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Question : Taken as a whole, what is the best season of TNG?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Season 66023.9Graph
2Season 45120.3Graph
3Season 75120.3Graph
4Season 54819.1Graph
5Season 3239.2Graph
6Season 1104Graph
7Season 283.2Graph

Question : Taken as a whole, what is the best season of TOS?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Season 29052.6Graph
2Season 15733.3Graph
3Season 32414Graph

Question : We've polled the worst writer from each trek series... so who is the worst writer in the history of Star Trek?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Brannon Braga for Voyager and Enterprise17480.9Graph
2Rick Berman for DS9177.9Graph
3Maurice Hurley for TNG146.5Graph
4Arthur Heinemann for TOS104.7Graph

Question : Of the writers who worked on Enterprise, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Brannon Braga5858Graph
2Rick Berman3232Graph
3David Wilcox22Graph
4Garfield Reeves-Stevens22Graph
5Andre Bormanis11Graph
6Fred Dekker11Graph
7James Duff11Graph
8Manny Coto11Graph
9Maria Jacquemetton11Graph
10Tim Finch11Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on Voyager, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Brannon Braga5447.4Graph
2Richard Gadas2219.3Graph
3Rick Berman2118.4Graph
4Michael De Luca54.4Graph
5Andre Bormanis21.8Graph
6Lisa Klink21.8Graph
7Clayvon C. Harris10.9Graph
8Geo Cameron10.9Graph
9Joe Menosky10.9Graph
10Kevin J. Ryan10.9Graph
11Larry Brody10.9Graph
12Michael Sussman10.9Graph
13Naren Shankar10.9Graph
14Tom Szollosi10.9Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on DS9, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Rick Berman1021.7Graph
2Kurt Michael Bensmiller510.9Graph
3Ira Steven Behr48.7Graph
4Majel Barrett Roddenberry48.7Graph
5Hilary J. Bader24.3Graph
6Robert Hewitt Wolfe24.3Graph
7William L. Crawford24.3Graph
8Barbara J. Lee12.2Graph
9D. Thomas Maio12.2Graph
10Edmund Newton12.2Graph
11Evan Carlos Somers12.2Graph
12Gabe Essoe12.2Graph
13Hannah Louise Shearer12.2Graph
14Hans Beimler12.2Graph
15Joe Menosky12.2Graph
16Marc Scott Zicree12.2Graph
17Michael Piller12.2Graph
18Neil McCue Crawford12.2Graph
19Pam Pietroforte12.2Graph
20Pam Wigginton12.2Graph
21Ronald D. Moore12.2Graph
22Sally Caves12.2Graph
23Spike Steingasser12.2Graph
24Steve Warnek12.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on TNG, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Maurice Hurley2530.9Graph
2Brannon Braga2429.6Graph
3Rick Berman44.9Graph
4Naren Shankar33.7Graph
5Worley Thorne33.7Graph
6Hannah Louise Shearer22.5Graph
7Ira Steven Behr22.5Graph
8Keith Mills22.5Graph
9Adam Belanoff11.2Graph
10Beth Woods11.2Graph
11Casey Arnold-Ince11.2Graph
12Christopher Hatton11.2Graph
13D.C. Fontana11.2Graph
14Frank Abatemarco11.2Graph
15Gary Perconte11.2Graph
16Gene Roddenberry11.2Graph
17Jeanna F. Gallo11.2Graph
18Jeri Taylor11.2Graph
19Joe Menosky11.2Graph
20Joseph Stefano11.2Graph
21Michael Piller11.2Graph
22Nick Sagan11.2Graph
23Sandy Fries11.2Graph
24Ward Botsford11.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on TOS, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Arthur Heinemann1831Graph
