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Question : One could argue that the Vaalians in "The Apple" had a perfect society. Was Kirk right to destroy Vaal over the objections of the natives?

# Answer Votes % Graph

Question : Was Archer right to refuse medical assistance to the Valakians so the Menk could continue to out-evolve them in "Dear Doctor"?

# Answer Votes % Graph

Question : Was Captain Janeway right to kill Tuvix?

# Answer Votes % Graph

Question : Was Sisko right to warn the Cardassians about the coming Klingon attack in "Way of the Warrior"?

# Answer Votes % Graph

Question : In the TNG episode "Pen Pals", was Picard right to save Sarjenka's planet or should he have obeyed the Prime Directive and left it to be destroyed?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Save it36178.5Graph
2Leave it9921.5Graph

Question : In "A Private Little War", was Kirk right to arm the Hill People?

# Answer Votes % Graph

Question : If you could set policy for the Federation, would you keep the Prime Directive or abolish it and try to help out the less advanced species - even knowing that that doesn't often work out?

# Answer Votes % Graph

Question : So you most want the Holodeck and you think we'll get advanced weapons next... what Trek Tech do think we will never see?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Time travel29248.7Graph
3Weather control6010Graph
4Warp drive/FTL travel in general477.8Graph
5Cloaking devices254.2Graph
7Matter/Antimatter power132.2Graph
8Artificial gravity/anti gravity101.7Graph
9Artificial life forms (Androids/Cyborgs/Supercomputers)101.7Graph
10Dermal regenerator101.7Graph
11Advanced weapons (phasers, etc)81.3Graph
12Tractor beams71.2Graph
13Shields/force fields61Graph

Question : So you most want the Holodeck... what Trek Tech do think we're actually most likely to see in our lifetimes?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Advanced weapons (phasers, etc)13121.9Graph
3Artificial life forms (Androids/Cyborgs/Supercomputers)10417.4Graph
4Matter/Antimatter power559.2Graph
5Weather control345.7Graph
6Artificial gravity/anti gravity315.2Graph
7Warp drive/FTL travel in general284.7Graph
8Dermal regenerator223.7Graph
9Shields/force fields183Graph
12Cloaking devices111.8Graph
14Time travel40.7Graph
15Tractor beams20.3Graph

Question : Of these cool Star Trek technologies, which one would you most like to be invented in the present day?

# Answer Votes % Graph
3Warp drive/FTL travel in general12318Graph
5Matter/Antimatter power365.3Graph
6Advanced weapons (phasers, etc)253.7Graph
7Time travel192.8Graph
8Dermal regenerator182.6Graph
9Cloaking devices152.2Graph
11Weather control131.9Graph
12Shields/force fields111.6Graph
13Artificial gravity/anti gravity101.5Graph
14Artificial life forms (Androids/Cyborgs/Supercomputers)50.7Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is the best Voyager two parter? (We're not including those originally broadcast as a single episode)

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Year of Hell 1/220945.5Graph
2Scorpion 1/29821.4Graph
3Equinox 1/24910.7Graph
4Unimatrix Zero 1/2357.6Graph
5Future's End 1/2306.5Graph
6The Killing Game 1/2204.4Graph
7Basics 1/2102.2Graph
8Workforce 1/281.7Graph

Question : What is the best Deep Space Nine two parter? (We're not including those originally broadcast as a single episode)

# Answer Votes % Graph
1The Search 1/221353.7Graph
2Past Tense 1/211829.7Graph
3The Maquis 1/26616.6Graph

Question : What's the best TNG two parter? (We're not including those originally broadcast as a single episode)

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Best of Both Worlds 1/235071.9Graph
2Chain of Command 1/2387.8Graph
3Unification 1/2347Graph
4Time's Arrow 1/2285.7Graph
5Redemption 1/2204.1Graph
6Gambit 1/2112.3Graph
7Descent 1/261.2Graph

Question : What was the best Enterprise story arc?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1The Mirror universe arc20542.6Graph
2The Xindi arc8317.3Graph
3The Vulcan civil war arc7114.8Graph
4The Augments arc347.1Graph
5The Terra Prime arc265.4Graph
6The temporal cold war214.4Graph
7The Klingon forehead arc214.4Graph
8The Romulan drone ships arc204.2Graph

Question : Which series had the best final episode?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1The Next Generation - All Good Things31444.9Graph
2Deep Space Nine - What You Leave Behind22832.6Graph
3Voyager - Endgame13319Graph
4Enterprise - These Are The Voyages...233.3Graph
5The Original Series - Turnabout Intruder10.1Graph

Question : Which Trek series had the best first episode?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Deep Space Nine - Emissary17735.3Graph
2Voyager - Caretaker11422.7Graph
3Enterprise - Broken Bow10320.5Graph
4The Next Generation - Encounter at Farpoint6613.1Graph
5The Original Series - The Cage428.4Graph

Question : What is your all time least favourite episode?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1These Are The Voyages...19139.5Graph
2Shades of Gray9118.8Graph
4Spock's Brain7014.5Graph
5The Storyteller5311Graph

