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Small Quiz - Episodes

1. In which episode does Voyager encounter the second Caretaker?
Cold Fire
The Cloud
Ex Post Facto

2. At the beginning of which episode is the Enterprise-D heading to Pacifica?
The Ensigns Of Command
The Dauphin
The Survivors

3. In which episode of TOS did Commissioner Hedford feature?
The Cage
The Corbomite Manoeuvre
Mudd's Women
The Enemy Within

4. Which episode sees the death of Admiral Jameson?
The Battle
Lonely Among Us
Too Short a Season
Where No One Has Gone Before
The Last Outpost

5. Which TOS episode was set on Argelius?
Mudd's Women
Wolf in the Fold
The Cage
The Corbomite Manoeuvre
The Man Trap


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 82,645 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970