2Gene Roddenberry1627.6Graph
3Harland Ellison35.2Graph
4Steven W. Carabatsos35.2Graph
5Lee Cronin23.4Graph
6Robert Bloch23.4Graph
7Art Wallace11.7Graph
8Don Ingalls11.7Graph
9Edward J. Lakso11.7Graph
10Gean Lisette Aroeste11.7Graph
11George F. Slavin11.7Graph
12Jerry Sohl11.7Graph
13John Kingsbridge11.7Graph
14John Meredyth Lucas11.7Graph
15Jud Crucis11.7Graph
16Michael Richards11.7Graph
17Paul Schneider11.7Graph
18Rik Vollaerts11.7Graph
19S. Bar-David11.7Graph
20Theodore Sturgeon11.7Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : We've polled the best writer from each trek series... so who is the best writer in the history of Star Trek?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Ronald D. Moore5531.1Graph
2Ira Steven Behr5028.2Graph
3D.C. Fontana3419.2Graph
4Manny Coto2111.9Graph
5Michael Piller179.6Graph

Question : Of the writers who worked on ENT, who was the best?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Manny Coto8758.4Graph
2Michael Sussman2013.4Graph
3Garfield Reeves-Stevens128.1Graph
4Mike Sussman74.7Graph
5Judith Reeves-Stevens74.7Graph
6Rick Berman53.4Graph
7Brannon Braga42.7Graph
8Tim Finch10.7Graph
9Taylor Elmore10.7Graph
10Stephen Beck10.7Graph
11Paul Brown10.7Graph
12Andre Jacquemetton10.7Graph
13Andre Bormanis10.7Graph
14Alan Cross10.7Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on VOY, who was the best?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Michael Piller1216Graph
2Jeri Taylor1114.7Graph
3Robert Picardo912Graph
4Ronald D. Moore912Graph
5Brannon Braga68Graph
6Joe Menosky56.7Graph
7Andre Bormanis45.3Graph
8David Zabel34Graph
9Michael Jan Friedman34Graph
10Kenneth Biller22.7Graph
11Michael Taylor22.7Graph
12Rick Berman22.7Graph
13Tom Szollosi22.7Graph
14Bryan Fuller11.3Graph
15Mark Gaberman11.3Graph
16Michael Perricone11.3Graph
17Michael Sussman11.3Graph
18Robert Doherty11.3Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on DS9, who was the best?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Ira Steven Behr6752.3Graph
2Ronald D. Moore2418.8Graph
3Robert Hewitt Wolfe75.5Graph
4Michael Taylor64.7Graph
5Michael Piller53.9Graph
6Peter Allan Fields32.3Graph
7Rick Berman32.3Graph
8David Livingston21.6Graph
9John J. Ordover21.6Graph
10Marc Scott Zicree21.6Graph
11Flip Kobler10.8Graph
12Hans Beimler10.8Graph
13Kathryn Powers10.8Graph
14Lynn Barker10.8Graph
15Rene Echevarria10.8Graph
16Robert Lederman10.8Graph
17William L. Crawford10.8Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on TNG, who was the best?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Ronald D. Moore5441.5Graph
2Michael Piller1410.8Graph
3Gene Roddenberry1310Graph
4Ira Steven Behr118.5Graph
5Brannon Braga96.9Graph
6D.C. Fontana53.8Graph
7Robert Hewitt Wolfe43.1Graph
8Jeri Taylor32.3Graph
9Melinda M. Snodgrass21.5Graph
10Deborah McIntyre10.8Graph
11Diane Duane10.8Graph
12Eric A. Stillwell10.8Graph
13Frank Abatemarco10.8Graph
14Jean Louise Matthias10.8Graph
15Marc Scott Zicree10.8Graph
16Morgan Gendel10.8Graph
17Paul Schiffer10.8Graph
18Rene Echevarria10.8Graph
