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Episode Guest Reviews

Reviewer : BJH
Ave Rating : 2.3571 for 28 reviews
Title : Endgame Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga, Kenneth Biller, Rick Berman Year : 2377
Review : Personally my favorite finale of any Trek series. Good amount of action, and not stock footage like What You Leave Behind was full of; it also paces itself better than the DS9 finale did. Some nice humorous moments too, and the cast put in wonderful performances, especially Mulgrew as Janeway and Janeway. Let down a little bit by the Chakotay/Seven romance, as it was kind of a new development to be thrown into a finale.
Title : What You Leave Behind Rating : 2
Writers : Hans Beimler, Ira Steven Behr Year : 2375
Review : And here we have the plodding finale to a space-opera. Even though half the action sequences consist of stock footage from previous episodes, it's enough to save the first half. The second half is a letdown, falling back on the tired premise of DS9 of talking the audience to death through long, drawn-out and occassionally pointless character moments. Considering they are in a war, with the future of the quadrant at stake, there should have been a lot more in the action department, with no expense spared on SFX... even if they had to cut back on previous episodes budgets.
Title : All Good Things Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore Year : 2370
Review : Wonderful ending to a wonderful show. Not much wrong with it, although Q could have been in it a little more, with more funny material thrown in. YATI: the S1 bridge is almost perfect, except for the captains chair. That chair wasn't introduced until S2.
Title : Broken Bow Rating : 1
Writers : Brannon Braga, Rick Berman Year : 2151
Review : Oh dear, the tragedy begins. Fans were comfortable with the 24th century. A post Voyager series would have been more than welcome. Even a better written, better paced DS9 type. Instead, we get this piece of faecal matter. Shockiing. Much to answer for, Mr. Braga.
Title : Move Along Home Rating : 0
Writers : Michael Piller Year : 2369
Review : Quite possibly the worst episode DS9 ever produced. This episode seemed to exemplify the negative traits of the series into one, such as uninspired writing, aimless plots and uninteresting, by-the-book story-telling (as in, how the story was told, not what the story was).
Title : Second Sight Rating : 0
Writers : Mark Gehred-O'Connell Year : 2370
Review : Awful episode. The basic premise of the story is mediocre at best, and the production does not improve on it in the slightest. The 'twist' at the end, such as it is, is ineffective and downright stupid, and the scientist comitting suicide is as believable as a lieutenant being in command of a Nebula class starship in a time of peace. Nit: Sisko gives the stardate as 47329.4 and says it is the 4th anniversary of Wolf 359. Eh? The Battle of Wolf 359 occured on and around stardate 44001 (Best of Both Worlds, Pt II). Therefore, not only is the anniversary four months late, it's a year ahead. Stardate 47001 would be the THIRD anniversary of the battle, not the fourth.
Title : Crossover Rating : 1
Writers : Peter Allan Fields Year : 2370
Review : Alas, we come to the Mirror Universe. I have never liked the idea of a Mirror Universe... for something that is so totally different in terms of history and morals, it certainly has enough similiarities to our universe that it isn't believable. Waste of a good opportunity to use a parallel reality storyline. Watch Parallels (TNG), that episode pulled it off perfectly, something DS9 was unable to do.
Title : Civil Defense Rating : 5
Writers : Mike Krohn Year : 2371
Review : I love this episode. The writing is great, the performances excellent, and we have enough action taking place in various areas of the station to make for a fine episode without compromising character development- or humour... if onlu DS9 had had more stories like ths...
Title : Explorers Rating : 0
Writers : Hilary J. Bader Year : 2371
Review : An interesting idea that is ruined by one oversight: wooden spaceships cannot make it into space. When one thinks of that, the rest is blatently impossible. Waste of time and money.
Title : Things Past Rating : 4
Writers : Michael Taylor Year : 2373
Review : A very good episode, done well, in my opinion. I have always like DS9 stories that dwell on the period of the Occupation. Wonderful performance by Odo.
Title : In the Cards Rating : 2
Writers : Scott J. Neal, Truly Barr Clark Year : 2373
Review : A decent episode, but the placement sucks as the penultimate episode of the season. On the brink of war, and given the tone of the last few episodes, this episode seems out of place. Still, an enjoyable romp, if you don't get too caught up in the details.
