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Episode Guest Reviews

Reviewer : Satan
Ave Rating : 2.8846 for 26 reviews
Title : The Final Frontier Rating : 0
Writers : David Loughery, Harve Bennet, William Shatner Year : 2285
Review : This movie is crap, plain and simple. "The Search for God" was just a horrible plot line for a Star Trek film, and the directing didn't exactly help either. And how can the Enterprise make a 25,000 light-year trip to the center of the Galaxy when the much faster (and more advanced) Voyager needs 30 years to make the trip. All in all, I really don't feel this movie has any redeeming features, just a total flop.
Title : Nemesis Rating : 2
Writers : John Logan Year : 2379
Review : Nemesis has it's flaws, but in all honesty it's not as bad as most people think. The biggest flaws are of course with the directing, hiring a director that has no idea of the Star Trek franchise was a bad move, especially when he didn't research any part of the franchise before starting, and the film really suffered for that. The movie would have been much better with Johnathon Franks or Levar Burton directing. Also, Worf, Geordi, and Crusher have very little to do in this film, something very unfortunate for the most popular Trek crew's final outing. To be honest I think the film was doomed from the day the release date was announced (and no not because it fell on a Friday the 13th), as it was released in direct competition with The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Bad move. The plot itself did have some good stuff in it, and it makes sense for the TNG era to end with the prospect of peace with the Romulans, just as the TOS era ended with peace with the Klingons. It was great to finally see Riker and Troi finally tie the knot, and the battle with the Scimitar was very well done. Data's sacrifice was also done very appropriately, and I can't think of a better way for the iconic character to go out then sacrificing his own life for the greater good of Earth and his long-time friends on the Enterprise. In all, it's an OK movie, definately undeserving of a lot of the criticism it took, but some of it was legitimate.
Title : Dark Frontier, Part 1 Rating : 4
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2375
Review : Dark Frontier is an overall enjoyable Voyager episode. We learn a lot about the Borg and the episode is just in general a thriller. While I try not to nitpick some continuity issues in this episode really stand out, even to casual fans. The most irritating for me is the Borg Queen's statement that Seven is the ONLY Borg to escape the Collective. Even casual fans know this not to be true, because most of them have seen TNG's The Best of Both Worlds which directly dealt with Picard's assimilation, and his eventual escape. It doesn't matter whether Picard was a drone for only six days or not, he WAS a Borg drone that escaped the Collective, so therefore Seven is not the only one to do this. How the Voyager writers overlooked this is simply astonishing, considering a lot of them worked on TNG, and if that wasn't enough there was even a movie that dealt with Picard's need for revenge against the Borg for what they had done to him! It may be only a small statement in the episode, but it is a pretty big screw up, enough for me to drop a point for the overall episode. Fortunately the continuity issue aside the episode does a great job giving us 90 minutes of pure excitement and dealing with Seven's own demons with the Collective. 4/5 (Minus 1 for the continuity screw up ranted about above).
Title : Unimatrix Zero, Part 1 Rating : 2
Writers : Michael Sussman Year : 2376
Review : Not exactly one of Voyager's shining episodes. For one thing, the characterization of the Queen in this episode is very odd, she is acting more like an individual leader of the Borg instead of literally BEING the Collective as established in First Contact and "Dark Frontier." It really takes something away from the Borg that I really liked. And how come Tom earns his rank back but Harry is still an ensign? Harry's did a lot more in Voyager's last few seasons than Tom has recently. I guess the writers didn't think Ensign Paris sounded as good as Lieutenant Paris. The episodes premise is fascinating though. Given the Borg's technological nature it's easy to believe that something like Unimatrix Zero could exist within the Borg, and Seven's explanation of a "random malfunction during the assimilation of a single drone that spread to others" only solidifies this. I can also see why Janeway would want to help the drones in Unimatrix Zero, as it could potentially weaken the Federation's most lethal enemy and keep them from staging another attack on the Alpha Quadrant for some time. The battle scenes also made for some very nice special effects and the sight of Janeway, Torres, and Tuvok as drones added a nice cliffhanger. Unfortunately a promising premise can't substitute for poor execution. Attacking a Tactical Cube, sorry, that's just retarded. Sure Starfleet, and the Voyager crew in general, has learned a lot about the Borg and how to fight them over the years, but this is a simple question of raw firepower, and Voyager should have been destroyed with one shot. A Sphere would have been much more realistic (as the Doctor points out). Of course the writers axed this idea because they wanted to show something "new," and they probably could have gotten away with it if it wasn't some enhanced Cube. That combined with the Queen's characterization in this episode just severely weakened it. And just a random nit, the Doctor claims that Seven had her first dream in this episode. Not ture. She mentioned dreams she had in season 4's "One" and when the Queen contacted her in "Dark Frontier" Seven believed she was dreaming. Once again, the writers screw up.
