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Question : What is the most "Star Trek" episode of Deep Space Nine?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Trials and Tribble-ations 1119.3
2Far Beyond the Stars 814
3In the Pale Moonlight 610.5
4The Visitor 47
5Duet 47
6Hippocratic Oath 23.5
7Call to Arms 23.5
8What You Leave Behind 23.5
9The Siege of AR-558 11.8
10The Ship 11.8
11Soldiers of the Empire 11.8
12Sacrifice of Angels 11.8
13Dramatis Personae 11.8
14Emissary 11.8
15Empok Nor 11.8
16Facets 11.8
17Heart of Stone 11.8
18Little Green Men 11.8
19Past Tense, Part 1 11.8
20Blood Oath 11.8
21Apocalypse Rising 11.8
22A Time to Stand 11.8
23Profit and Lace 11.8
24Through the Looking Glass 11.8
25Wrongs Darker than Death or Night 11.8
26You are Cordially Invited...11.8
All other entries received zero votes

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