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Question : Who was the worst actor of the main VOY cast?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Jennifer Lien11232.6Graph
2Garrett Wang6619.2Graph
3Ethan Phillips4111.9Graph
4Robert Beltran4011.6Graph
5Kate Mulgrew257.3Graph
6Jeri Lynn Ryan226.4Graph
7Robert Duncan McNeil174.9Graph
8Tim Russ123.5Graph
9Roxanne Dawson61.7Graph
10Robert Picardo30.9Graph

Question : Who was the worst actor of the main DS9 cast?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Cirroc Lofton11536.2Graph
2Nicole de Boer8526.7Graph
3Terry Farrell4112.9Graph
4Alexander Siddig216.6Graph
5Avery Brooks196Graph
6Nana Visitor154.7Graph
7Rene Auberjonois92.8Graph
8Armin Shimerman51.6Graph
9Colm Meaney51.6Graph
10Michael Dorn30.9Graph

Question : Who was the worst actor of the main TNG cast?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Wil Wheaton21956Graph
2Denise Crosby7920.2Graph
3Marina Sirtis4210.7Graph
4Gates McFadden215.4Graph
5Jonathan Frakes112.8Graph
6Brent Spiner92.3Graph
7LeVar Burton61.5Graph
8Michael Dorn30.8Graph
9Patrick Stewart10.3Graph

Question : Who was the worst actor of the main TOS cast?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Grace Lee Whitney17142.5Graph
2William Shatner12330.6Graph
3Walter Koenig5112.7Graph
4Nichelle Nichols266.5Graph
5George Takei133.2Graph
6James Doohan92.2Graph
7Leonard Nimoy51.2Graph
8DeForest Kelly41Graph

Question : So, who was the best actor of the best?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Patrick Stewart28061.1Graph
2Avery Brooks6714.6Graph
3Leonard Nimoy5912.9Graph
4Robert Picardo4710.3Graph
5Scott Bakula51.1Graph

Question : Who was the best actor of the main Enterprise cast?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Scott Bakula10929.4Graph
2Connor Trinneer9124.5Graph
3John Billingsley8422.6Graph
4Jolene Blalock4512.1Graph
5Dominic Keating225.9Graph
6Linda Park164.3Graph
7Anthony Montgomery41.1Graph

Question : Who was the best actor of the main Voyager cast?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Robert Picardo25159.5Graph
2Jeri Lynn Ryan4510.7Graph
3Kate Mulgrew419.7Graph
4Tim Russ358.3Graph
5Robert Duncan McNeil143.3Graph
6Robert Beltran133.1Graph
7Roxanne Dawson133.1Graph
8Ethan Phillips40.9Graph
9Jennifer Lien30.7Graph
10Garrett Wang30.7Graph

Question : Who was the best actor of the main DS9 cast?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Avery Brooks11427.9Graph
2Rene Auberjonois6415.7Graph
3Armin Shimerman5012.3Graph
4Colm Meaney5012.3Graph
5Michael Dorn409.8Graph
6Terry Farrell368.8Graph
7Nana Visitor276.6Graph
8Alexander Siddig215.1Graph
9Nicole de Boer41Graph
10Cirroc Lofton20.5Graph

Question : Who was the best actor of the main TNG cast?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Patrick Stewart27065.1Graph
2Brent Spiner7317.6Graph
3Jonathan Frakes297Graph
4Michael Dorn143.4Graph
5Wil Wheaton92.2Graph
6Marina Sirtis81.9Graph
7Gates McFadden61.4Graph
8LeVar Burton51.2Graph
9Denise Crosby10.2Graph

Question : Who was the best actor of the main TOS cast?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Leonard Nimoy15346.1Graph
2DeForest Kelly7622.9Graph
3James Doohan5416.3Graph
4William Shatner267.8Graph
5George Takei113.3Graph
6Walter Koenig61.8Graph
7Nichelle Nichols51.5Graph
8Grace Lee Whitney10.3Graph

Question : The Federation President claims his office is haunted! Who would you send to deal with it?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Sisko's Deep Space Nine crew12129.7Graph
2Picard's NCC-1701-D/E crew9523.3Graph
3Kirk's NCC-1701 crew9423.1Graph
4Janway's Voyager crew7317.9Graph
5Archer's NX-01 crew245.9Graph

Question : A new Federation colony of 5,000 people has vanished, without a single trace. Who would you send to investigate?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Picard's NCC-1701-D/E crew21651.1Graph
2Kirk's NCC-1701 crew11326.7Graph
3Janway's Voyager crew4410.4Graph
4Sisko's Deep Space Nine crew4310.2Graph
5Archer's NX-01 crew71.7Graph

Question : Someone is tampering with the time line. Which crew do you send to solve it?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Picard's NCC-1701-D/E crew16540.5Graph
2Janway's Voyager crew12631Graph
3Sisko's Deep Space Nine crew4511.1Graph
4Kirk's NCC-1701 crew4210.3Graph
5Archer's NX-01 crew297.1Graph

Question : A plague has descended on a heavily populated planet, and the people who have a cure won't talk to you. Who would you send to convince them?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Picard's NCC-1701-D/E crew21453.6Graph
2Janway's Voyager crew7619Graph
3Kirk's NCC-1701 crew5814.5Graph
4Sisko's Deep Space Nine crew369Graph
5Archer's NX-01 crew153.8Graph

Question : Your home planet is bombed by an unknown enemy. Which crew would figure it out the quickest?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Picard's NCC-1701-D/E crew31438.8Graph
2Kirk's NCC-1701 crew21326.3Graph
3Sisko's Deep Space Nine crew15318.9Graph
4Janway's Voyager crew10112.5Graph
5Archer's NX-01 crew293.6Graph

Question : Which crew would you most want to deal with first contact with a potentially hostile alien race?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Picard's NCC-1701-D/E crew28156.9Graph
2Kirk's NCC-1701 crew8918Graph
3Janway's Voyager crew6212.6Graph
4Sisko's Deep Space Nine crew499.9Graph
5Archer's NX-01 crew132.6Graph

Question : Who would you most like to come cook for you?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Sisko, "King of Cajun"18048Graph
2The NX-01 Chef, never seen but always a presence8522.7Graph
3Neelix, the most creative cook in history6517.3Graph
4Riker - at least Worf liked his eggs!256.7Graph
5Quark and his dubious replicators205.3Graph

Question : Who do you think will be the next power to join the Federaton?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1The Klingons13832Graph
2The Cardassians12829.7Graph
3The Ferengi6414.8Graph
4The Gorn368.4Graph
5The Romulans358.1Graph
6The Tholians245.6Graph
7The Breen30.7Graph
8The Dominion30.7Graph

Question : Appart from the Federation, which civilisation would you most like to live in?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Bajoran Civilisation17741.1Graph
2Romulan Empire10323.9Graph
3Kligon Empire7617.6Graph
4Ferengi Consortium378.6Graph
5Borg Collective184.2Graph
6The Dominion122.8Graph
7Cardassian Union81.9Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Our recent "Galaxy Wars" series got us thinking... is modern Trek too obsessed with violence and fighting?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1No, it is not29169.1Graph
2Yes, it is13030.9Graph

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