19Rick Berman10.8Graph
20Ron Roman10.8Graph
21Sara Charno10.8Graph
22Sheri Goodhartz10.8Graph
23Susan Sackett10.8Graph
24Tracy Torme10.8Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on TOS, who was the best?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1D.C. Fontana4840.7Graph
2Gene Roddenberry4235.6Graph
3Harland Ellison75.9Graph
4Gene L. Coon43.4Graph
5David Gerrold21.7Graph
6Jerome Bixby21.7Graph
7Paul Schneider21.7Graph
8Theodore Sturgeon21.7Graph
9Don Ingalls10.8Graph
10Don M. Mankiewicz10.8Graph
11Edward J. Lakso10.8Graph
12Frederic Brown10.8Graph
13Lee Cronin10.8Graph
14Norman Spinrad10.8Graph
15Oliver Crawford10.8Graph
16Robert Bloch10.8Graph
17Samuel A. Peeples10.8Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : So, what is the most thought-provoking episode of our previous poll winners?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1In the Pale Moonlight11132.5Graph
2The Measure of a Man7822.8Graph
3The City on the Edge of Forever6117.8Graph

Question : What is the most thought-provoking episode of Enterprise?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Similitude 5628.9Graph
2Cogenitor 178.8Graph
3Damage 94.6Graph
4These Are The Voyages... 94.6Graph
5Carbon Creek 84.1Graph
6A Night In Sickbay 73.6Graph
7In A Mirror, Darkly 73.6Graph
8Chosen Realm 63.1Graph
9In A Mirror, Darkly, Part 2 63.1Graph
10Terra Prime 63.1Graph
11Daedalus 42.1Graph
12Dear Doctor 42.1Graph
13Stigma 42.1Graph
14Observer Effect 31.5Graph
15Azati Prime 21Graph
16Broken Bow 21Graph
17Cold Station 12 21Graph
18Demons 21Graph
19Divergence 21Graph
20E2 21Graph
21The Augments 21Graph
22The Communicator 21Graph
23The Forge 21Graph
24Vanishing Point 21Graph
25Zero Hour21Graph
26Affliction 10.5Graph
27Anomaly 10.5Graph
28Awakening 10.5Graph
29Borderland 10.5Graph
30Bounty 10.5Graph
31Cease Fire 10.5Graph
32Dead Stop 10.5Graph
33Desert Crossing 10.5Graph
34Doctor's Orders 10.5Graph
35Extinction 10.5Graph
36Fight or Flight 10.5Graph
37Harbinger 10.5Graph
38Home 10.5Graph
39Horizon 10.5Graph
40North Star 10.5Graph
41Precious Cargo 10.5Graph
42Regeneration 10.5Graph
43Shockwave, Part 1 10.5Graph
44Terra Nova 10.5Graph
45The Expanse 10.5Graph
46The Forgotten 10.5Graph
47The Shipment 10.5Graph
48The Xindi 10.5Graph
49Twilight 10.5Graph
50Unexpected 10.5Graph
51Vox Sola 10.5Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is the most thought-provoking episode of Voyager?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Tuvix 4924.1Graph
2Jetrel 188.9Graph
3Equinox, Part 2 157.4Graph
4Death Wish 94.4Graph
5Author, Author 83.9Graph
6Year of Hell, Part 283.9Graph
7Latent Image 73.4Graph
8Critical Care 52.5Graph
9Distant Origin 52.5Graph
10Equinox, Part 1 42Graph
11Living Witness 42Graph
12Memorial 42Graph
13The Omega Directive 42Graph
14Timeless 42Graph
15Course: Oblivion 31.5Graph
16Flashback 31.5Graph
17One 31.5Graph
18Threshold 31.5Graph
19Barge of the Dead 21Graph
20Blink of an Eye 21Graph
21Drone 21Graph
22Message in a Bottle 21Graph
23Nothing Human 21Graph
24The Killing Game, Part 1 21Graph
25The Voyager Conspiracy 21Graph
26Unimatrix Zero, Part 2 21Graph
