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Reviewer : lan
Ave Rating : 2.5000 for 6 reviews
Title : Catalyst of Sorrows Rating : 1
Writers : Margaret Wander Bonanno Year : 2004
Review : IT MADE NO SENSE! maybe i didn't get it, but there are so many flaws in the story and science. the disease that was so dangerous and fear inspiring, really let down in the end, not to mention killed anyone OTHER than anyone who mattered in the story, purely out of convenience. the only interesting point was how this disease affected romulus in the past. waste of time
Title : Invasion! 2 : The Soldiers of Fear Rating : 4
Writers : Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch Year : 1996
Review : very entertaining. its been a while since i have read it, so take this with a grain of salt. the enterprise seemed so crisp and percise, as though it was the enterprise e. more than anything, what stood out to me after several years, is how the story never got convoluted. it stayed on track and kept me entertained
Title : The Dominion War 1 : Behind Enemy Lines Rating : 2
Writers : John Vornholt Year : 1998
Review : just finished it tonight. not bad. lots of redundancy. how many times does john vornholt have to say "theres a war on" for us to get it? A LOT LESS THAN HE DID! the idea of mining from a black hole was interesting, but rather underdeveloped for all the time he spent on it. hard to understand what a lot of the characters are feeling or their motivation but otherwise, ok.
Title : Call to Arms... Rating : 4
Writers : Diane Carey Year : 1998
Review : much better than the first dominion war book. it moved along much faster and kept me interested much more. john vorholt go home!
Title : The Dominion War 3 : Tunnel Through The Stars Rating : 2
Writers : John Vornholt Year : 1998
Review : not as bad as the first of his dominion war books, but that having been said, not very good either. the only interesting part was when they were in the badlands and scanvenging on a "dead" ship, but that had almost nothing to do with the plot at all. go home john vorholt!
Title : The Lost Era 3 : The Art of the Impossible Rating : 2
Writers : Keith R.A. DeCandido Year : 2003
Review : ok. lots of back history. the beginning is great, but after that it goes down hill. the most enjoyable part of this book is seeing all the little details that could have tied a lot of episodes together, but not really worth the time

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