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Medium Quiz - General

1. Which episode featured Commodore Mendez?
The Cage
Dagger of the Mind
Court Martial
The Menagerie
The Enemy Within

2. For how long did the Sheliak go without communicating with the Federation prior to 'The Ensigns of Command'?
47 years
93 years
107 years
111 years
126 years

3. Which Voyager episode featured a subspace catapult?
The Thaw
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
The Voyager Conspiracy

4. On which planet did Picard covertly meet Captain Rixx in 2364?
Tau Ceti III
Tau Alpha C
Tarsus IV
Tarsas III
Tarod IX

5. In which episode of TNG does Wesley have to face his greatest fear as part of a Starfleet test?
The Battle
Lonely Among Us
Coming of Age
Where No One Has Gone Before
When the Bough Breaks

6. Which world is approximately 40,000 light-years from Alastria, and has a mantle of tetrahedral quartz 20 km thick?
Sigma Iotia II
Sigma Draconis VI
Shiralea VI
Sherman's Planet

7. How many languages does the first officer of the USS Aries know?

8. In which Voyager episode did Seven of Nine go on her first date?
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
The Void
Someone to Watch Over Me
Thirty Days
Latent Image

9. Which Enterprise-D crewmember did Data have a romantic relationship with?
Ensign Tess Allenby
Lieutenant Marla Aster
Ensign Maddy Calloway
Ensign Janet Brooks
Lieutenant Jenna D'Sora

10. In which episode does Voyager encounter the second Caretaker?
Cold Fire
The Cloud
Ex Post Facto


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 98,975 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970