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Mortimer Harren


Name : Mortimer Harren1
Species : Humans

A member of Voyager's crew, Harren grew up on Vico V - a planet known for having one of the most interesting nightime skies of any world. This may have been a factor in his interest in cosmology; Harren had five advanced degrees in cosmology. he joined Starfleet because he needed one year of practical experience to qualify for admission to the Institute of Cosmology on Orion I. He was distressed to be stranded in the Delta Quadrant with Voyager, and was rather bitter and resentful. He refused to do more than the bare minimum of work and had no friends aboard the ship. In 2376 Harren was one of three personnel selected to take part in an away mission with Captain Janeway to help him integrate into the crew. He killed a dark matter life form whilst on the mission, despite orders to hold his fire from Janeway. He subsequently tried to save the others by abandoning the Flyer in an escape pod. Janeway refused to let him go, rescuing him and returning him to Voyager.1
Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

Played by

Jay UnderwoodVOY6Good Shepherd


# Series Season Source Comment
1 VOY 6 Good Shepherd
Series :  VOY Season 6 (Disc 5)
Episode :  Good Shepherd

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