Title : One Little Ship Rating : 2
Writers : Bradley Thompson, David Weddle Year : 2374
Review : Ok, this perhaps the silliest idea for a sci-fi story I have seen that is actually pulled off somewhat successfuly. I find it hard to believe that any phenomenon could cause a ship to shrink that much- what happens to their mass? Still, if you don't look too hard at the details, then its an enjoyable- if very silly- episode.
Title : Badda-Bing Badda-Bang Rating : 0
Writers : Hans Beimler, Ira Steven Behr Year : 2375
Review : DS9, the eternal space-opera. Here we are, season 7. The Federation is being battered by the Dominion, the fate of the Alpha Quadrant hanging in the balance... and our heroes- stationed near the front lines- are busy trying to save a holodeck casino. Great to see they have their priorities right! In one season, we have a baseball game and a casino heist. Such a perfect little war...
Title : Caretaker Rating : 5
Writers : Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller, Rick Berman Year : 2371
Review : Wonderful start to a wonderful series. Probably the best series opener of the franchise, with DS9 a close second. Good set up to the plot, and the characters are wonderfully drawn out. Regarding the YATI: the reason that didn't happen is because to set up the program to send Voyager home would, as Tuvok said, take several hours. That is several hours Voyager had to survive being battered by superior Kazon forces.
Title : Acquisition Rating : 0
Writers : Andre Jacquemetton, Brannon Braga, Maria Jacquemetton, Rick Berman Year : 2151
Review : Trully appalling episode. Didn't these writers watch 1st season TNG? Well, didn't they?
Title : The Motion Picture Rating : 2
Writers : Allen Dean Foster Year : 2271
Review : Alas, the first film of the franchise is the Slow-Motion picture. The plot is really nothing more than the story for an episode stretched, contorted and warped to almost two hours of boredom. The picture starts off promising enough, but after the first 20 minutes, you find your attention beginning to wander. A full 30 minutes of scenes could have been chopped, and should have been, but weren't, to the film detriment. That being said, the VFX truly are spectacular, but you should only watch this fiilm if you want a purely 'thinking' film, or as a cure for insomnia.
Title : Star Trek Rating : 1
Writers : Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci Year : 2258
Review : The following is what I wrote on Finally saw the new movie tonight. Words cannot adequately convey the feelings I had when the film finished. However, I can confidently say that not a single thing that went through me was a positive. The overrall feeling was one of forboding, negatvitiy and disappointment. As many of you know, I was very vocal about my cynicism towards this film. Was that justified. In my opinion, yes it was. For those of you who are unfamiliar with my review style, I break the following down into their own paragraphs and then rate each out of 100 and give an overrall mark. This time there will be two: One as a fan, and one as an 'average joe'. But only the fan review will be expanded upon. The 'average joe' will just get scores. Plot Casting/Execution Sets VFX Soundtrack Themes Plot: Star Trek XI, as we all know, is a reboot of a 43 year old franchise. Star Trek needed a boost in popularity, a breath of fresh air, but a prequel was not good idea. Especially a prequel that would essentially make the last 43 years meaningless. The plot for this film is contrived in the extreme. The idea that a singularity can threaten the galaxy is border-line ridiculous, and the idea that little red blobs of stuff can create a blackhole to suck it up is ridiculous. Add to that, the fact that the two ships that go through it survive the trip makes the whole film irrelevent, since Plot Point A is improbable, Plot Point B is improbable and Plot Point C is impossible (since a singularity proceeds faster than light, the blackhole would have to be extremely massive to 'suck it up', not to mention fast. Also, for a blackhole to be that effective, it would destroy the galaxy they are trying to save. Kind of makes it redundant). Also, does anyone find it odd that the Romulan sun is the one that goes nova? A supernova takes years and years to develop and come to a head, and Romulus/Remus would be rendered uninhabitable long before the explosion (try centuries). Yet in Nemesis, (set in 2379), Romulus is perfectly habitable and the sun is normal. Now, assuming that a foreign agent was involved (trilithium, for instance), the Vulcan's would not have sufficient time to build a starship (on Vulcan) and get it to Romulus before the nova (see how long it took Amargosa in Generations). I also like it how the 'Red Matter' is just thrown in there, no explanation of what it does, how it works, and how it can create a blackhole without a sun. Trek has constantly been ridiculed for too much technobabble, but at least most of the time some background is given on the latest gizmo that will save (or ruin) the day... not so here. But let's assume for a moment that all of the