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Question : What is your favourite T'Pol moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Carbon Creek : Winding Archer and Trip up with her story9631.9Graph
2The Xindi : Staying on the NX-01 in defiance of the High Command8829.2Graph
3Harbinger : Vulcan neuropressure with Corporal Cole!5217.3Graph
4Bound : Casually mentioning that the planet they headed for is inhabited by 200 meter long, fire breathing, flying reptiles4414.6Graph
5Impulse : Going crazy!217Graph

Question : What is your favourite Chakotay moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Equinox : Saving the Equinox crewman from Janeway's torture7727.6Graph
2Scorpion 2 : Spacing the Borg5720.4Graph
3Learning Curve : Punching out the Maquis crewman who refused orders5620.1Graph
4Shattered : Working through the timesplit Voyager to save the day3512.5Graph
5Endgame : Dating Seven of Nine279.7Graph
6Alliances : Standing up to Janeway when she wanted to avoid dabbling in politics176.1Graph
7Basics : Going after what he thought was his child103.6Graph

Question : What is your favourite Kira moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Duet : Forgiving Amin Marritza7231.4Graph
2Shadows and Symbols : Facing down the Romulan Warbird6427.9Graph
3Crossover : Intendant Kira!6126.6Graph
4Emissary : Facing down Gul Jasad187.9Graph
5Apocalypse Rising : Joking about Chief O'Brien being the father of her baby146.1Graph

Question : What is your favourite Will Riker moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Best of Both Worlds, Part 1 : "Mister Worf... Fire."9430.1Graph
2Insurrection : "We're through running from these bastards!" - Destroying the So'na battleships6119.6Graph
3Measure of a Man : Doing his duty in prosecuting Data despite his personal feelings258Graph
4The Pegasus : Standing up to Admiral Pressman237.4Graph
5First Contact : Shooting Zefram Cochrane196.1Graph
6Best of Both Worlds, Part 2 : Preparing to ram the Borg cube as a last resort144.5Graph
7Frame of Mind : Breaking through the illusion of insanity144.5Graph
8A Matter of Honor : Facing down the Klingons134.2Graph
9Insurrection : Getting a bath with Troi113.5Graph
10Best of Both Worlds 2 : Kidnapping Locutus from the cube103.2Graph
11All Good Things : Blowing away the Klingon cruisers61.9Graph
12Power Play : Blowing off an arm injury with "pretty sure that's broken."61.9Graph
13First Contact (episode) : Seducing the alien scientist41.3Graph
14Second Chances : Riker versus Riker31Graph
15Future Imperfect : Coping with the future world31Graph
16Allegiance : Confronting the false Picard20.6Graph
17Conundrum : Getting involved with Ro20.6Graph
18The Icarus Factor : Riker dealing with his dad10.3Graph
19Encounter at Farpoint : Using the holodeck for the first time10.3Graph

Question : What is your favourite Spock moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Star Trek II : Sacrificing himself to save the Enterprise13953.3Graph
2ST VI : "If I were human I belive my response would be 'go to hell'. If I were human."5219.9Graph
3Mirror Mirror : Evil Spock!124.6Graph
4Amok Time : Being happy to see Kirk alive again103.8Graph
5ST VI : "There is an old Vulcan proverb - Only Nixon could go to China."103.8Graph
6ST IV : Nerve pinching the punk on the bus103.8Graph
7ST IV : Truck scene with Gillian and Kirk51.9Graph
8ST VI : "Mr. Scott I believe your having problems with the warp drive."51.9Graph
9Unification : Trying to reunify the Romulans and Vulcans31.1Graph
10Doomsday Machine : Relieving Commodore Decker31.1Graph
11The Galileo Seven : Dumping and igniting the fuel in defiance of logic31.1Graph
12ST IV : Mind Melding with the whale Gracie31.1Graph
13Amok Time : Rejecting T'Pring20.8Graph
14The Enterprise Incident : Seducing the Romulan Commander20.8Graph
15A Piece of the Action : "I'd advise yous ta keep dialin', Oxmyx"10.4Graph
16ST V : "Damn you sir - you WILL try!"10.4Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Poll of polls time - what is the best moment of any Trek Captain?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Captain Picard, First Contact : ""They invade our space, and we fall back.... no more!"15347.7Graph
2Captain Sisko, In the Pale Moonlight : Sacrificing his integrity to get the Romulans into the War7724Graph
3Captain Kirk, Star Trek II - "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!"6319.6Graph
4Captain Janeway, Year of Hell Part 2 : Ramming the Krenim Timeship175.3Graph
5Captain Archer, In A Mirror, Darkly : Stealing the Defiant113.4Graph

