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Small Quiz - Planets

1. Which world was the home of Ferengi business man Plegg?
Lemma II
Khofla II
Legara IV
Ledonia III
Lazon II

2. Greek god Apollo tried to recruit Kirk as a worshipper on which planet?
Pollux IV
Persephone V
Penthath III
Penthara IV

3. 300 000 talaxians died in the metreon cascade on which moon?
Quazulu VIII
Quatal Prime
Qualor II

4. Which of these is a beautiful planet thought by some to have mystical healing powers?
Invernia II
Japori II
Itamish III

5. On which planet did a Federation deep space probe crash?
Ennan VI
Dayos IV
Barkon IV
Boraal II
Corinth IV


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