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Small Quiz - General

1. Which of these was not an Oberth class Starship?
USS Raman
USS Tsiolkovsky
USS Vico
USS Grissom
USS Havana

2. How long was the space creature in 'The Immunity Syndrome'?
11,000 miles
10,000 miles
9,000 miles
8,000 miles
7,000 miles

3. Who comes to DS9 to asses Cardassian movements on the border in 'Whispers'?
Admiral Nacheyev
Admiral Rollman
Admiral Shanthi
Admiral Gupta
Admiral Bennett

4. Which of these is near the Romulan Neutral Zone?
Tarod IX
Tarchannen III
Tanuga IV
Tantalus V

5. Of which species was Elaan a member?


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