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Reviewer : unbel1ever
Ave Rating : 1.6667 for 3 reviews
Title : Homecoming Rating : 1
Writers : Christie Golden Year : 2003
Review : What you expect from this novel is that it will give you an answer to all the questions that "Endgame" left unanswered. Indeed the first part of the book describes the crew coming home, settling in etc. - a quite satisfying experience for the fan. Yet from the beginning there are quite a few moments where you'll pause and think: "What the ..." Some reactions of the crew in certain situations seemed to be forced because of story-telling needs. They don't seem to be themselves entirely. I liked most of the directions the author was going with characters. However at some point you get the feeling, that again things start to rush, are not explained or set up properly. Suddenly it's a turn from the "Homecoming"-part to a conspiracy story involving a Borg-Virus. From that point nothing seems to be quite right. Torturing admirals, spying girlfriends and the Borg yet again used as a vehicle to bring suspense to a story, that would have none without them. This doesn't mean that the book not entertaining but certainly it hasn't a very strong plot.
Title : Relics Rating : 3
Writers : Michael Jan Friedman Year : 1992
Review : "Relics" is the novelization of the TNG episode bearing the same title. Relics is one of my TNG favourites and the novel gives a great deal of information that could not be captured on film. We learn quite a lot about Scotty. e.g. what actually happened that landend him in this transporter. There is of course no real suspense when you've seen the episode, but it is really an interesting read and I enjoyed it very much.
Title : The Farther Shore Rating : 1
Writers : Christie Golden Year : 2003
Review : The sequel to "Homecoming" offers the conclusion to the rather weak plot set up in the first book. After reading the first two chapters you are able to guess what is going to happen in the book. In fact some things were set up so obviously, that when you come to the point where their significance becomes clear, you merely nod in your thoughts. Thus the story is far less interesting because you scarcely get new information that you haven't already guessed. But after the mission is complete the book only adresses less than 10 pages to what each crewmember might do in the future. What really hit me, when I read the book, was that the Borg-Virus story could have been so much more interesting if it had been about the actual Borg-Collective and not some mad woman. That however was not possible because Janeway had just destroyed the Borg-transwarp network. In my opinion the Borg should have been left out of the book. The A-story is accompanied by a entirely independent B-story, which is much more convincing but not much more interesting. All in all only worth reading when you've read part 1 and want some closure.

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