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Reviewer : T Garrett
Ave Rating : 5.0000 for 1 reviews
Title : Q-Squared Rating : 5
Writers : Peter David Year : 1994
Review : One of my favorite STNG books. The basic storyline is that Trelane, the Squire of Gothos from TOS, is revealed to be an adolescent member of the Q Continuum. Q is assigned to be his mentor and asks Picard and the crew of the Enterprise to assist him in this. Trelane, however, is insufferable like most adolescents can be and is extremely dangerous. (Imagine a teenager with unlimited power over time, space, and matter?) After being scolded by Q for his behavior, Trelane journeys to the Heart of the Storm, the center of Chaos in the Universe. This journey gives him even greater power but drives him insane. The crew of the Enterprise must find a way to stop Trelane from destroying all reality. Okay, my plot summary may sound a bit weak, but Peter David has really created a wonderful story that should prove entertaining to STNG fans. He does a wonderful job of incorporating elements from TOS (Trelane), and from alternate histories in STNG. David revisits the Federation/Klingon war from "Yesterday's Enterprise" and also gives us a taste of what might have been if Jack Crusher had lived. The author keeps these elements clearly differentiated so that the reader does not get lost or confused. He also ties them all together in a manner that is relevant the plot, something that some Star Trek authors fail to do. He is true to the STNG characters and doesn't deviate from established personalities. However, his handling of Q and Trelane allow you to feel frustration, amusement, and sympathy for both characters, despite their typical arrogance at being "omnipotent". I have read this book over a dozen times. I think it's one of the best examples of STNG literature available; well written, well researched, and entertaining.

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