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Question : What's your favourite alien ship design?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1(Romulan) D'Deridex15219Graph
2(Romulan) Norexan9511.9Graph
3(Borg) Cube739.1Graph
4(Klingon) Bird of Prey (TNG version)739.1Graph
5(Human) NX class567Graph
6(Romulan) Scimitar455.6Graph
7(Klingon) Vor'Cha435.4Graph
8(Klingon) Negh'Var425.3Graph
10(Klingon) D7/K'T'Inga232.9Graph
11(8472) Bioship192.4Graph
13(Vulcan) D'Kyr101.3Graph
14Whale probe101.3Graph
15(Cardassian) Galor91.1Graph
16(Dominion) Battleship91.1Graph
17(Human) Intrepid91.1Graph
18(Dominion) Attack Ship70.9Graph
19(Dominion) Battlecruiser70.9Graph
20(Vulcan) Sh'Ran70.9Graph
21(Breen) Frigate60.8Graph
22(Klingon) Raptor60.8Graph
23(Romulan) Bird of Prey (ENT version)60.8Graph
24(Borg) Sphere40.5Graph
25(Klingon) D540.5Graph
26(Romulan) Bird of Prey (TOS version)40.5Graph
27(Son'a) Battleship40.5Graph
28(Borg) Probe30.4Graph
29(Borg) Transwarp Ship30.4Graph
30(Cardassian) Dreadnought30.4Graph
31(Cardassian) Keldon30.4Graph
32(Human) Neptune class30.4Graph
33(Human) DY-100 class20.3Graph
34(Husnock) Warship20.3Graph
35(Kazon) Raider20.3Graph
36(Klingon) Bird of Prey (ENT version)20.3Graph
37(Borg) Queen's yacht10.1Graph
38(Ferengi) D'Kora10.1Graph
39(Kazon) Predator10.1Graph
40(Pralor) Warship10.1Graph
41(Romulan) Science Ship10.1Graph
42(Son'a) Destroyer10.1Graph
43(Suliban) Module ship10.1Graph
44(Talarian) Warship10.1Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What's your favourite Federation Starship design? (No shuttles, and this only includes ships you can find an image of on this site!)

