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Small Quiz - Planets

1. Which of these planets is dedicated to hedonism?
Fendaus V
Argelius II
Boreal III
Draken IV

2. On which world did Kesla murder several women?
Bilana III
Arvada III
Celtris III
Deneb II
Calder II

3. Which of these is a Talaxian mining colony?
Prema II
Pollux IV
Persephone V

4. Which of these is the site of an attack by the crystalline entity?
Gamma Hromi II
Gonal IV
Gema IV
Forlat III

5. What is the home world of Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari?
Inferna Prime
Japori II
Itamish III
Invernia II


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 16,945 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970