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Ensign Hogan


Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Ensign Hogan1
Species : Humans

A former Maquis, Hogan became a member of Voyager's crew after his own ship was destroyed by the Kazon.2 He did not support Captain Janeway's efforts to live by Starfleet ethics in the Delta Quadrant, instead favouring giving the Kazon Federation technology in return for their protection; he even went so far as to suggest that Torres should contact Seska directly, a suggestion Torres forcefully declined.3 An engineer, Hogan assisted Neelix with his investigations into the traitor Neelix believed was operating aboard Voyager.4 He was stranded on Hanon IV along with the rest of Voyager's crew when the Kazon eventually succeeded in capturing Voyager.5 He was killed by a large animal which lived in caves on the planet.6 His remains were discovered by Voth scientist Gegen in 2373, proving Gegen's theory that the Voth and Humanity had common ancestry on Earth.7
Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

Played by

VOY2Simon BilligAlliances
VOY2Simon BilligMeld
VOY2Simon BilligInvestigations
VOY2Simon BilligDeadlock
VOY2Simon BilligTuvix
VOY2Simon BilligResolutions
VOY3Simon BilligBasics, Part 2


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