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Reviewer : Meriadoc
Ave Rating : 3.5000 for 6 reviews
Title : Federation Rating : 4
Writers : Garfield Reeves-Stevens, Gene Roddenberry, Judith Reeves-Stevens Year : 1994
Review : Pretty good in comparison to other star trek books. It also filled in a bunch of storyline gaps that involve Zephram and and earth of that time.
Title : Cybersong Rating : 2
Writers : S. N. Lewitt Year : 1996
Review : It was short and okay. Worth the read but was definitly not the best star trek book.
Title : Death of a Neutron Star Rating : 4
Writers : Eric Kotani Year : 1999
Review : A decent book with one or two points I liked, such as the idea of a binary neutron star, however it had some "surprise" portions that weren't that were quite portions that were obviously going to happen. All in all a good book despite the bad title.
Title : Objective: Bajor Rating : 4
Writers : John Peel Year : 1996
Review : Decent book good presentation of differing views between two races. Ending was good although the transportation from the hive to the planet was explained but still seemed to unbelievable. However overall this book was good.
Title : Her Klingon Soul Rating : 4
Writers : Michael Jan Friedman Year : 1997
Review : Good book, interesting view in the honor of other species.
Title : Violations Rating : 3
Writers : Susan Wright (Compiled) Year : 1995
Review : Decent book, unfortunately it dragged on a little to much and seemed to make a story out of something that should only take an hour to watch on tv or read. However it was still a good book.

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