Title : Unimatrix Zero, Part 2 Rating : 2
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky, Michael Sussman Year : 2377
Review : Pretty much the expected follow up to part I. There are a lot of plot holes and the Queen's characterization problems present in part I are still present here. Every time I see this episode I end up wishing the writers decided to explore how Tuvok's full blown assimilation affected him, similar to what was done in TNG's "Family" with Picard. But of course, as always during the final years of Berman and Braga's Star Trek rule, I was disappointed. There's some nice action towards the end, but all in all this episode falls a bit short of part I's quality (which wasn't all that spectacular to begin with). Of course another oversight of the "brilliant" writing staff, why doesn't Janeway bum a couple transwarp coils off of Korok's ship? Dee-dee-dee writers!
Title : Endgame Rating : 3
Writers : Brannon Braga, Kenneth Biller, Rick Berman Year : 2377
Review : Well, not up to the standards of TNG's "All Good Things" or DS9's "What You Leave Behind," but not a complete failure either. As usual I'll start with the bad. We're being hit with time travel. Again. Voyager had some really good time travel stuff throughout the series, but its frequent use just kind of wore it out. Also the relationship between Seven and Chakotay was really out of place and kind of forced. Voyager's new armor and weapons from the future give the ship a kind of "fanboyish" feel to it, although the FX work was still pretty cool. Generally the whole premise is kind of weak, rushed, and leaves a lot of loose threads. I would have loved to see some time devoted to what happened when the crew returned to Earth. What happened to the Maquis? The Equinox survivors? Tom's parole? On the flip side there were quite a few things I liked about this episode. The action and special effects sequences are up to the usual outstanding standard. Miral's birth was of course expected, but welcome none the less. It was especially great to see Alice Kridge reprise the role of the Borg Queen from First Contact. Susanna Thompson didn't do a bad job as the Queen in the three episodes she appeared in, but Kridge just brings so much more to the character that makes her very appealing in an almost creepy, but cool way. Although I wouldn't mind Susanna Thompson playing the Queen in some future Trek incarnation, Alice Kridge will always be my first choice to play the character. So that ends Voyager. In all some decent stuff in here, but not nearly enough closure on the characters. I really wish the script wasn't so rushed, actually I wish B&B didn't write it at all. They became so out of touch with the Trek fanbase towards the end that the show really began to suffer for it starting around mid-season 5, and it just went downhill from there.
Title : Scorpion, Part 1 Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2373
Review : Now this is simply one of Voyager's best episodes. It came at a time before the Voyager writers ran out of gas; when the Borg were still exactly what they were supposed to be, a species with no individual leader, that only wished to improve itself by assimilating other beings throughout the galaxy. They were unstoppable, they were frightening. THESE are the Borg that used to give me nightmares when I was a kid, which is exactly what they should be. I loved the story. We've seen and heard about the Borg destroying so much throughout their existence, and to be honest I was kind of waiting for the day when they just simply messed with the WRONG species, and that exactly what happened here. It's hard to believe this episode was written in a week, because everything worked so well it had me itching to see part II. Sucks they couldn't pull the same trick with "Endgame"...
Title : Scorpion, Part 2 Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2374
Review : All in all, this episode lives up to the same quality established by part I. Great action sequences and a great story line to continue from part I. There was some nice continuity in here, Chakotay mentioning his experience with the ex-Borg in "Unity" and referencing Locutus when Janeway requested a Borg representative, something that the writers will conveniently forget the very next season in "Dark Frontier" when they begin their "Seven is the only Borg to escape the Collective" policy, despite everything we saw in TNG. The "Scorpion" episodes really brought Voyager into the prime of it's life, something that would only last until mid season 5 and just keep going downhill from there.
Title : The Gift Rating : 3
Writers : Joe Menosky Year : 2374
Review : An episode with the scope of "Scorpion" needs a "recovery" episode, similar to what was done with TNG's "Family" after "The Best of Both Worlds". While there is nothing spectacular about this episode in general, it's not a bad one either. The fact that the writers were considerate enough to do an episode like this does deserve some praise, and like I said, there's nothing wrong with it, just a calm down from "Scorpion". 3/5.
Title : 11:59 Rating : 1
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2375
Review : This episode is pretty pointless, as it contributes pretty much nothing to the show. Some good character moments are the only thing that saved this episode from a zero.
Title : Doctor's Orders Rating : 0
Writers : Brannon Braga, Rick Berman Year : 2154
Review : This episode is a rip off of Voyager's "One." And a crappy one at best. The writers didn't even try with this one. 0/5.
