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Reviewer : Chris Mortimore
Ave Rating : 4.0000 for 6 reviews
Title : Rising Son Rating : 5
Writers : S.D. Perry Year : 2003
Review : This book gives a much needed and interesting view of Jake Sisko. Jake was left very underdeveloped in DS9 but Rising Son is a book that focuses on Jake. He has a grand adventure while searching to find his father and meets some intriguing characters and visits some very interesting places. If you want to see more about Jake and like the DS9 relaunch this is definately a book you should read.
Title : A Stitch in Time Rating : 5
Writers : Andrew J. Robinson Year : 2000
Review : Written by the very man who played Garak and it shows how much he enjoyed and understood the character. It's a fascinating look at his life and well worth buying for anyone who likes Garak.
Title : The Lost Era 4 : Well of Souls Rating : 1
Writers : Ilsa J. Bick Year : 2003
Review : I was interested in this book. One set on the Enterprise-C with Captain Garret, a woman I liked a great deal from a short role in Yesterdays Enterprise. Unfortunately the book is slow and drags on. I didn't find the story particularly interesting which is really a shame. Rachel Garret seems far less sure of herself and a much weaker Captain than she did in the episode. I wouldn't recommend this book but if you have an interest in the characters and the Enterprise-C and you get a chance to read it for free you might as well give it a look. Hopefully you'll enjoy it more than me.
Title : Articles of the Federation Rating : 4
Writers : Keith R.A. DeCandido Year : 2005
Review : I shouldn't have liked this book. It's about a politician dealing with her first year in office as President of the United Federation of Planets. That doesn't sound interesting to me, i'd much rather be out on the frontier seeing ships explore. But despite this I enjoyed the book, because the characters are great and it gives you a look at the Federation, we don't see Starfleet officers on duty, we see college students and civilians views on the Federation. We get a look at the way the Federation is run. While I was very disappointed that the government just seems to be a cut and paste of the United States system it was still entertaining. Recommended for anyone with an interest in a different look at the Federation or just anyone who enjoys KRAD's books.
Title : The Lives of Dax Rating : 4
Writers : Marco Palmieri (Editor) Year : 1999
Review : The Lives of Dax is an interesting book. It does a good job of portraying each of Dax's hosts and making each story interesting. You see elements of each host that we later see in Jadzia and Ezri. You can see how each host really does affect who Jadzia Dax is and what Ezri has to deal with. It's a very good story and worth reading for anyone with an interest in Dax.
Title : Unity Rating : 5
Writers : S. D. Perry Year : 2003
Review : An excellent book. This ties up recent events in the DS9 relaunch while opening up new stories. A must-read book for any fans of the DS9 relaunch.

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