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Reviewer : Michael C.
Ave Rating : 5.0000 for 1 reviews
Title : Vendetta Rating : 5
Writers : Peter David Year : 1991
Review : Some of the best Star Trek novels take advantage of the vast history of Trek, bringing forward various seemingly disparate stories and characters from the past, developing them, and tying them together in ways that make us wonder, "Now why didn't I think of that?" Peter David is a genius in such things. He's the Tom Clancy or Timothy Zahn of Trek, and his mastery shines in "Vendetta". Each and every character is written precisely according to how we know they behave. Picard is cultured and polite, unrelenting when he knows what must be done, and passionate for what he knows to be right and true. Riker is the steadfast Number One we all know and love, supporting his captain at all times, not flinching from his duty when circumstances demand "above and beyond". Geordi and Data's friendship is evident, with Data as curious as always, and Geordi the one helping his friend along. Even Guinian, the bartender of Ten-Forward, is given a major part to play, one that portrays her mysterious and secretive nature to the fullest. The list goes on, with each character we're familiar with depicted perfectly, their past fleshed out, and the barely-known and completely new characters brought to life in such a way that by the end, we DO know them - sometimes intimately - and care about their fates. But what is a novel without a story? Here too, Peter David excells. Drawing on stories centuries apart, from both TOS and TNG, he weaves them into a tapestry so closely-knit that it leaves us astonished. The sheer power brought to the fore in the quest for revenge is rivalled only by such Trek events as V'ger or the Whale Probe, and when pitted against Trek's coolest bad guys, the Borg, you know it's going to be one heck of a ride. With themes like redemption, forgiveness, futility, and, of course, revenge, the reader is left both emotionally charged and drained by the end - and that's a good thing. --------------- On a more personal note, "Vendetta" is the only Star Trek novel I have had to purchase a second time, on account of my first copy disintegrating from being read too many times. Never trust a skinny cook and all that. ;)

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