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Small Quiz - Planets

1. On which world were crewmembers from the USS Victory infected by alien DNA?
Tarchannen III
Tanuga IV
Tantalus V
Solosos III

2. Which of these is a tropical class M planet ruled by a computer called Vaal, which Kirk destroyed?
Hoek IV
Heva VII
Hemikek IV
Gamma Trianguli VI

3. Which of these was the site of Dominion shipyards destroyed in Jadzia's name to ensure her entry into Sto'vo'kor?
Mintaka III
M'kemas III
Miridian VI
Monac IV

4. Which frozen moon is the site of a Klingon forced labour camp?
Rura Penthe
Rochanie III

5. Which of these planets was Commissioned Hedford going to in order to prevent a war?
Marva IV
Free Haven
Meldrar I
Epsilon Canaris III


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 19,600 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970