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Reviewer : Sean
Ave Rating : 3.3333 for 3 reviews
Title : Resistance Rating : 4
Writers : J.M. Dillard Year : 2007
Review : I read the second book first and it was crap, so I didn't expect much for this one... I just wanted to read the beginning of the story 'cause it was a nice idea. I was pleasantly surprised though, it was an excellent book and a real page turner, couldn't put it down. Story is quite good and the new TNG characters are pretty cool, and the whole thing with the Borg is interesting.
Title : Vanguard Book 1 : Harbinger Rating : 3
Writers : David Mack Year : 2005
Review : For the time period, I think the Vanguard books are excellent. The characters are original (a lesbian Vulcan, who'd a thunk it?) and their interactions are pretty good, and it's on a space station so there is a wide variety of them and that's pretty cool; the lesian vulcan, a journalist, the CO and his girlfriend who's a JAG lawyer, this smuggler dude, etc, etc). The writing is pretty good and the story flows and it keeps the reader interested, which is always good.
Title : Vanguard Book 2 : Summon the Thunder Rating : 3
Writers : Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore Year : 2006
Review : See my review of Book 1 for more... but otherwise it's even better than the first. All the same characters are there which is pretty cool, and the writing in this one is as good as the first, I think. It's a good series and I look forward to the third one.

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