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All Books

Reviewer : James Tobias
Ave Rating : 4.0000 for 4 reviews
Title : Dark Mirror Rating : 5
Writers : Diane Duane Year : 1993
Review : This is the biggest missed chance in trek history. No seriously. This is one of the greatest trek novels ever and could have made a superb arc over two or more TNG episodes. Certainly it makes better use of he Mirror universe concept than DS9 ever did and it would be worth the price just for Troi's outfit. A damn fine read and (at least in England) just 1.50 in many local second hand book shops. Buy it then wonder why they did'nt use it as a script. Best bit's: The mirror crew in general Picards message of hope to mirror Worf Troi acting evil. The history Picard studies which gives a very good view of just how this mess started. Worst bit's: Nothing really bad springs to mind.
Title : Engines of Destiny Rating : 3
Writers : Gene DeWeese Year : 2005
Review : This is a fairly interesting book that has the differcult task of weaving many different threads together into a coherant whole. Nice to see the Relic's/Generations goof resolved as well.
Title : Enterprise: The First Adventure Rating : 5
Writers : Vonda N. McIntyre Year : 1986
Review : Though contradicted by a few TV episodes, for the most part this is a wonderful novel that tells very well the story of how Kirk's first mission in command of the Enterprise. It is very well put together and uses most of the continuity up to that point. So we get references to David Marcus and Spock's family problems. We also get an interesting adventure that seems to indicate how the Enterprise crew started on the road to being legends. There is also some surprising backstory. Such as Sulu's desire to be anywhere but the Enterprise (seen in other Mcintyre novels), and Rand's tragic backstory. We also get one of the first stories to have Chekov on the Enterprise before season 2. It's hard to find but if you do get hold of a copy you will enjoy it.
Title : Antimatter Rating : 3
Writers : John Vornholt Year : 1994
Review : An interesting work this one. One of the early numbered DS9 works and somewhat by the numbers as well, so we get Bajoran's who don't like the Federation, Klingon renegades and devious Ferengi. Over all the story hangs together quite well and Sisko, Dax and Odo are true to their TV characters, but the insect race is somewhat simplistic and in the end it boils down to a simple chase plot. Worth reading if you can find but not one you will read over and over.

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