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Small Quiz - General

1. At which gas giant was a large space faring alien was killed by the Enterprise-D?
Alpha Omicron VII
Dorvan V

2. Which TOS episode was set on Argelius?
Mudd's Women
Wolf in the Fold
The Cage
The Corbomite Manoeuvre
The Man Trap

3. On which planet was a conference for the interspecies medical exchange held in 2152?
Dekendi III
Teerza Prime
Paraga II
Burala Prime

4. In which Voyager episode does the EMH almost go insane when he recovers some lost memories?
Latent Image
Time And Again
Once Upon A Time

5. Who revised Starfleet's first contact procedures according to 'Move Along Home'?
Captain McCoullough
Captain McManus
Captain McClintoch
Captain McKintyre
Captain McNorden


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