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Small Quiz - Planets

1. Which is the homeworld of the Horta species?
Janus VI
Kora II
Kessik IV

2. Which of these planets was Commissioned Hedford going to in order to prevent a war?
Marva IV
Free Haven
Meldrar I
Epsilon Canaris III

3. On which of these worlds was Picard and Crusher kidnapped by the Prytt?
Lazon II
Kesprytt III
La'voti V
Lamenda Prime
Lambda Paz

4. Which world housed a Federation penal colony?
Tantalus V
Solosos III
Sigma Iotia II

5. Dr. Stubbs wished he could take Deanna Troi where for champagne?
Campor III
Beth Delta I
Fina Prime
Berengaria VII


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 16,960 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970