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Reviewer : Hisrak
Ave Rating : 3.5000 for 4 reviews
Title : Homecoming Rating : 2
Writers : Christie Golden Year : 2003
Review : Upon returning to the Alpha quadrant, Janeway and her crew, including a few new characters and some returning favourites from TNG, face a familiar threat - the Borg, but not as we know them. In the midst of all this, the Doctor becomes involved in a holographic rebellion. After a slow start, the book becomes gradually more thrilling as the plot thickens.
Title : The Nanotech War Rating : 5
Writers : Steven Piziks Year : 2002
Review : In The Nanotech War, first contact with the chiar turns into a conflict when Seven and Paris are kidnapped. Whilst Paris struggles to survive as a slave, Seven must examine her own perception of the chiar, as they try to manipulate borg nanoprobes with devestating effect. Mysterious and well written, this book outshines most episodes. Well worth reading.
Title : The Farther Shore Rating : 3
Writers : Christie Golden Year : 2003
Review : Part two of the popular 'Homecoming' duet, Janeway and company may be facing exticntion at the hands of their most dangerous enemy. With the doctor, Seven and Icheb imprisoned by Starfleet, the Voyager crew must get back their ship and take matters into their own hands. A gripping story from start to finish.
Title : Star Trek: The Starfleet Survival Guide Rating : 4
Writers : David Mack Year : 2002
Review : Crash-landing a shuttle or evading the borg might not be on your daily routine, but should the situation arise, this book has you covered. Based on circumstances from the episodes, the Survival Guide outlines Technology issues, Hostile lifeforms, Unconventional medicine and Extreme scenarios. No cadet should be without one.

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