# Answer Votes % Graph
5Constitution refit817.9Graph
13Excelsior Refit151.5Graph
17New orleans60.6Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is your all time favourite Next Generation episode?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1All Good Things11722.7Graph
2The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1 7113.8Graph
3The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2 499.5Graph
4Yesterday's Enterprise 448.5Graph
5The Inner Light 316Graph
7Darmok 173.3Graph
8The Most Toys 163.1Graph
9Tapestry 122.3Graph
10Chain of Command, Part 2 112.1Graph
11The Defector 91.7Graph
12The Pegasus 81.6Graph
13Where No One Has Gone Before 61.2Graph
14The Measure of a Man 61.2Graph
15Relics 51Graph
16Parallels 51Graph
17Q Who? 40.8Graph
18The Drumhead 40.8Graph
19I, Borg 40.8Graph
20Timescape 40.8Graph
21Lower Decks 40.8Graph
22Deja Q 30.6Graph
23First Contact 30.6Graph
24Redemption, Part 2 30.6Graph
25Cause and Effect 30.6Graph
26The Perfect Mate 30.6Graph
27Lessons 30.6Graph
28Family 20.4Graph
29Data's Day 20.4Graph
30The Wounded 20.4Graph
31Disaster 20.4Graph
32Frame of Mind 20.4Graph
33Masks 20.4Graph
34The Naked Now 10.2Graph
35The Last Outpost 10.2Graph
36The Battle 10.2Graph
37Skin of Evil 10.2Graph
38The Neutral Zone 10.2Graph
39Elementary, Dear Data 10.2Graph
40The Survivors 10.2Graph
41Who Watches The Watchers? 10.2Graph
42Booby Trap 10.2Graph
43Sins of the Father 10.2Graph
44Tin Man 10.2Graph
45Remember Me 10.2Graph
46Future Imperfect 10.2Graph
47Devil's Due 10.2Graph
48The N'th Degree 10.2Graph
49Ensign Ro 10.2Graph
50Unification, Part 2 10.2Graph
51The Next Phase 10.2Graph
52Time's Arrow, Part 1 10.2Graph
53Schisms 10.2Graph
54True-Q 10.2Graph
55Chain of Command, Part 1 10.2Graph
56The Chase 10.2Graph
57Rightful Heir 10.2Graph
58Descent, Part 2 10.2Graph
59Gambit, Part 1 10.2Graph
60Phantasms 10.2Graph
61Dark Page 10.2Graph
62Inheritance 10.2Graph
63Sub Rosa 10.2Graph
64Thine Own Self 10.2Graph
65Genesis 10.2Graph
66Bloodlines 10.2Graph
67Emergence 10.2Graph
68Preemptive Strike 10.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is your all time favourite Deep Space Nine episode?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Sacrifice of Angels 9217.7Graph
2Trials and Tribble-ations 8115.5Graph
3What You Leave Behind5911.3Graph
4In the Pale Moonlight 5210Graph
5The Way of the Warrior 377.1Graph
6The Visitor 234.4Graph
7Call to Arms 224.2Graph
8The Siege of AR-558 122.3Graph
9The Dogs of War 122.3Graph
10The Storyteller 81.5Graph
11Favor the Bold 81.5Graph
12Far Beyond the Stars 81.5Graph
13Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges 81.5Graph
14Little Green Men 71.3Graph
15The Magnificent Ferengi 61.2Graph
16Badda-Bing Badda-Bang 61.2Graph
17The Die is Cast 51Graph
18Valiant 51Graph
19Take Me Out to the Holosuite 40.8Graph
20Duet 30.6Graph
21By Inferno's Light 30.6Graph
22Empok Nor 30.6Graph
23Who Mourns for Morn? 30.6Graph
25The Maquis, Part 1 20.4Graph
26The Search, Part 1 20.4Graph
27The House of Quark 20.4Graph
28Defiant 20.4Graph
29Past Tense, Part 2 20.4Graph
30Our Man Bashir 20.4Graph
31Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places 20.4Graph
32For the Uniform 20.4Graph
33A Time to Stand 20.4Graph
34One Little Ship 20.4Graph
35Inquisition 20.4Graph
36Tears of the Prophets 20.4Graph
37The Emperor's New Cloak 20.4Graph
38The Changing Face of Evil 20.4Graph
39The Siege 10.2Graph
40Armageddon Game 10.2Graph
41Crossover 10.2Graph
42The Search, Part 2 10.2Graph
43Equilibrium 10.2Graph
44Heart of Stone 10.2Graph
45Through the Looking Glass 10.2Graph
46Improbable Cause 10.2Graph
47The Sons of Mogh 10.2Graph
48Hard Time 10.2Graph
49The Quickening 10.2Graph
50The Ship 10.2Graph
51...Nor the Battle to the Strong 10.2Graph
52Doctor Bashir, I Presume? 10.2Graph
53Soldiers of the Empire 10.2Graph
54Rocks and Shoals 10.2Graph
55You are Cordially Invited... 10.2Graph
56His Way 10.2Graph
57The Sound of Her Voice 10.2Graph
58Chrysalis 10.2Graph
59Once More Unto the Breach 10.2Graph
60It's Only a Paper Moon 10.2Graph
61Field of Fire 10.2Graph
62'Til Death Do Us Part 10.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is your all time favourite Voyager episode?

