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Question : So this time... who would make a good actor to play Dr. McCoy?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Hugh Laurie12038Graph
2Tommy Lee Jones10332.6Graph
3Christopher Walken7022.2Graph
4John Hannah237.3Graph

Question : So which of these could do the best job of playing Spock?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Hugo Weaving6925.7Graph
2Christian Bale6524.2Graph
3Alan Rickman2910.8Graph
4Brent Spiner217.8Graph
5Adam Brody207.4Graph
6Ben Affleck145.2Graph
7Pierce Brosnan134.8Graph
8Sean Connery124.5Graph
9Wentworth Miller62.2Graph
10Michael Caine62.2Graph
11Ian Holm51.9Graph
12Jeffrey Quinn51.9Graph
13Derek Jacobi20.7Graph
14Victor Webster10.4Graph
15Anthony Hopkins10.4Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : So you didn't like Matt Damon as Kirk... which one of these?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Hugh Jackman8533.9Graph
2Jamie Bamber5722.7Graph
3Sean Astin2811.2Graph
4Ryan Phillipe218.4Graph
5Hugo Weaving187.2Graph
6Orlando Bloom145.6Graph
7Tom Welling104Graph
8Shane West104Graph
9Sean Maher72.8Graph
10Glenn Howerton10.4Graph

Question : Matt Damon has been suggested as the new Kirk, do you think he would be a good choice?

# Answer Votes % Graph

Question : In the spirit of the season... which major Trek character would make the best santa?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Montgomery Scott12033.5Graph
2Worf Rozhenko328.9Graph
3William T. Riker277.5Graph
4Miles Edward O'Brien257Graph
6Emergency Medical Hologram205.6Graph
7Jean-Luc Picard205.6Graph
10James T. Kirk92.5Graph
12Benjamin Lafayette Sisko72Graph
13Seven of Nine72Graph
14Tomas Eugene Paris61.7Graph
16B'Elanna Torres20.6Graph
17Charles Tucker III20.6Graph
18Hoshi Sato20.6Graph
19Leonard H. McCoy20.6Graph
22Hikaru Sulu10.3Graph
23Jake Sisko10.3Graph
24Julian Bashir10.3Graph
26Pavel A. Chekov10.3Graph
28Wesley Crusher10.3Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Which major character had the best death/funeral scene?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Spock (In ST II)26856.4Graph
2Data (In Nemesis)9820.6Graph
3Jadzia (Tears Of The Prophets)5010.5Graph
4Kirk (In Generations)336.9Graph
5Yar (In Skin Of Evil)194Graph
6Trip (These Are The Voyages)71.5Graph

Question : Which Captain most deserved promotion to Admiral?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Captain Picard28756.7Graph
2Captain Sisko11422.5Graph
3Captain Janeway448.7Graph
4Captain Kirk438.5Graph
5Captain Archer183.6Graph

Question : Which First Officer most deserved to get their own command?

# Answer Votes % Graph

Question : We've polled the best season from each Star Trek series, so now... which is the best season of Star Trek ever produced?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Season 6 of DS915954.6Graph
2Season 6 of TNG9332Graph
3Season 4 of Enterprise144.8Graph
4Season5 of Voyager134.5Graph
5Season 2 of TOS124.1Graph

Question : Taken as a whole, what is the best season of Enterprise?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Season 414268.9Graph
2Season 34722.8Graph
3Season 1104.9Graph
4Season 273.4Graph

Question : Taken as a whole, what is the best season of Voyager?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Season 55627.5Graph
2Season 75225.5Graph
3Season 44622.5Graph
4Season 3199.3Graph
5Season 6178.3Graph
6Season 1125.9Graph
7Season 221Graph

Question : Taken as a whole, what is the best season of DS9?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Season 67134.1Graph
2Season 75526.4Graph
3Season 55325.5Graph
4Season 4157.2Graph
5Season 373.4Graph
6Season 152.4Graph
7Season 221Graph

Question : Taken as a whole, what is the best season of TNG?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Season 66023.9Graph
2Season 45120.3Graph
3Season 75120.3Graph
4Season 54819.1Graph
5Season 3239.2Graph
6Season 1104Graph
7Season 283.2Graph

