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Reviewer : Michael
Ave Rating : 3.2500 for 12 reviews
Title : A Time to Die Rating : 0
Writers : John Vornholt Year : 2004
Review : In my review for 'A Time To be Born' I said that John Vornholt was not writing at his best, the storyline was somewhat weak (despite an intriguing setup). I didn't possibly think it could get any worse. I was horribly, horribly wrong. 'A Time To Die' makes 'A Time to be Born' look superb. The writing is even weaker and far to much time is spent focusing on the character of Wesly Crusher, who is waging some sort of uninteresting fight between the human side of him and the side that is still connected to the Travellers. On top of that, there are plot inconsistencies galore, and many of the characters are again completly different to how they are in TNG. Avoid this book, its poison to your brain...
Title : A Time to Harvest Rating : 4
Writers : Dayton Ward, Kevine Dilmore Year : 2004
Review : After the abysmal 'A Time to Die', I wasn't going to bother reading the third book in the series, but I'm glad that I pursuaded myself to plow on ahead and find out what leads our much loved TNGers to leave the Enterprise. 'A Time to Harvest' is a fantastic read, with mystery, humour, sadness and a cliffhangar to die for. The stroyline is excellent as well: The last of the Dookalan race are carving out a meagre exsistance in the rubble of thier solar system when the Enterprise arrives. But from the offset, things go wrong and it appears that there is another faction at work who are sabotaging the terraforming efforts of a nearby planet the Dookalan are trying to inhabit. The crew feel like the crew we know and the writing is brilliant, quick and deatailed. A must read for all those suffering from the dissapointment of 'A Time to Be Born' and a 'A Time to Die'
Title : Homecoming Rating : 0
Writers : Christie Golden Year : 2003
Review : Depressingly crap, a bit like Voyager really. The storyline is atrocious and weak, and the crew dont act like themselves. By the end of the book, you really dont care.
Title : Avatar: Book 1 Rating : 5
Writers : S.D. Perry Year : 2001
Review : A great read. Great to see the characters we have grown to love as well as the hoarde of new characters- among them the brilliantly realised Thirishar 'Shar' Th'Chane. Full of drama, intrigue, threats and humour, Avatar is a must for any ST fan.
Title : Rising Son Rating : 4
Writers : S.D. Perry Year : 2003
Review : A very good book- loving the idea of the Ascendants- despite the feeling of Stargate SG1.
Title : Articles of the Federation Rating : 5
Writers : Keith R.A. DeCandido Year : 2005
Review : A classy, smart, sassy book that really sets itself apart from regular Trek with deep and interestinf characters and humour by the bucket-loads. This Star Trek take on the ultra popular West Wing should be made into a TV series and confirms my opinion that Keith R.A CanDido is too talented and must be destroyed immediatly. THE best Trek novel out there and one of the best books I've ever read. Period.
Title : The Battle of Betazed Rating : 5
Writers : Charlotte Douglas, Susa Kearney Year : 2002
Review : Stunning. Simply stunning, one of the best reads out there. The stroy is very centered on Deanna Troi- and takes places a few weeks after Insurrection- and it never lets down. Fantastic.
Title : The Farther Shore Rating : 0
Writers : Christie Golden Year : 2003
Review : Worse than Homecoming- just so very bad I wanted to erase my memory of reading this atrocious book. But then again, Im not the biggest fan of Voyager.
Title : Vulcan's Heart Rating : 5
Writers : Josepha Sherman, Susan Shwartz Year : 1999
Review : Absolutely engrossing grom start to finish- I loved how the Enterprise-C neatly dovetailed into the action and how Spock came to be on Romulus- just stunning and superb. Amazing.
Title : Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Volume II: Trill / Bajor Rating : 3
Writers : Andy Mangels, J. Noah Kym, Michael A. Martin Year : 2005
Review : The Worlds of Deep Space Nine continues with an exploration of Trill in the wake of the parasite and Bajor as it enters the Federation. The Trill story (unjoined) is an exciting exploration of the Trill through the eyes of Ezri Dax and Julian Bashir as civil unrest on the planets causes political stress- leading to an exciting climax and a dangerous revalation about the real connection between the parasites and the Trill symbionts- and while the story ends on a sad note, it doesn't detract from the story over all. However, while 'Unjoined' is great- the Bajor story is not so good. So Sisko has returned from the prophets, an entire village has been destroyed, Bajor is in the Federation and Jake has left home to find some excitement. All this sounds good- but in reality there is little- if no- cohesion to the story and it feels very disjointed as it flits between the two incredably weak plots. The only interesting part comes at the end, setting the scene for 'Season Nine'.
Title : Unity Rating : 5
Writers : S. D. Perry Year : 2003
Review : Possibly the best Star Trek novel I have read to date, full of intrigue, mystery and great character moments. The return of Sisko and Opaka is more than welcome. This book rules hard- FACT.
Title : Titan Book 1 : Taking Wing Rating : 3
Writers : Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin Year : 2005
Review : A decent introduction to a promising 'series', but the book is let down by the fact that most of the characters are introduced in the first half of the book and are promptly dropped in the second half of the book, when the Romulan storyline kicks in. Aside from that, the stroy is well told, with great characters (Dr Ree) in particular- and unlike 'A Time To be Born' Riker feels like Riker and Troi feels like Troi. A worthy addition to the Trek novels...

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