker?
Cold Fire
The Cloud
Ex Post Facto

6. Which episode featured the character Lazarus?
The Cage
Dagger of the Mind
Court Martial
The Alternative Factor
The Enemy Within

7. In which episode does the Bajoran wormhole begin opening and closing for no apparent reason?
Starship Down
Return To Grace
Paradise Lost

8. In what episode do we first meet the Ferengi?
The Battle
Lonely Among Us
Where No One Has Gone Before
The Last Outpost

9. Which episode featured the quasar-like phenomenon Murusaki 312?
The Galileo Seven
Tomorrow is Yesterday
Time Squared
Time's Arrow
Past Tense

10. In which Voyager episode does the EMH almost go insane when he recovers some lost memories?
Latent Image
Time And Again
Once Upon A Time


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