Title : Equinox, Part 1 Rating : 4
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky, Rick Berman Year : 2375
Review : The episode itself has an interesting concept, and it makes perfect sense that there maybe some Starfleet officers that may not have the same kind of morality that the Voyager crew does while being stranded in the Delta Quadrant, especially if they were stuck on such a low-capability starship like the Equinox. This episode does a nice job introducing the story line and had me looking forward to what was next.
Title : Equinox, Part 2 Rating : 2
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky, Rick Berman Year : 2376
Review : While part one brought forth a great story line and had me eagerly waiting for the conclusion, part two just didn't deliver as well as part one did. There are some serious inconsistencies, such as the Ankari's inclusion (50 light years back according to this episode, didn't Ransom say they were AT LEAST 10,000 light years back in the last episode). Janeway has also completely flipped her wig in this episode, and while Kate Mulgrew does a superb job as always, the writers just took her obsession with catching Ransom a step to far. Chakotay on the other hand really gets some nice moments in here, trying to act as Janeway's moral center like he has in so many previous episodes. I'm a little upset that the Equinox survivors were never followed up upon later on in the series, especially the finale, but it wouldn't be appropriate to go on about that here.
Title : Someone to Watch Over Me Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga Year : 2375
Review : A very calm episode solely devoted to character development and humor, something that later Voyager episodes rarely did. I loved seeing Seven take a stab at dating (and tearing Chapman's ligament dancing was funny), and the scenes with the drunken ambassador and the crew trying to sober him up before Janeway's return were hilarious.
Title : Blood Fever Rating : 2
Writers : Lisa Klink Year : 2373
Review : The entire episode is kind of boring but the last two minutes of the episode are what earned it a higher rating. First the seeds of Tom and B'Elanna's eventual relationship are planted, and finally the first subtle, haunting (and at the time unexpected) glimpse of what was to come, a long-dead Borg drone on the surface of the planet. Those last two minutes alone made the episode worth while for me.
Title : Fury Rating : 1
Writers : Brannon Braga, Bryan Fuller, Rick Berman Year : 2376
Review : In some way this episode really isn't that bad. The 2371 scenes are very well done, down to the cast accurately portraying their characters down to the way they played them in season one. I liked the little battle with the Vidiian's, some nice FX work there. What I really didn't like though was Kes' brutality. I'm sorry but no matter how crappy her life turned out after leaving Voyager, I just cannot picture Kes becoming some sort of vengeful, hate filled woman bent on killing everyone she ever cared about. Her sudden change of heart at the end wasn't very convincing either and seemed kind of forced. Don't get me wrong, it was great having Jennifer Lien back for an episode, but I think if the writers wanted to bring Kes back they should have found another way of doing it without degrading her character.
Title : Nightingale Rating : 4
Writers : Dave Long, Robert Lederman Year : 2377
Review : Some good character development for Harry Kim. It's nice to see him finally getting a command of his own after all this time. I like how the episode really emphasizes that this is Harry's FIRST command, by showing him making a lot of mistakes but able to absorb and learn from them by the end of the episode. The B story with Icheb and B'Elanna was mainly for a little bit of comic relief, and worked out fairly well for the most part. I was really surprised that B'Elanna didn't break Icheb's nose when he confronted her about her so called "romantic advances," but it's nice to see that she's evolved past that for the most part, and understands he just doesn't get that she and Tom are just trying to be FRIENDS with him. Nice to see her just say screw it and humor him as well, giving a nice little laugh at the end.
Title : Dragon's Teeth Rating : 5
Writers : Michael Taylor Year : 2376
Review : Now why didn't Voyager use this species throughout the rest of the series? The Vaadwaur are probably some of the best villians that Voyager has come up with, up to the standards of the Hirogen. I would have loved to see more of them. As for the episode itself, really good episode, the development of the Vaadwaur was consistent, the story line was believable and exciting, and the battle sequence was up to DS9-standards. To be honest the only thing really wrong with this episode is the fact that it was never followed up on, but I wont punish it for that.
Title : Pathfinder Rating : 4
Writers : David Zabel Year : 2376
Review : The TNG crossovers of Barclay and Troi are surprisingly welcome, as they do not intrude on the series and actively contribute to it throughout the remainder of their appearances. For the most part the episode is solid and consistent with Reg and Deanna's characters. My only gripe is Barclay actually making contact with Voyager in the first place, the ship had come 30,000 light years since they made contact with Starfleet, so either the writers forgot about this, they didn't care, or Reg had one hell of a lucky guess (which is unfortunately hard to believe). This episode would probably have gotten a 5 if it were placed sometime before "Timeless" but after "Hope and Fear," but oh well.
