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Small Quiz - Planets

1. Which world was the home of the Folnar jewel plant?
Folnar III
Gema IV
Gamma Hromi II
Galorndon Core
Galor IV

2. Which of these is a Gamma Quadrant planet infected with a deadly plague by the Jem'Hadar?
Atalia VII
Boranis III
Campor III

3. On which planet did the inhabitants mimick Earth mobsters?
Sigma Iotia II
Sigma Draconis VI
Shiralea VI
Sherman's Planet
Secarus IV

4. Which world was the home of a primitive Proto-Vulcan culture that worshipped 'the Picard'?
Minara II
Mintaka III
Milika III

5. Which of these is a member of the Coalition of Madena Along with Straleb?
Delta IV
Delios VII
Andevian II
Archanis IV


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