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Small Quiz - Image

1. What species is this a picture of?
Quiz image Garren
The Cloud
DITL SpeciesĀ #247

2. What piece of architecture is this??
Quiz image Xindi Council
Ba'ku Village
Maquis settlement
Tarquin's Residence
Arkaria Base

3. What weapon is this a picture of?
Quiz image Andorian rifle
Solais heavy pistol
Hazari Pistol
Xindi Weapon - Prototype
Contact Weapons - Dagger

4. What illnesses is this a picture of?
Quiz image Cove palm parasite poisoning
8472 infection
Radiation Poisoning
Pa'nar syndrome
Bendii Syndrome

5. What illnesses is this a picture of?
Quiz image Teplan Blight
Valakian Genetic Plague
Pa'nar syndrome
Nitrogen Burn
Cove palm parasite poisoning


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