# Answer Votes % Graph
2Message in a Bottle 6414.6Graph
3Year of Hell, Part 2 347.8Graph
4Scorpion, Part 1 286.4Graph
5Year of Hell, Part 1 276.2Graph
6Jetrel 184.1Graph
7Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy 184.1Graph
8Timeless 143.2Graph
9Distant Origin 133Graph
10Bride of Chaotica! 122.7Graph
11Scorpion, Part 2 92.1Graph
12Q2 81.8Graph
13Equinox, Part 2 71.6Graph
14Latent Image 51.1Graph
15Someone to Watch Over Me 51.1Graph
16Relativity 51.1Graph
17The Void 51.1Graph
18Caretaker 40.9Graph
19Threshold 40.9Graph
20Flashback 40.9Graph
21Living Witness 40.9Graph
22Hope and Fear 40.9Graph
23Dark Frontier, Part 1 30.7Graph
24Course: Oblivion 30.7Graph
25Equinox, Part 1 30.7Graph
26Blink of an Eye 30.7Graph
27Life Line 30.7Graph
28Basics, Part 1 20.5Graph
29Basics, Part 2 20.5Graph
30Future's End, Part 2 20.5Graph
31The Q and the Grey 20.5Graph
32Worst Case Scenario 20.5Graph
33The Omega Directive 20.5Graph
34Infinite Regress 20.5Graph
35Dark Frontier, Part 2 20.5Graph
36The Haunting of Deck Twelve 20.5Graph
37Friendship One 20.5Graph
38Renaissance Man 20.5Graph
39Time and Again 10.2Graph
40Eye of the Needle 10.2Graph
41Ex Post Facto 10.2Graph
42The 37's 10.2Graph
43Resistance 10.2Graph
44Dreadnought 10.2Graph
45Death Wish 10.2Graph
46Deadlock 10.2Graph
47Tuvix 10.2Graph
48Resolutions 10.2Graph
49The Swarm 10.2Graph
50Blood Fever 10.2Graph
51The Gift 10.2Graph
52The Killing Game, Part 1 10.2Graph
53The Killing Game, Part 2 10.2Graph
54Drone 10.2Graph
55In the Flesh 10.2Graph
56Thirty Days 10.2Graph
57Counterpoint 10.2Graph
58Gravity 10.2Graph
59Dragon's Teeth 10.2Graph
60The Voyager Conspiracy 10.2Graph
61Ashes to Ashes 10.2Graph
62Unimatrix Zero, Part 1 10.2Graph
63Unimatrix Zero, Part 2 10.2Graph
64Inside Man 10.2Graph
65Body and Soul 10.2Graph
66Shattered 10.2Graph
67Workforce, Part 1 10.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is your all time favourite Enterprise episode?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1In A Mirror, Darkly 15023.4Graph
2In A Mirror, Darkly Part II 13521Graph
3Twilight 345.3Graph
4These Are The Voyages...345.3Graph
5Broken Bow 264Graph
6The Forge 233.6Graph
7Terra Prime 233.6Graph
8Azati Prime 213.3Graph
9The Andorian Incident 182.8Graph
10Zero Hour 182.8Graph
11Similitude 162.5Graph
12United 111.7Graph
13Shuttlepod One 91.4Graph
14E2 71.1Graph
15Storm Front, Part 2 71.1Graph
16Kir'Shara 71.1Graph
17Babel One 71.1Graph
18Dear Doctor 60.9Graph
19Regeneration 60.9Graph
20Countdown 50.8Graph
21Shockwave, Part 1 40.6Graph
22The Xindi 40.6Graph
23Home 40.6Graph
24Shadows of P'Jem 30.5Graph
25Future Tense 30.5Graph
26Storm Front, Part I 30.5Graph
27Cold Station 12 30.5Graph
28The Augments 30.5Graph
29Observer Effect 30.5Graph
30Divergence 30.5Graph
31Demons 30.5Graph
32Cold Front 20.3Graph
33Minefield 20.3Graph
34Dead Stop 20.3Graph
35The Catwalk 20.3Graph
36Horizon 20.3Graph
37Cogenitor 20.3Graph
38The Expanse 20.3Graph
39North Star 20.3Graph
40Carpenter Street 20.3Graph
41Proving Ground 20.3Graph
42The Council 20.3Graph
43Borderland 20.3Graph
44Affliction 20.3Graph
45Bound 20.3Graph
46Fight or Flight 10.2Graph
47Fusion 10.2Graph
48Vox Sola 10.2Graph
49Fallen Hero 10.2Graph
50Shockwave, Part 2 10.2Graph
51Carbon Creek 10.2Graph
52A Night In Sickbay 10.2Graph
53Vanishing Point 10.2Graph
54Stigma 10.2Graph
55First Flight 10.2Graph
56Chosen Realm 10.2Graph
57Stratagem 10.2Graph
58Damage 10.2Graph
59Awakening 10.2Graph
60The Aenar 10.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : So now Enterprise is gone, how long would you wait before doing another Star Trek series?

