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Small Quiz - General

1. William Riker refused to allow Captain De Soto to beam down to which planet?
Archanis IV
Altair III
Barzan II
Farius Prime
Chaltok IV

2. How log did the USS Excelsior spend cataloguing gaseous anomalies before the destruction of Praxis?
1 year
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years

3. Which of these worlds is the Demilitarised Zone? It has at least four moons and was attacked by biogenic weapon?
Quatal Prime
Qualor II
Pyris VII
Prema II

4. Which of these planets was owned by Flint?
Itamish III
Kaelon II
Japori II
Holberg 917G

5. In which episode does Kira help Dukat to capture a Klingon Bird of Prey?
Starship Down
Paradise Lost
Return To Grace


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 99,445 Last updated : 1 Jan 1970