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Reviewer : Entil'Zha
Ave Rating : 3.8000 for 5 reviews
Title : A Time for War, A Time for Peace Rating : 4
Writers : Keith R.A. DeCandido Year : 2004
Review : Another great book from CanDido. I enjoyed the look at the presidential election and it set up the Riker's wedding nicely as well as the events that would take place in Articles of the Federation. Brilliant.
Title : Titan Book 3 : Orion's Hounds Rating : 5
Writers : Chrostopher L. Bennett Year : 2005
Review : Gripping from start to finish, the writers makes sure to make the aliens as alien as possible. It's incredably well written and anyone who like Trek will love this book.
Title : Tales of the Dominion War Rating : 2
Writers : Keith R.A. DeCandido (Editor) Year : 2004
Review : Some interesting stories, but some are very bland. canDido really let hismelf down with his contribution and Robert Greenberger obviously has no talent.
Title : The Lost Era 3 : The Art of the Impossible Rating : 3
Writers : Keith R.A. DeCandido Year : 2003
Review : The main problem with this book is that CanDido (the greatest Trek writer since... CanDido) tries to cover to much ground. This really could have done with being spread out over a series of novels and crammed in to 350 pages. The result is a somewhat enjoyable book, but its plot never really develops and is literally gushed out of an airlock in the latter half.
Title : Articles of the Federation Rating : 5
Writers : Keith R.A. DeCandido Year : 2005
Review : This is the most different Star Trek novel I have ever read and let me tell you, its not just worthy of 5 badges, it deserved 10. This book never lets down (unlike the latter series of the West Wing- on which this is book is shamelessly based). I can't recommend this book enough- it is stunning from start to finish and is simply incredable. My only superficial critism is that some of the secondary characters aren't felshed out, but when your hanging out with the likes of Esperanza Piniero and President Nanietta Bacco, who honestly gives a flying frack. The best scene of the novel comes at the end of the book when Bacco finally grasps the lengths that Admiral Ross would go to, to see Min Zife pay for what he did on Tezwa. GO OUT AND GET THIS STUNNING BOOK. This is very worthy of a TV series.

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