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Small Quiz - General

1. On which planet did Dr. Korby plan to make androids after leaving Exo III?
Melnos IV
Merak II
Memory Alpha
Midos V
Melina II

2. What is the home world of the Ooolans?
Zytchin III
Marcos XII
Marejaretus VI
Zeta Alpha II

3. Which of these is NOT a Klingon food?
Rokeg Blood Pie
Mes'kan spleen
Bregit lung

4. Which of these was not a Constitution class Starship?
USS Lexington
USS Hood
USS Farragut
USS Intrepid
USS Fearless

5. Which frozen moon is the site of a Klingon forced labour camp?
Rura Penthe
Rochanie III


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 102,305 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970