Question : What is your favourite Jonathan Archer moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1In A Mirror, Darkly : Stealing the Defiant4918.7Graph
2Zero Hour : Blowing Dolim into little bitty chunks4115.6Graph
3In A Mirror, Darkly : Bedding Hoshi3513.4Graph
4Terra Prime : His speech to the delegates3212.2Graph
5Broken Bow : You have no idea how much I'm restraining myself from knocking you on your ass!3212.2Graph
6Shockwave : Jumping out of Future Guy's time portal and insulting Silik218Graph
7The Expanse : Blowing away a Klingon Bird of Prey207.6Graph
8In A Mirror, Darkly : Vapourising the Admiral145.3Graph
9Damage : Stealing the warp coil from the alien ship103.8Graph
10In A Mirror, Darkly : Killing the Gorn83.1Graph

Question : What is your favourite Kathryn Janeway moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Year of Hell Part 2 : Ramming the Krenim Timeship11744.8Graph
2Endgame : Destroying a Unicomplex and killing the Borg Queen4115.7Graph
3Living Witness : Evil Janeway!2911.1Graph
4Coda : Being killed!249.2Graph
5Counterpoint : Fooling the Devore commander 228.4Graph
6Tuvix : Murdering Tuvix186.9Graph
7Think Tank : Outsmarting the think tank103.8Graph

Question : What is your favourite Ben Sisko moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1In the Pale Moonlight : Sacrificing his integrity to get the Romulans into the War12344.1Graph
2Call To Arms : His speech leaving DS93412.2Graph
3Q-Less : Punching out Q259Graph
4Paradise : Crawling back into the punishment box217.5Graph
5For the Uniform : Planetary destruction!134.7Graph
6Trials and Tribblelations : Meeting James Tiberius Kirk134.7Graph
7Sacrifice of Angels : Talking the Prophets into destroying the Dominion fleet113.9Graph
8Sacrifice of Angels : Steeping foot on Deep Space Nine a full 10 seconds before Martok103.6Graph
9Take me Out to the Holosuite : Taking on the Vulcans at baseball62.2Graph
10Explorers : Getting the old Bajoran solar sail ship working62.2Graph
11What You Leave Behind : Tackling Dukat in the Fire Caves51.8Graph
12Shattered Mirror : Commanding the Mirror Defiant51.8Graph
13The Ship : Capturing the Dominion ship31.1Graph
14Favor The Bold : Betting with General Martok31.1Graph
15Til Death Do Us Part : Marrying Kassidy10.4Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : What is your favourite Jean Luc Picard moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1First Contact : ""They invade our space, and we fall back.... no more!"9429.2Graph
2Chain of Command 2 : "There...are...FOUR...lights!"8827.3Graph
3The Inner Light : Living out another life226.8Graph
4Darmok : Learning the Tamarian method of communication226.8Graph
5Nemesis : "You have the bridge... Mr Troi."226.8Graph
6Tapestry : Laughing at the knife in the chest195.9Graph
7Insurrection : ""How many people does it take, admiral, before it becomes wrong?"195.9Graph
8Measure of a Man : Defending Data113.4Graph
9The Ensigns of Command : Getting one up on the Sheliak103.1Graph
10Starship Mine : Sabotaging the terrorist's containment chamber and killing them.51.6Graph
11Nemesis : "Best man speech."51.6Graph
12Q Who : Asking Q for help with the Borg20.6Graph
13The Perfect Mate: Giving up Kamala, the Metamorph to Ulrik20.6Graph
14The Defector : Convincing Admiral Jarok to betray his government10.3Graph

Question : What is your favourite James T. Kirk moment?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Star Trek II - "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!"4826.1Graph
2Star Trek III - Stealing the Enterprise3116.8Graph
3City on the Edge of Forever - Preventing McCoy from saving Edith2714.7Graph
4Star Trek III - Destroying the Enterprise2010.9Graph
5Star Trek V : "Excuse me... what would God need with a Starship?"189.8Graph
6Star Trek VI - "LET them die!126.5Graph
7Star Trek Generations - Death scene116Graph
8"Star Trek VI - "You've restored my father's faith." "And you've restored my son's."84.3Graph
9A Taste of Armageddon - Ending the Eminiar/Vendikar war practically single-handedly73.8Graph
10Star Trek II - Reconciling with David21.1Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the directors your thought was the worst., who was the worst of the worst?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1David Livingston (for ENT)3858.5Graph
2Vincent McEveety (for TOS)1015.4Graph
3Adam Nimoy (for TNG)69.2Graph
4Alexander Siddig (for DS9)69.2Graph
5Alexander Singer (for VOY)57.7Graph