27Year of Hell, Part 1 21Graph
29Alliances 10.5Graph
30Bride of Chaotica! 10.5Graph
31Counterpoint 10.5Graph
32Dark Frontier, Part 2 10.5Graph
33Dragon's Teeth 10.5Graph
34Fair Haven 10.5Graph
35Flesh and Blood 10.5Graph
36Friendship One 10.5Graph
37Future's End, Part 2 10.5Graph
38Gravity 10.5Graph
39Lineage 10.5Graph
40Nemesis 10.5Graph
41One Small Step 10.5Graph
42Prey 10.5Graph
43Q2 10.5Graph
44Repentance 10.5Graph
45Scientific Method 10.5Graph
46Scorpion, Part 1 10.5Graph
47Scorpion, Part 2 10.5Graph
48The 37's 10.5Graph
49The Raven 10.5Graph
50Think Tank 10.5Graph
51Thirty Days 10.5Graph
52Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy 10.5Graph
53Unimatrix Zero, Part 1 10.5Graph
54Virtuoso 10.5Graph
55Warhead 10.5Graph
56Workforce, Part 1 10.5Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is the most thought-provoking episode of Deep Space Nine?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1In the Pale Moonlight 5522.8Graph
2The Siege of AR-558 3715.4Graph
3Far Beyond the Stars 2510.4Graph
4For the Uniform 135.4Graph
5Duet 83.3Graph
6Children of Time 83.3Graph
7Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges 72.9Graph
8Paradise Lost 62.5Graph
9The Visitor 62.5Graph
10Sacrifice of Angels 41.7Graph
11Emissary 31.2Graph
12Doctor Bashir, I Presume? 31.2Graph
13...Nor the Battle to the Strong 31.2Graph
14What You Leave Behind 31.2Graph
15Rules of Engagement 20.8Graph
16Past Tense, Part 1 20.8Graph
17If Wishes Were Horses 20.8Graph
18Honor Among Thieves 20.8Graph
19Hippocratic Oath 20.8Graph
20Destiny 20.8Graph
21Defiant 20.8Graph
22Dax 20.8Graph
23The Sound of Her Voice 20.8Graph
24The Way of the Warrior 20.8Graph
25Treachery, Faith, and the Great River 20.8Graph
26Valiant 20.8Graph
27Wrongs Darker than Death or Night 20.8Graph
28Tears of the Prophets 10.4Graph
29Take Me Out to the Holosuite 10.4Graph
30Soldiers of the Empire 10.4Graph
31Rapture 10.4Graph
32Prophet Motive 10.4Graph
33Once More Unto the Breach 10.4Graph
34Necessary Evil 10.4Graph
35Little Green Men 10.4Graph
36Let He Who Is Without Sin... 10.4Graph
37It's Only a Paper Moon 10.4Graph
38Inquisition 10.4Graph
39In the Hands of the Prophets 10.4Graph
40In the Cards 10.4Graph
41Hard Time 10.4Graph
42For the Cause 10.4Graph
43Field of Fire 10.4Graph
44Empok Nor 10.4Graph
45Crossfire 10.4Graph
46Chrysalis 10.4Graph
47Change of Heart 10.4Graph
48Captive Pursuit 10.4Graph
49Behind the Lines 10.4Graph
50Babel 10.4Graph
51The Changing Face of Evil 10.4Graph
52The Darkness and the Light 10.4Graph
53The Emperor's New Cloak 10.4Graph
54The Maquis, Part 1 10.4Graph
55The Quickening 10.4Graph
56The Sons of Mogh 10.4Graph
57The Wire 10.4Graph
58Things Past 10.4Graph
59Through the Looking Glass 10.4Graph
60Who Mourns for Morn? 10.4Graph
61You are Cordially Invited...10.4Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is the most thought-provoking episode of The Next Generation?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1The Measure of a Man 5922.6Graph
2All Good Things2810.7Graph
3The Inner Light 176.5Graph
4Darmok 166.1Graph
5Tapestry 155.7Graph
6I, Borg 114.2Graph
