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Small Quiz - General

1. Which Kai experienced a vision in the Denorios belt?

2. Which TOS episode featured a Meusan ambassador?
Is There in Truth no Beauty?
The Empath
The Tholian Web
Day of the Dove
Wink of an Eye

3. What were the Iconians also known as?
Demons of death and darkness
Demons of air and darkness
Demons of fire and darkness
Demons of stars and darkness
Demons of despair and darkness

4. Kurzon Dax and Sisko were cornered by Kaleans here?
Rochanie III
Quazulu VIII

5. Which of these did both Tash and Voyager use to give them a boost towards their home worlds?
Slipstream drive
Coaxial warp core
Transwarp conduit
Null space catapult
Underspace corridor


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