above is possible (when it isn't), we go back in time to the year 2233 to the vessel USS Kelvin (same dimensions as the Enterprise, but twice the crew??? Remember, the Kelvin existed in the 'real' Trek universe). Already question marks are raised when a lightning storm develops and then turns into a blackhole. Out comes a massive Romulan vessel with weaponry light-years ahead of the Scimitar (which preceeded it by less than a decade)... speaking of which, that mining vessel certainly was well armed. I also like it how they shoot first and ask questions later (note: sarcasm will be prevelent). I also like how they have completely reinvented the stardate system in the real timeline: stardate 2233 means its the year 2233. It makes sense, and I would like it if the previous system hadn't been used for, oh, 43 years.... Anyhoo, they proceed to blow the Kelvin up- for the fun of it, apparently- along with George Kirk, who amazingly is in Starfleet when previous Trek had shown that Kirk was the only one of his family to serve in the fleet. At least Kirk Snr gets a heroic sendoff. (And how is it that a ship as massive as the Kelvin doesn't destroy Nero when his ship gets rammed, but Spock's puny shuttle thing can at the end of the film ) Anyway, 33 years later, we get some pretty decent character moments with Kirk and Spock in their childhood. Then we meet Uhura, Captain Pike (who I liked) and various assorted characters and move on to the Academy... ... sidetrack. Enterprise. Aside from the extreme hideousness of it, why is it being built planetside? Most starships are not designed for atmospheric flight, and the Enterprise is at least 800 meters long and grosses several hundred thousand tonnes (yes, to have a hangar that big, it would have to be bigger than 400, even though other shots show it to be a more reasonable 400). To move a rig that big would require tremendous power just getting it into orbit, not to mention the materials to withstand the pressure of an atmosphere would make it twice as heavy, which would require more power.... etc etc Back on topic: So eventually we get to Vulcan, where a Federation fleet comprising mostly of cadets and new ships (because apparently the bulk of the fleet was staging elsewhere for an ungi
Title : Sacred Ground Rating : 0
Writers : Geo Cameron Year : 2373
Review : Honestly, along with TMP, this is the perfect cure for insomnia. Lack of a decent story and poor execution mar what would otherwise be a mediocre offering. Would have done well with a DS9 flavour, though.
Title : Future's End, Part 1 Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2373
Review : Truly a wonderful episode, one of Voyager's best. Superior to the DS9 equivilant, 'Past Tense' (although that was alright too)
Title : Future's End, Part 2 Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2373
Review : A very worthy follow up to Part I.
Title : Macrocosm Rating : 3
Writers : Brannon Braga Year : 2373
Review : While perhaps a bit unplausable, this episode really is just too much fun to nitpick overly much.
Title : Coda Rating : 3
Writers : Jeri Taylor Year : 2373
Review : An enjoyable episode, but ultimately doesn't contribute all that much in terms of character development.
Title : Favorite Son Rating : 0
Writers : Lisa Klink Year : 2373
Review : Marginally better than 'Sacred Ground' although that isn't saying much.
Title : Scorpion, Part 1 Rating : 5
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2373
Review : Possibly the best of Voyager's offerings, I cannot count how many times I watched this on VHS, and again on DVD.
Title : Scorpion, Part 2 Rating : 4
Writers : Brannon Braga, Joe Menosky Year : 2374
Review : Perhaps something of a letdown compared to Part I, the conclusion is still very good.
Title : Nemesis Rating : 1
Writers : Kenneth Biller Year : 2374
Review : Arguably one of the wierdest episodes of Trek I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I was 10 when I watched this the first time (11 years ago), and its confusing elements have tainted it so much that I can't bring myself to watch it ever since.
Title : The Sound of Her Voice Rating : 2
Writers : Pam Pietroforte Year : 2374
Review : An interesting episode let down by the fact that neither sides recognises incongruities with regards to the time differences.
Title : What You Leave Behind Rating : 3
Writers : Hans Beimler, Ira Steven Behr Year : 2375
Review : A solid finale that actually captures the "feeling" of a Finale- stories, coming to a close (something that alluded the superior All Good Things'. This episode, however, is let down by the re-use of so much stock footage in the battle, it's almost a mini-clip show in it's own right. The brevity of the fight sequences is also a let down- this is a WAR people, and we spend more time talking about drivel than any real themes. The beginning is also seemingly slapped-together: Ezri, Bashir? All of a sudden the Alliance is in a position to invade the Dominion? Since when? Haphazard beginning and a "cheap production" middle mar an outstanding second half.

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