7The Drumhead 103.8Graph
8The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2 51.9Graph
9The Wounded 51.9Graph
10Lower Decks 51.9Graph
11Preemptive Strike 51.9Graph
12Encounter at Farpoint 41.5Graph
13Who Watches The Watchers? 41.5Graph
14The Offspring 41.5Graph
15Justice 31.1Graph
16Yesterday's Enterprise 31.1Graph
17Family 31.1Graph
18The Outcast 31.1Graph
19The Pegasus 31.1Graph
20Where No One Has Gone Before 20.8Graph
21Skin of Evil 20.8Graph
22The Hunted 20.8Graph
23The High Ground 20.8Graph
24Brothers 20.8Graph
25The N'th Degree 20.8Graph
26Half a Life 20.8Graph
27Chain of Command, Part 2 20.8Graph
28Lessons 20.8Graph
29Frame of Mind 20.8Graph
30Parallels 20.8Graph
31The Naked Now 10.4Graph
32Code of Honor 10.4Graph
34Home Soil 10.4Graph
35Symbiosis 10.4Graph
36The Neutral Zone 10.4Graph
37The Outrageous Okona 10.4Graph
38Loud as a Whisper 10.4Graph
39The Royale 10.4Graph
40Time Squared 10.4Graph
41Q Who? 10.4Graph
42Shades of Gray 10.4Graph
43The Ensigns of Command 10.4Graph
44The Survivors 10.4Graph
45The Enemy 10.4Graph
46A Matter of Perspective 10.4Graph
47Captain's Holiday 10.4Graph
48Tin Man 10.4Graph
49The Most Toys 10.4Graph
50The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1 10.4Graph
51Reunion 10.4Graph
52Data's Day 10.4Graph
53First Contact 10.4Graph
54The Host 10.4Graph
55Redemption, Part 2 10.4Graph
56Silicon Avatar 10.4Graph
57Unification, Part 2 10.4Graph
58Conundrum 10.4Graph
59Ethics 10.4Graph
60Schisms 10.4Graph
61Ship in a Bottle 10.4Graph
62The Chase 10.4Graph
63Descent, Part 2 10.4Graph
64Sub Rosa 10.4Graph
65Genesis 10.4Graph
66Journey's End 10.4Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is the most thought-provoking episode of The Original Series?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1The City on the Edge of Forever6430.2Graph
2Let that be Your Last Battlefield3315.6Graph
3Balance of Terror178Graph
4Mirror, Mirror104.7Graph
5A Private Little War83.8Graph
6A Taste of Armageddon52.4Graph
7For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky52.4Graph
8Spock's Brain52.4Graph
9The Doomsday Machine52.4Graph
10Patterns of Force41.9Graph
11The Ultimate Computer41.9Graph
12Where No Man Has Gone Before41.9Graph
14The Devil in the Dark31.4Graph
15The Trouble With Tribbles31.4Graph
16What Are Little Girls Made Of?31.4Graph
17A Piece of the Action 20.9Graph
18Day of the Dove20.9Graph
19Errand of Mercy20.9Graph
20Mudd's Women20.9Graph
21Plato's Stepchildren20.9Graph
22Space Seed20.9Graph
23The Cage20.9Graph
24The Conscience of the King20.9Graph
25The Enterprise Incident20.9Graph
26The Tholian Web20.9Graph
27Assignment: Earth10.5Graph
28Dagger of the Mind10.5Graph
31Requiem for Methuselah10.5Graph
32Return to Tomorrow10.5Graph
33The Alternative Factor10.5Graph
34The Apple10.5Graph
35The Corbomite Maneuver10.5Graph
36The Menagerie, Part 210.5Graph
37The Naked Time10.5Graph
38The Omega Glory10.5Graph
39The Way to Eden10.5Graph
40Turnabout Intruder10.5Graph
41Who Mourns for Adonais?10.5Graph
42Whom Gods Destroy10.5Graph
All other entries received zero votes

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