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Small Quiz - Image

1. Which holoprogram is this a picture of?
Quiz image Equestrian Adventure
Desert Sunset
Craig Weiss
Target shooting
Tauga Station

2. What science/technology item is this a picture of?
Quiz image Probes
Force Fields - Containment Field
Universal Translator
Subspace Amplifier

3. What ship is this an internal picture of?
Quiz image Travel Pod Interior #2
Galaxy Class Stellar Cartography #1
Constitution Class Corridor #2
Intrepid corridor 2
Enterprise-A Dining Room

4. What piece of architecture is this??
Quiz image Aenar City
Carl Sagan Memorial Station
Asteroid structure
Triannon City
Bajoran City

5. Which battle is this image taken from?
Quiz image Khitomer Crisis
Saving Earth
The Swarm
Shattered Mirror
The Omarion Nebula


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