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service history

Small Quiz - Planets

1. Which planet is Tasha Yars birthplace and the site of a failed Federation colony?
Turkana IV
Torros III
Torona IV
T'lli Beta

2. Which desolate planet had an automated Lithium (not Dilithium) mining station on it?
Calder II
Celtris III
Bilana III
Delta Vega
Beta III

3. Which of these is near the Romulan Neutral Zone?
Tarod IX
Tarchannen III
Tanuga IV
Tantalus V

4. Which of these was the site of Dominion shipyards destroyed in Jadzia's name to ensure her entry into Sto'vo'kor?
Mintaka III
M'kemas III
Miridian VI
Monac IV

5. Which of these is the planet on which a conference was held concerning Coridan's entry to the Federation?
Barson II
Bolarus IX
Calondia IV
Donatu V


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