# Answer Votes % Graph
11 year15220.3Graph
2Straight away14219Graph
32 years14219Graph
45 years10514Graph
53 years8110.8Graph
64 years425.6Graph
7More than 10 years354.7Graph
810 years233.1Graph
97 years152Graph
106 years81.1Graph
118 years20.3Graph
129 years10.1Graph

Question : If you owned Paramount, would you renew Enterprise for a fifth season?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Yes, but only if Manny Coto were put in sole charge of the show36760.2Graph
2Yes, if this years team was kept as is11418.7Graph
4Yes, but only if Manny Coto left and Berman and Braga took sole control203.3Graph

Question : Poll of polls - what is your all time favourite time travel story?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Star Trek : First Contact25344.7Graph
2Trials and Tribble-ations13924.6Graph
3Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home7813.8Graph
4Year of Hell7212.7Graph

Question : What is your favourite Original Series story involving time travel?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home25950.2Graph
2The City on the Edge of Forever18936.6Graph
3Assignment Earth336.4Graph
4Tomorrow is Yesterday244.7Graph
5All Our Yesterdays112.1Graph

Question : What's your favourite TNG episode involving time travel?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Star Trek : First Contact22141.5Graph
2Yesterday's Enterprise12022.5Graph
3All Good Things10619.9Graph
4Cause and Effect376.9Graph
5Star Trek : Generations224.1Graph
6Time's Arrow193.6Graph
7Captain's Holiday30.6Graph
8We'll Always have Paris30.6Graph
9A Matter of Time10.2Graph
10Time Squared10.2Graph

Question : What's your favourite Deep Space Nine story involving time travel?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Trials and Tribble-ations29061.1Graph
2The Visitor6012.6Graph
3Little Green Men5912.4Graph
4Past Tense224.6Graph
5The Sound of Her Voice194Graph
6Children of Time91.9Graph
8Time's Orphan51.1Graph
9Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night51.1Graph

Question : What's your favourite Voyager story involving time travel?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Year of Hell22350.1Graph
4Future's End337.4Graph
7Eye of the Needle71.6Graph
8Time and Again71.6Graph

Question : What's your favourite Enterprise story involving time travel?

# Answer Votes % Graph
2Azati Prime5517.2Graph
4Storm Front4915.4Graph
5Future Tense3210Graph
7Carpenter Street92.8Graph

Question : Which crew whould you like to see in the next Star Trek Film?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1The Deep Space Nine Crew29645.5Graph
2The Next Generation Crew16425.2Graph
3The Voyager Crew9815.1Graph
4The Enterprise Crew8112.4Graph
5The Original Series Crew121.8Graph

Question : What's your favourite Star Trek series theme tune?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1The Next Generation19635.1Graph
2Deep Space Nine (Either version)16830.1Graph
3Enterprise (Either version)8515.2Graph
5The Original Series274.8Graph
6The Animated Series20.4Graph

Question : Which of the following would you choose for a crossover movie with Star Trek?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Star Wars22333.5Graph
3Babylon 59514.3Graph
4Alien Movies497.4Graph
5Galaxy Quest355.3Graph
7Predator Movies274.1Graph
8Red Dwarf203Graph
9The Matrix Movies203Graph
11Doctor Who172.6Graph
12The Terminator Movies152.3Graph
13Space : Above and Beyond81.2Graph
14The Fifth Element60.9Graph
16Blake's 710.2Graph
17Space 199910.2Graph

Question : Now that Enterprise is gone, if another series is made when should it be set?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Shortly after Deep Space Nine - a few years to a decade or so32044Graph
2Several decades after Deep Space Nine15321Graph
3Between the Original Series era and Next Generation era7610.4Graph
4The far future - centuries after Deep Space Nine679.2Graph
5Between the Enterprise era and Original Series era395.4Graph
6During the Original Series Movies era324.4Graph
7During the Next Generation/Deep Space Nine/Voyager era324.4Graph
8During the Original Series era50.7Graph
9Prior to Enterprise40.5Graph

Question : Of these poll winners who is your overall favourite?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Data (TNG)27735.7Graph
2Elim Garak (DS9)18824.2Graph
3Spock (TOS)14018Graph
4Emergency Medical Hologram (VOY)11414.7Graph
5Charles Tucker (ENT)577.3Graph

Question : Which is your favourite Original Series character?

# Answer Votes % Graph
2Montgomery Scott14122.6Graph
3James T. Kirk12520Graph
4Leonard H. McCoy10516.8Graph
5Hikaru Sulu335.3Graph
6Pavel A. Chekov274.3Graph
8Janice Rand30.5Graph
9Christine Chapel10.2Graph

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