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Small Quiz - Planets

1. On which planet was the Institute of Cosmology located?
Orion I
Ophiucus III
Omicron Theta
Omekla III
Ogus II

2. On which planet in the Delphic Expanse could criminals get their faces reconfigured?
Dekendi III
Teerza Prime
Paraga II
Burala Prime

3. Where did the Enterprise-D depart from before being hit by a series of quantum filaments?
Monac IV
Mordan IV
Mudor V
M'kemas III

4. On which planet did Gary Mitchell save Kirk from poison darts thrown by rodent creatures?
Aschelan V
Caldos IV
Drema IV
Deriben V

5. Where did Dr. Bashir attend a burn treatment conference?
Mavala IV
Mataline II
Meezan IV
Marejaretus VI


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 17,370 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970