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Reviewer : lan mandragoran
Ave Rating : 3.5000 for 2 reviews
Title : Spectre Rating : 4
Writers : William Shatner Year : 1998
Review : ok, i admit, i am not a hard core star trek fan. i have not seen all the episodes, but that just shows how good this book was. it appeals to everyone in story, action, um, ok maybe not bill shatner, but that is besides the point. the back history of the alternate universe was very entertaining.
Title : The Return Rating : 3
Writers : William Shatner Year : 1996
Review : for such an awsome premise, it falls a bit short. bill shatner is obviously in love with, not so much himself, but Kirk. i think he is a little confused about the "new fangled" star trek, especially the borg, but not too bad despite all that. mainly due to the Monitor/Enterprise D 1/2

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