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Small Quiz - Planets

1. Which world was the site of a tragic accident in 2358 that claimed the life of Admiral Janeway?
Tau Ceti Prime
Tau Ceti III
Tau Alpha C
Tarsus IV
Tarsas III

2. The Ferengi stole a T-9 energy converter from which world?
Hekaras II
Heva VII
Hemikek IV
Gamma Tauri IV

3. Which Federation world was the home to Dr. Roget?
Andevian II
Altair IV
Archanis IV
Barzan II
Farius Prime

4. Which hworld is the home of the Talaxians?
Solosos III
Sigma Iotia II
Sigma Draconis VI

5. Which planet was a peaceful neighbor to the Ekos?
Yadera II
Ventax II


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 17,270 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970