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Small Quiz - Planets

1. Which of these planets had a Klingon subspace listening post?
M'kemas III
Mordan IV
Monac IV
Miridian VI

2. Which of these is the site of an attack by the crystalline entity?
Gamma Hromi II
Gonal IV
Gema IV
Forlat III

3. Which planet suffered unexplained magma cooling around 2370?
Cygnet XIV
Cor Caroli V
Atrea IV
Bopak III

4. Which of these worlds is within the Tzenkethi territory?
Miridian VI
Mintaka III
M'kemas III
Minara II

5. Which of these is another name for Sol IX?
Persephone V
Penthath III
Penthara IV
Pentarus V


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 16,880 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970