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Small Quiz - Planets

1. Which of these worlds is a penal colony for the Federations criminally insane?
Cygnia Minor
Camor V
Elba II
Chandra V

2. On which planet did Captain Garth undergo cellular metamorphosis?
Dreon VII
Antos IV
Boradis III

3. On which of these worlds was Picard and Crusher kidnapped by the Prytt?
Lazon II
Kesprytt III
La'voti V
Lamenda Prime
Lambda Paz

4. On which planet is the cloud city of Stratos found?
Boreal III
Draken IV

5. Which world is a gas giant in the Gamma Quadrant where the Dominion maintains a subspace relay station that handles comm. traffic from various Dominion-related members such as the Karemma?
Callinon VII
Bracas V
Cestus III


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