Question : So, of the directors who worked on ENT, who was the worst one?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1David Livingston1532.6Graph
2David Straiton510.9Graph
3Roxann Dawson510.9Graph
4James L. Conway48.7Graph
5Robert Duncan McNeill36.5Graph
6Allan Kroeker24.3Graph
7Fred Dekker24.3Graph
8Les Landau24.3Graph
9Mike Vejar24.3Graph
10Terry Windell24.3Graph
11Jim Charleston12.2Graph
12LeVar Burton12.2Graph
13Marvin V. Rush12.2Graph
14Michael Dorn12.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : So, of the directors who worked on VOY, who was the worst one?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Alexander Singer1229.3Graph
2Robert Duncan McNeill717.1Graph
3Jesus Salvador Trevino37.3Graph
4Terrence O'Hara37.3Graph
5Cliff Bole24.9Graph
6Gabrielle Beaumont24.9Graph
7Jonathan Frakes24.9Graph
8Marvin Rush24.9Graph
9Anson Williams12.4Graph
10Kenneth Biller12.4Graph
11Kim Friedman12.4Graph
12Robert Picardo12.4Graph
13Robert Scheerer12.4Graph
14Roxann Dawson12.4Graph
15Tim Russ12.4Graph
16Victor Lobl12.4Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : So, of the directors who worked on DS9, who was the worst one?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Alexander Siddig1131.4Graph
2Jesus Salvador Trevino411.4Graph
3Winrich Kolbe38.6Graph
4Chip Chalmers25.7Graph
5David Livingston25.7Graph
6Allan Kroeker12.9Graph
7Cliff Bole12.9Graph
8Corey Allen12.9Graph
9Gabrielle Beaumont12.9Graph
10John Kretchmer12.9Graph
11Jonathan Kretchmer12.9Graph
12LeVar Burton12.9Graph
13Mike Vejar12.9Graph
14Reza Badiyi12.9Graph
15Robert Legato12.9Graph
16Robert Wiemer12.9Graph
17Tony Dow12.9Graph
18Victor Lobl12.9Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : So, of the directors who worked on TNG, who was the worst one?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Adam Nimoy820Graph
2Gates McFadden37.5Graph
3Jonathan Frakes37.5Graph
4Michael Rhodes37.5Graph
5Robert Bowman37.5Graph
6Alexander Singer25Graph
7Corey Allen25Graph
8Dan Curry25Graph
9David Carson25Graph
10LeVar Burton25Graph
11Robert Lederman25Graph
12Win Phelps25Graph
13Cliff Bole12.5Graph
14David Livingston12.5Graph
15Gabrielle Beaumont12.5Graph
16Peter Lauritson12.5Graph
17Russ Mayberry12.5Graph
18Winrich Kolbe12.5Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : So, of the directors who worked on TOS, who was the worst one?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Vincent McEveety1533.3Graph
2David Alexander613.3Graph
3Judd Taylor511.1Graph
4Marvin Chomsky511.1Graph
5Don McDougall24.4Graph
6Gerd Oswald24.4Graph
7Marc Daniels24.4Graph
8Robert Gist24.4Graph
9Gene Nelson12.2Graph
10Harvey Hart12.2Graph
11John Newland12.2Graph
12Joseph Sargent12.2Graph
13Leo Penn12.2Graph
14Tony Leader12.2Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the directors your thought was the best, who was the best of the best?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Jonathan Frakes (TNG, DS9, VOY)12384.2Graph
2LeVar Burton (ENT)1510.3Graph
3Vincent McEveety (TOS)85.5Graph

Question : Of the directors who worked on ENT, who was the best?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1LeVar Burton4044.4Graph
2Robert Duncan McNeill910Graph
3James L. Conway77.8Graph
4Roxann Dawson77.8Graph
5Winrich Kolbe77.8Graph
6Michael Dorn66.7Graph
7Allan Kroeker44.4Graph
8David Livingston44.4Graph
9Mike Vejar33.3Graph
10Marvin V. Rush11.1Graph
11Rob Hedden11.1Graph
12Terry Windell11.1Graph
All other entries received zero votes

Question : Of the directors who worked on VOY, who was the best?

# Answer Votes % Graph
1Jonathan Frakes6545.5Graph
2LeVar Burton1812.6Graph
3Robert Picardo139.1Graph
4Robert Duncan McNeill96.3Graph
5Winrich Kolbe85.6Graph
6David Livingston64.2Graph
7Roxann Dawson64.2Graph
8Tim Russ53.5Graph
9Allan Kroeker42.8Graph
10Les Landau32.1Graph
11Peter Lauritson10.7Graph
12Nancy Malone10.7Graph
13Mike Vejar10.7Graph
14Andrew J. Robinson10.7Graph
15Alexander Singer10.7Graph
16Terrence O'Hara10.7Graph
All other entries received zero votes

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