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All Books

Reviewer : Jarrod Rossi
Ave Rating : 5.0000 for 6 reviews
Title : A Stitch in Time Rating : 5
Writers : Andrew J. Robinson Year : 2000
Review : I am about 3/4s of the way throught this book and its GREAT, gives great insight into one of the greatest characters ever.
Title : Avatar: Book 1 Rating : 5
Writers : S.D. Perry Year : 2001
Review : What a great way to begin "Season 8" of DS9. Great plot, great new and old characters. A MUST for DS9 fans.
Title : Avatar: Book 2 Rating : 5
Writers : S.D. Perry Year : 2001
Review : GREAT continuation, I read Book 1 and 2 in a matter of a couple of days, I couldnt put them down. Yes Yes I know books arent cannon, but this one feels it, and since there probably wont be a DS9 movie, especially any time soon. Great resolution between Picard and Lt. Ro as well.
Title : The Lives of Dax Rating : 5
Writers : Marco Palmieri (Editor) Year : 1999
Review : I thought this book was great. Finally something to draw all those Dax hosts together in one book. We heard bits and pieces in on DS9, but nothing this thorough. Very good read.
Title : Titan Book 2 : The Red King Rating : 5
Writers : Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin Year : 2005
Review : I thought this book was a great edition to the Titan series, followed up Taking Wing very nicely, and then added a very interesting twist. I recommend this book
Title : Titan Book 1 : Taking Wing Rating : 5
Writers : Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin Year : 2005
Review : WOW! thats all I have to say, THIS should be the next movie, GREAT PLOT, GREAT characters, oh man, very good continuity, great suprises, cant wait for the next one.

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