Title : Extreme Risk Rating : 3
Writers : Kenneth Biller Year : 2375
Review : Not bad, but not great either. The webmaster of this site thinks that this episode would have been better suited in the fourth season, and while I agree I wont take a mark off the episode for that, mainly because Roxanne Dawson was pregnant in season four and this episode would have been an issue for her then. The episodes story line is pretty solid although I really think B'Elanna's resolution of her issues could have been handled more in depth, and more intelligently instead of the "focus on the job" attitude here. Chakotay's could have had a bit of a bigger role as well, considering that he is B'Elanna's closest friend and a fellow Maquis, but it does make sense that he is the one to drag her into the program and make her face her demons. I would have liked to see some more reaction from Chakotay too, but the writers didn't put it in. Robert Beltran does good with what he's given though.
Title : Brothers Rating : 2
Writers : Rick Berman Year : 2367
Review : An important Data episode, and while not a bad episode, there are some pretty obvious flaws. Did the thought occur to them to take a shuttle down to the planet instead of screwing around with the transporter for God knows how long? Also some of the scenes with the kids seem a little cheesy, a typical TNG flaw.
Title : These Are The Voyages... Rating : 0
Writers : Brannon Braga, Rick Berman Year : 2370
Review : This episode is complete crap. This was supposed to be a farewell to "Enterprise," not some random ass, pointless "TNG" episode that only (pitifully) fills in a few spots of a previous episode with some trivia. Just awful.
Title : The Undiscovered Country Rating : 5
Writers : Lawrence Konner, Leonard Nimoy, Marc Rosenthal Year : 2293
Review : After the complete failure of "The Final Frontier," I'm glad the TOS crew was able to bounce back and end their run on a high note. I can't think of a better way to end the TOS crew's run by finally making peace with their long time enemy, the Klingons. Kirk coming to terms with his hatred of the Klingons since the death of his son was also a nice touch, and an excellent use of continuity and all the character development over the years. The conspiracy played out nicely and kept me guessing throughout most of its play the first time I watched it. If I were to change one thing about this movie, it would be the pink pepto-bismal Klingon blood, but I suppose it works for the plot (and the fact that the film makers wanted to get the rating down), so I'm forgiving of it. All in all, an excellent film, right up to the standards of Wrath of Khan and First Contact.
Title : Tears of the Prophets Rating : 5
Writers : Hans Beimler, Ira Steven Behr Year : 2374
Review : This is one of DS9's most exciting episodes, and a great end to a terrific sixth season. The Federation Alliance is finally ready to take the fight to the Dominion and it's up to Sisko to plan the invasion. Excellent battle scenes, excellent character moments, all in all I can't find one part of this episode I don't like. Of course the thing people remember most about this episode is the death of Jadzia Dax. I thought it was handled well, and I was sorry to see the character and the actress leave the show. One thing does have me confused though, and that is how Sisko is able to take a leave of absence during a war? He was one of the top commanders during the war and Starfleet just lets him go for God knows how long? It's a little annoying but not enough to detract any points.
Title : In the Pale Moonlight Rating : 5
Writers : Peter Allan Fields Year : 2374
Review : This has to be one of the darkest episodes in the entire Star Trek franchise, and that may be the reason why it is so compelling. Star Trek has a habit of not really following through with the consequences of war and the concept of doing what is necessary to win, but DS9 changed all that. This episode deals with the Federation's need for another ally, specifically the Romulan's, since they are the other superpower in the Alpha Quadrant. Sisko and Garak do make an attempt to find legitimate proof that the Dominion is planning to attack the Romulan's, but when their efforts fail they make the decision to do what needs to be done and manufacture the evidence themselves. The falsified evidence does not hold up to scrutiny from a Romulan senator, so Garak plants a bomb on his shuttle and makes it look like Dominion sabotage. The end result: The Romulan's blame the Dominion for assassinating one of their senators and join the war on the side of the Federation and Klingon's. The man who made the fake evidence is murdered by Garak and Sisko has to live with being an accessory to murder and lying to gain an ally. It's an episode that Gene Rodenberry would have never allowed, but to be honest it really doesn't matter because decisions like the one Sisko made are decisions that need to be made in war. It's an example of how DS9 took risks and challenged the very foundation of Star Trek, and episodes like "In the Pale Moonlight" are what made it a truly great series.
Title : The Emperor's New Cloak Rating : 1
Writers : Hans Beimler, Ira Steven Behr Year : 2375
Review : Although I generally like DS9's mirror universe stories, especially season four's "Shattered Mirror", I wasn't too keen on this one. In one of DS9's rare continuity glitches, it royally screws up here. The whole premise revolves around the fact that cloaking devices do not exist in the mirror universe, despite the fact that they have been seen many times in previous MU episodes. The idea that Quark and Rom could sneak aboard General Martok's ship and steal its cloaking device without being stopped and getting their asses kicked is almost laughable, but it happens anyway. Any redeeming features? Well of course performances are at their best as always, and there is some good humor in here, but overall this is still one of DS9's weaker episodes that I'd recommend skipping.

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