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Small Quiz - Image

1. What illnesses is this a picture of?
Quiz image Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome
Surata IV Microbe Infection
Pa'nar syndrome
Rapid Aging
Thalaron radiation poisoning

2. What illnesses is this a picture of?
Quiz image Synthococcus Novae
Surata IV Microbe Infection
Andronesian Encephalitis
Subnucleonic radiation poisoning
Common Cold

3. What ship is this an internal picture of?
Quiz image Malon Ship
Constitution Class
Borg Cube
Borg Yacht
Intrepid Class

4. Which battle is this image taken from?
Quiz image The Wrath of Khan
The Chin'toka Invasion
Vulcan Civil War
A Flagship Battle
The Doomsday Machine

5. What temporal incident is this a picture of?
Quiz image Time's Orphan
Storm Front
Cause and Effect


Copyright Graham Kennedy Questions played : 0 Last updated : 8 Dec 2016