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Small Quiz - Image

1. What piece of architecture is this??
Quiz image Meridian Settlement
Arctic Research Camp
Quarren City
The White House
Bajoran village 1

2. What species is this a picture of?
Quiz image Arretan
DITL Species #951
The Cloud

3. Which battle is this image taken from?
Quiz image A Flagship Battle
The Chin'toka Invasion
Vulcan Civil War
The M-5 Debacle
Vaadwaur Battle

4. What temporal incident is this a picture of?
Quiz image Year of Hell
Tomorrow is Yesterday
All Our Yesterdays
Future's End
Storm Front

5. What ship is this an internal picture of?
Quiz image Neelix's Trader
NX Test Ship
Constitution Class
NX Class
Galaxy Class


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 0 Last updated : 20 Oct 2017