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Reviewer : paul
Ave Rating : 2.7500 for 4 reviews
Title : Avatar: Book 1 Rating : 4
Writers : S.D. Perry Year : 2001
Review : yeah I liked it, but I always thourght that DS9 ended very well and didnt leave me with unanswered questions so I wasnt extatic about the idea of a continuation, although this was done very well.
Title : A Time to Sow Rating : 4
Writers : Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore Year : 2004
Review : as a series of books there were certaintly some good moments, but I felt that it dragged on to long and some of the books were a tad repetertive. some of the books were a little wussy and had what i like to called "hippy c**p"
Title : The Prometheus Design Rating : 1
Writers : Myrna Culbreath, Sondra Marshak Year : 1982
Review : you know there's nothing wrong with a bit of darkness, there are far too many wussy books out there.
Title : Titan Book 1 : Taking Wing Rating : 2
Writers : Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin Year : 2005
Review : I have to disagree with the majority of the opinions expressed here, the plot was certainly promising but I felt that it developed poorly, furthermore the lack of description of the design of the ship made it difficult to visualise any of the ships interiors and any exterior action. I realise this was done for that design competition but perhaps they could have ran the competition first. I also was mildly annoyed by the crew of the ship, the characters felt shallow, and again a lack of description of the alien races made it difficult to visualise them. I still like the book, but it could have been better. Sorry to rant; I have pre-ordered the next one anyway........

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