Question : Taken as a whole, what is the best season of TOS?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Season 29052.6Graph
2Season 15733.3Graph
3Season 32414Graph

Question : We've polled the worst writer from each trek series... so who is the worst writer in the history of Star Trek?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Brannon Braga for Voyager and Enterprise17480.9Graph
2Rick Berman for DS9177.9Graph
3Maurice Hurley for TNG146.5Graph
4Arthur Heinemann for TOS104.7Graph

Question : Of the writers who worked on Enterprise, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Brannon Braga5858Graph
2Rick Berman3232Graph
3David Wilcox22Graph
4Garfield Reeves-Stevens22Graph
5Andre Bormanis11Graph
6Fred Dekker11Graph
7James Duff11Graph
8Manny Coto11Graph
9Maria Jacquemetton11Graph
10Tim Finch11Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on Voyager, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Brannon Braga5447.4Graph
2Richard Gadas2219.3Graph
3Rick Berman2118.4Graph
4Michael De Luca54.4Graph
5Andre Bormanis21.8Graph
6Lisa Klink21.8Graph
7Clayvon C. Harris10.9Graph
8Geo Cameron10.9Graph
9Joe Menosky10.9Graph
10Kevin J. Ryan10.9Graph
11Larry Brody10.9Graph
12Michael Sussman10.9Graph
13Naren Shankar10.9Graph
14Tom Szollosi10.9Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on DS9, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Rick Berman1021.7Graph
2Kurt Michael Bensmiller510.9Graph
3Ira Steven Behr48.7Graph
4Majel Barrett Roddenberry48.7Graph
5Hilary J. Bader24.3Graph
6Robert Hewitt Wolfe24.3Graph
7William L. Crawford24.3Graph
8Barbara J. Lee12.2Graph
9D. Thomas Maio12.2Graph
10Edmund Newton12.2Graph
11Evan Carlos Somers12.2Graph
12Gabe Essoe12.2Graph
13Hannah Louise Shearer12.2Graph
14Hans Beimler12.2Graph
15Joe Menosky12.2Graph
16Marc Scott Zicree12.2Graph
17Michael Piller12.2Graph
18Neil McCue Crawford12.2Graph
19Pam Pietroforte12.2Graph
20Pam Wigginton12.2Graph
21Ronald D. Moore12.2Graph
22Sally Caves12.2Graph
23Spike Steingasser12.2Graph
24Steve Warnek12.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on TNG, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Maurice Hurley2530.9Graph
2Brannon Braga2429.6Graph
3Rick Berman44.9Graph
4Naren Shankar33.7Graph
5Worley Thorne33.7Graph
6Hannah Louise Shearer22.5Graph
7Ira Steven Behr22.5Graph
8Keith Mills22.5Graph
9Adam Belanoff11.2Graph
10Beth Woods11.2Graph
11Casey Arnold-Ince11.2Graph
12Christopher Hatton11.2Graph
13D.C. Fontana11.2Graph
14Frank Abatemarco11.2Graph
15Gary Perconte11.2Graph
16Gene Roddenberry11.2Graph
17Jeanna F. Gallo11.2Graph
18Jeri Taylor11.2Graph
19Joe Menosky11.2Graph
20Joseph Stefano11.2Graph
21Michael Piller11.2Graph
22Nick Sagan11.2Graph
23Sandy Fries11.2Graph
24Ward Botsford11.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the writers who worked on TOS, who was the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Arthur Heinemann1831Graph
2Gene Roddenberry1627.6Graph
3Harland Ellison35.2Graph
4Steven W. Carabatsos35.2Graph
5Lee Cronin23.4Graph
6Robert Bloch23.4Graph
7Art Wallace11.7Graph
8Don Ingalls11.7Graph
9Edward J. Lakso11.7Graph
10Gean Lisette Aroeste11.7Graph
11George F. Slavin11.7Graph
12Jerry Sohl11.7Graph
13John Kingsbridge11.7Graph
14John Meredyth Lucas11.7Graph
15Jud Crucis11.7Graph
16Michael Richards11.7Graph
17Paul Schneider11.7Graph
18Rik Vollaerts11.7Graph
19S. Bar-David11.7Graph
20Theodore Sturgeon11.7Graph
All other entries received zero votes

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