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Small Quiz - Planets

1. From which world did the inhabitants raid Earth's past to harvest neural energy?
Deriben V
Drema IV
Aschelan V
Devidia II
Epsilon Nel III

2. On which world did Kesla murder several women?
Bilana III
Arvada III
Celtris III
Deneb II
Calder II

3. Which of these worlds was a Federation planet destroyed by the Borg?
Kessik IV
Ivor Prime
Kaldra IV

4. On which planet did Kirk abandon Khan?
Beltain IX
Beta Kupsic
Caldik Prime
Ceti Alpha V
Fahleena III

5. On which planet did a Federation deep space probe crash?
Ennan VI
Dayos IV
Barkon IV
Boraal II
Corinth IV


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