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Medium Quiz - General

1. Which space probe became V'Ger?
Voyager 3
Voyager 4
Voyager 5
Voyager 6
Voyager 7

2. Which was the first episode of Star Trek ever to feature time travel?
The Naked Time
Tomorrow is Yesterday
Time Squared
Time's Arrow
Past Tense

3. What is the first TNG episode to feature Dr. Pulaski?
The Child
We'll Always Have Paris
The Neutral Zone

4. On which planet did a Federation deep space probe crash?
Ennan VI
Dayos IV
Barkon IV
Boraal II
Corinth IV

5. In which Voyager episode did the EMH daydream a naked Seven of Nine?
Someone to Watch Over Me
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
Latent Image
The Void
Thirty Days

6. In 'Second Sight', Odo wants to be notified of whose arrival?
Milla Head
Villus Thed
Rilla Med
Silla Red
Billa Zed

7. Which of these is a member of the Coalition of Madena Along with Straleb?
Delta IV
Delios VII
Andevian II
Archanis IV

8. How many ambassadors are on board the Enterprise in 'Journey to Babel'?

9. Which planet in the El-Adrel sector is currently ruled by the Tanagra family?
Hakton VII
Harod IV
Hansen's Planet
Hanon IV
Gallos II

10. What small furry creatures were famed for their prodigious reproduction?
Ceti Eel


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 97,380 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970