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Question : Would you like to see a new Star Trek TV series set in the Abrams timeline?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1I'd be okay with it5236.9Graph
2I'd hate it3222.7Graph
3Not a good idea2819.9Graph
4I'd love it1913.5Graph
5I don't really care107.1Graph

Question : Into Darkness gave us a somewhat revised look for the Klingons. What did you think?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Hmm, it's pretty good I guess.3927.1Graph
2I'm indifferent.3222.2Graph
3Meh, I don't like it much.3121.5Graph
4This sucks! These Klingons look terrible!2416.7Graph
5Awesome, these Klingons are great!1812.5Graph

Question : Much is said about the use of lens flare in the JJ Abrams Trek movies. What say you?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1The lens flare is kind of irritating.5833.1Graph
2I'm indifferent.4224Graph
3The lens flare is okay, I kind of like it.3318.9Graph
4The lens flare is terrible, and really distracts from the movie!3218.3Graph
5The lens flare is awesome and gives the films a cool look!105.7Graph

Question : Into Darkness gives us a role reversal of Star Trek II, with Kirk sacrificing himself and having a sad death scene. What did you think of it?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1I thought it was just a ripoff7446Graph
2I thought it was a great spin on the original scene5735.4Graph
3I thought it was an okay scene, nothing special3018.6Graph

Question : So now that you've seen Into Darkness, was it a good idea for the new universe to revisit Khan?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1I thought it was a great new spin on the classic material5932.1Graph
2I'd prefer they hadn't reused Khan5027.2Graph
3I thought it was okay4021.7Graph
4I thought it was a desecration of the classic material2111.4Graph
5I'm indifferent147.6Graph

Question : So some controversy was caused by Alice Eve's underwear scene in Into Darkness. What did you think of it?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Harmless fanservice, I'm all for it!5942.8Graph
2I'm indifferent4734.1Graph
3Gratuitous sexism, could have done without it.3223.2Graph

Question : How did you rate Benedict Cumberbatch's performance as Khan in Into Darkness?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1He was great!4941.5Graph
2He was okay.4033.9Graph
3I'm neutral.1512.7Graph
4He was poor.75.9Graph
5He was terrible!75.9Graph

Question : How did you rate Zachary Quinto's performance as Commander Spock in Into Darkness?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1He was great!4742.7Graph
2He was okay.4641.8Graph
3I'm neutral.1110Graph
4He was poor.32.7Graph
5He was terrible!32.7Graph

Question : How did you rate Chris Pine's performance as Captain Kirk in Into Darkness?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1He was okay.5442.5Graph
2He was great!5039.4Graph
3I'm neutral.1310.2Graph
4He was poor.53.9Graph
5He was terrible!53.9Graph

Question : So Star Trek Into Darkness is here! What's your rating for it?

# Answer Votes % Graph
14 - A quality film with brilliant elements7530.2Graph
21 - Poor, but with a few redeeming features6827.4Graph
33 - All around good film3915.7Graph
45 - Fantastic film, perfect or close to it3112.5Graph
52 - Reasonably good, but with a few flaws197.7Graph
60 - Terrible, this film sucked166.5Graph

Question : So the powers that be have revealed the bag guy's ship from the new Trek movie - a gigantic super battleship sort of design called the USS Vengeance. What say you?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1That looks AWESOME!5124.6Graph
2That looks TERRIBLE!5024.2Graph
3That looks good.3818.4Graph
4Not a big fan.3717.9Graph
5It's okay.3115Graph

Question : So we have a new trailer out with some tantalising details of the next Trek film. What do you think?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Meh, I am unmoved.6035.3Graph
2Looks pretty good.5733.5Graph
3Looks fantastic!4224.7Graph
4Looks awful!95.3Graph
5Looks pretty poor.21.2Graph

Question : So rumour has it that Alice Eve is playing Carol Marcus in the next Trek film, potentially leading to a serious romance for Kirk. What are your thoughts?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1I don't care.7642.2Graph
2I'm okay with this idea.7541.7Graph
3I love this idea!2111.7Graph
4I'm disappointed in this idea.42.2Graph
5I hate this idea!42.2Graph

Question : So the first teaser trailers for Star Trek : Into Darkness are out. What do you think?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Looks pretty good.6034.9Graph
2Looks fantastic!3822.1Graph
3A bit positive.3218.6Graph
4A bit negative179.9Graph
5Looks awful!179.9Graph
6Looks pretty poor.84.7Graph

Question : Which Trek movie has the worst score?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Star Trek V : The Final Frontier3833Graph
2Star Trek XI : Star Trek1613.9Graph
3Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home1412.2Graph
4Star Trek The Motion Picture1210.4Graph
5Star Trek VII : Generations97.8Graph
6Star Trek IX : Insurrection97.8Graph
7Star Trek X : Nemesis87Graph
8Star Trek III : The Search for Spock43.5Graph
9Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan21.7Graph
10Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country21.7Graph
11Star Trek VIII : First Contact10.9Graph

Question : Which Trek movie has the best score?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Star Trek VIII : First Contact4527.4Graph
2Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan3118.9Graph
3Star Trek The Motion Picture2414.6Graph
4Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country1811Graph
5Star Trek XI : Star Trek106.1Graph
6Star Trek IX : Insurrection84.9Graph
7Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home74.3Graph
8Star Trek VII : Generations74.3Graph
9Star Trek X : Nemesis63.7Graph
10Star Trek III : The Search for Spock53Graph
11Star Trek V : The Final Frontier31.8Graph

Question : How closely should the future Trek films follow what has gone before?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Borrow elements such as characters, species and places, but use them in wholly new stories11770.5Graph
2Go completely original, use nothing from the old Trek3118.7Graph
3Remake existing stories but spin then in new ways148.4Graph
4Remake the existing stories like Wrath of Khan42.4Graph

Question : What do you think of the new TNG Season 1 Blu Ray box set?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1I'm indifferent to it.4138.3Graph
2Awesome, but just a few little niggles.2422.4Graph
3Fantastic, couldn't be better!2018.7Graph
4It's pretty fair, I guess.1917.8Graph
5It's a bit disappointing.10.9Graph
6It's bad overall, but has a few redeeming features.10.9Graph
7It's terrible, and an insult to Trek!10.9Graph

Question : It is now more or less confirmed that Klingons will feature in a significant role in the next film. How do you feel about this?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Cautiously optimistic.7940.5Graph
2Excited! This is great news!6332.3Graph
3Meh, who cares.2914.9Graph
5Crap! This sucks!63.1Graph

Question : So it's now more or less confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Khan Noonien Singh in the next Trek film. How do you feel about it?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Cautiously optimistic.7844.8Graph
2Meh, who cares.3620.7Graph
4Crap! This sucks!1910.9Graph
5Excited! This is great news!137.5Graph

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