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Reviewer : Titan1080
Ave Rating : 4.0000 for 6 reviews
Title : New Earth: Wagon Train to the Stars Rating : 4
Writers : Diane Carey Year : 2000
Review : A very interesting concept, this series follows the Enterprise crew after TMP as they escort a large fleet of colony ships to a planet in deep space far from the Federation. While en route, the crew deals with the logistics of escorting the colonists and settling a planet, as well as several problems from both within and without the colony ships. Your imagination won't be tainted by the pajama uniforms, as the this book marks the first appearance of the red uniforms used in the later movies.
Title : New Earth: Belle Terre Rating : 3
Writers : Dean Wesley Smith, Diane Carrey Year : 2000
Review : This book gives the central premise for the remander of the series, essentially giving the reader the reason why the Enterprise has to remain with the colony for 4 more books. Again, problems plague the crew from both the colonists as well as some new troublesome aliens who believe that the Federation is invading "their" space.
Title : New Earth: Rough Trails Rating : 4
Writers : L.A. Graf Year : 2000
Review : The third book in the series, the majority of this book takes place on the planet itself. After the conclusion of the second book Belle Terre, the society and colonists on the planet descend to an almost "wild west" era, with outlaws, vigilantes, and a general disrespect for their Starfleet protectors. An interesting problem for the crew as they deal with people who both need their presence and want them to leave.
Title : New Earth: The Flaming Arrow Rating : 5
Writers : Jerry Oltion, Kathy Oltion Year : 2000
Review : The forth in the series, this was my favorite installment of the series (though I have not read the sixth, Challenger). As a holder of a BS in physics, the techno-babble not only provided the plot, but it was plausible enough for me to buy into. Space battles, classic character situations and developments, and Kirk's charm all fill out a well-executed plot with enough techno-babble to satisfy any who frequent the ships and technology pages here.
Title : New Earth: Thin Air Rating : 3
Writers : Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch Year : 2000
Review : The fifth of the series, this was the shortest and my least favorite. Yet another problem that the local civilization initiated to drive the colonists out of Belle Terre, this book is pretty Kirk heavy. Not that that's a bad thing, but the other novels did a better job developing the main characters without over-emphasizing any one of them. Also, the end of the book didn't have much in the way of closure and whether or not this leads into the sixth novel of the series is unknown to me as I have not read Challenger.
Title : The Kobayashi Maru Rating : 5
Writers : Julia Ecklar Year : 1989
Review : This book takes place shortly after Star Trek: TMP. In a nutshell, Kirk and several senior officers are stranded in a shuttle with no hope of rescue. So to pass the time, they all share their stories about an Academy scenario in which you cannot win. The book kinda picks up where ST2 left off on the subject, going into detail how each officer who took the test dealt with the situation and their emotional reactions to the results. I thought that this novel did an excellent job providing some insight into the characters as well as some background stories. The techno-babble is enough to satisfy the plot without overwhelming the reader. A great book for any fan of Star Trek.

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