Question : Who is your favourite chief engineer?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Montgomery Scott - USS Enterprise, USS Enterprise-A18043.5Graph
2O'Brien - Deep Space Nine10224.6Graph
3Geordi LaForge - USS Enterprise-D4811.6Graph
4B'Elanna Torres - USS Voyager4611.1Graph
5Charles Tucker - NX-01, NX-02368.7Graph
6Argyle - USS Enterprise-D20.5Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is your all time least favourite Enterprise episode?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1These Are The Voyages... 12034.9Graph
2A Night In Sickbay 4713.7Graph
3Terra Nova 3911.3Graph
4Vanishing Point 113.2Graph
5Regeneration 92.6Graph
6Broken Bow 61.7Graph
7Hatchery 51.5Graph
8Zero Hour51.5Graph
9Bounty 41.2Graph
10Carbon Creek 41.2Graph
11Daedalus 41.2Graph
12In A Mirror, Darkly, Part 2 41.2Graph
13Rajiin 41.2Graph
14Rogue Planet 41.2Graph
15The Seventh 41.2Graph
16Unexpected 41.2Graph
17Vox Sola 41.2Graph
18Acquisition 30.9Graph
19Canamar 30.9Graph
20Carpenter Street 30.9Graph
21Marauders 30.9Graph
22Shuttlepod One 30.9Graph
23The Augments 30.9Graph
24The Xindi 30.9Graph
25Two Days and Two Nights 30.9Graph
26Azati Prime 20.6Graph
27Cogenitor 20.6Graph
28Dear Doctor 20.6Graph
29Doctor's Orders 20.6Graph
30E2 20.6Graph
31Extinction 20.6Graph
32Fusion 20.6Graph
33In A Mirror, Darkly 20.6Graph
34Precious Cargo 20.6Graph
35Storm Front, Part 1 20.6Graph
36Strange New World 20.6Graph
37Terra Prime 20.6Graph
38The Catwalk 20.6Graph
39Twilight 20.6Graph
40Babel One 10.3Graph
41Bound 10.3Graph
42Chosen Realm 10.3Graph
43Dawn 10.3Graph
44Desert Crossing 10.3Graph
45Fight or Flight 10.3Graph
46First Flight 10.3Graph
47Harbinger 10.3Graph
48Kir'Shara 10.3Graph
49North Star 10.3Graph
50Similitude 10.3Graph
51The Communicator 10.3Graph
52The Expanse 10.3Graph
53The Forgotten 10.3Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is your all time least favourite Voyager episode?"

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Threshold 10426.9Graph
3Heroes and Demons 246.2Graph
4The Fight 194.9Graph
5Bride of Chaotica! 92.3Graph
6Sacred Ground 92.3Graph
7Alice 82.1Graph
8Elogium 71.8Graph
9Tuvix 71.8Graph
10Endgame 61.6Graph
11Favorite Son 61.6Graph
12Fair Haven 51.3Graph
13Spirit Folk 51.3Graph
14Tattoo 51.3Graph
15Year of Hell, Part 251.3Graph
16Barge of the Dead 41Graph
17Caretaker 41Graph
18Emanations 41Graph
19Message in a Bottle 41Graph
20The 37's 41Graph
21Year of Hell, Part 1 41Graph
22Dragon's Teeth 30.8Graph
23Live Fast and Prosper 30.8Graph
24Macrocosm 30.8Graph
25Nemesis 30.8Graph
26The Haunting of Deck Twelve 30.8Graph
27Time and Again 30.8Graph
28Child's Play 20.5Graph
29Coda 20.5Graph
30Demon 20.5Graph
31Fury 20.5Graph
32Infinite Regress 20.5Graph
33Q2 20.5Graph
34The Thaw 20.5Graph
35Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy 20.5Graph
36Twisted 20.5Graph
37Warhead 20.5Graph
38Workforce, Part 1 20.5Graph
39Author, Author 10.3Graph
40Blood Fever 10.3Graph
41Body and Soul 10.3Graph
42Cathexis 10.3Graph
43Course: Oblivion 10.3Graph
44Dark Frontier, Part 1 10.3Graph
45Dark Frontier, Part 2 10.3Graph
46Day of Honor 10.3Graph
47Death Wish 10.3Graph
48Distant Origin 10.3Graph
49Equinox, Part 2 10.3Graph
50False Profits 10.3Graph
51Friendship One 10.3Graph
52Future's End, Part 2 10.3Graph
53Gravity 10.3Graph
54Hunters 10.3Graph
55Initiations 10.3Graph
56Jetrel 10.3Graph
57Juggernaut 10.3Graph
58Latent Image 10.3Graph
59Living Witness 10.3Graph
60Mortal Coil 10.3Graph
61Natural Law 10.3Graph
62Once Upon a Time 10.3Graph
63One 10.3Graph
64One Small Step 10.3Graph
65Parallax 10.3Graph
66Phage 10.3Graph
67Prey 10.3Graph
68Prime Factors 10.3Graph
69Prophecy 10.3Graph
70Relativity 10.3Graph
71Remember 10.3Graph
72Renaissance Man 10.3Graph
73Resistance 10.3Graph
74Rise 10.3Graph
75Scorpion, Part 1 10.3Graph
76Shattered 10.3Graph
77Someone to Watch Over Me 10.3Graph
78Survival Instinct 10.3Graph
79The Disease 10.3Graph
80The Killing Game, Part 2 10.3Graph
81The Omega Directive 10.3Graph
82The Q and the Grey 10.3Graph
83The Swarm 10.3Graph
84The Voyager Conspiracy 10.3Graph
85Tsunkatse 10.3Graph
86Virtuoso 10.3Graph
87Vis-a-Vis 10.3Graph
88Warlord 10.3Graph
89Worst Case Scenario 10.3Graph
All other entries received zero votes

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