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Small Quiz - Image

1. What weapon is this a picture of?
Quiz image Xindi Slug Thrower
Cochrane's Hand Cannon
Delta Quadrant Rifle
Photon Torpedoes

2. What ship is this an internal picture of?
Quiz image NX Class
DY-100 Class
Vissian Stratopod
Observation Ship
Raptor Class

3. What temporal incident is this a picture of?
Quiz image The Voyage Home
Cause and Effect
Captain's Holiday
Future Tense

4. What station is this a picture of?
Quiz image Subspace Relay
Drydock Facilities
Cardassian O.D.P.
Dominion Shipyard
Tholian Asteroid Base

5. What illnesses is this a picture of?
Quiz image Synthococcus Novae
Iverson's Syndrome
Sakuro's Disease
Tooth Decay
Miri's Virus


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 0 Last updated : 27 Feb 2017